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Charlie the Ranch Dog Now I love the Pioneer Woman blog but I can't get behind a book that seems to only exist for brand promotion There's no storytelling here just prattle about the details of the daily life of a ranch dog in the same cutesy voice that Drummond uses on her blog I have a copy of this at the library because our centralized collection development bought it for us One star only because the illustrations are cute Charlie the Ranch Dog by Ree Drummond illustrated by Diane deGroat is a look at the life of a hard working pioneer ranch dog two dogs in fact as related by Ree Drummond known as the Pioneer Woman Charlie narrates a typical day at the ranch with his fellow canine Suzy Charlie is a bassett hound and Suzie is a Jack Russell Terrier In Charlie's mind he is constantly busy including training Suzie In reality Charlie mainly sleeps and eats with bacon his favorite food Charlie eventually saves the day although he is only there because he overslept after lunch One of my favorite lines is I just hope Suzie remembers to wake me up in time for dinnerThe text features Drummond' witty and dry humor The illustrations carry the story and are often contradictory to the text Charlie says he is very busy chasing critters away yet the pictures show a chipmunk that shadows Charlie and actually takes naps with him There is a lasgna recipe at the end of the book that looks tastyThe book is cute and the illustrations carry it It's close to a 35 but I'll rate it a threeFor ages 4 to 6 independent readers dog lovers ranching humor and fans of Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman and Diane deGroat Meet Charlie the pioneer ranch dog Charlie is the beloved pet of Ree Drummond author of the the hugely popular blog The Pioneer Woman In this amusing story Charlie narrates a typical day at the ranch with his sidekick and fellow canine Suzie Apparently Suzie is in need of much guidance about what needs to be done on a ranch and Charlie's work is never done between ranching protecting and teaching Suzie The reality is Charlie doesn't do much but sleep and eat especially bacon and Suzie does most of the work But in Charlie's own mind he is ever busy protecting the ranch and getting things doneThe story is hilarious Drummond's humor is very witty and dry it kind of sneaks up on you Kids will enjoy the funny illustrations of Charlie Suzie and life on the ranch The pictures are part of the humor; the text may say Charlie is busy getting up very early to start his hard work but the picture has Charlie lounging in his dog bed Kids will love being in on the joke; Charlie really only does a whole lot of napping and eating not so much hard work This would make a very entertaining read aloud See if your readers notice the adorable chipmunk that is always hanging around Charlie even though Charlie is very busy chasing the critters away The girls and I have discovered a new favorite dog in Children's Literature along with Biscuit Spot and Clifford His name is Charlie and he lives on a working cattle ranch in AustraliaCharlie's heart is as big as the dog bowl containing his favorite treat baconIn this story Charlie guides the reader on a tour of a typical day in the life of a ranch dogCharlie wakes up reluctantly and chases Daisy the cow out of the yard sniffs the porch and chases all the critters away has breakfast because Breakfast is my life helps Mama in her vegetable garden helps to round up the cattle fix fences and catch fish has lunch and takes a nap sleeps through most of the afternoon and ???You will just have to read it for yourself We are going to read as many Charlie books as we can findIt would be wonderful if there was a TV series or movie featuring Charlie It would be amazing for the girls to see him in real life Charlie is just the cutest basset hound EVER Wonderful illustrations and a very likable hero makes this story a winner Loved this book Such a cute story and my K 3 grade kids enjoyed it I was going to do a book talk on Brian Selznick's Wonderstruck and share his writing process with the 4th and 5th graders had seen him in person at a book signing where he did a presentation I wanted to show the writing process with a book appropriate for the young ones as well and found Ree Drummond's blog when searching She shares pictures of the writing process including the work with her illustrator and explains how she did it step by step I showed that on the projector watched a 1 minute video of the ranch and the real Charlie in action and then we finished by reading the book uite an accident that I stumbled across it but I'm so glad I did The genre of this book is a picture book and is intended for children who are P ages five to eight years old This book is about a dog names Charlie and his friend Suzie who live on a ranch Charlie is a bassett hound who loves to sleep and eat and occasionally work on the ranch But really Suzie does most of the work while Charlie relaxs This is a very cute book that children are sure to fall in love with Charlie the main character is a cute and funny pup with a huge heart The illustrations are great and fill up each page The language in this book is understandable for young children and it is a pretty easy book for a child to read on their own Children will definately find this book to be appealing If you do choose to read this book and you enjoy it Drummond is also a New York Times Bestselling Author of The Pioneer Woman Cooks I follow Ree's blog and my absolute favorite part of it are Charlie stories and pictures How did I not know that there was a picture book about him?? I was browsing the shelves at the library and it popped right out at me when I saw the title on the spine I knew it had to be about the Charlie that I loved to follow online Loved the illustrations and the run down of Charlie's day It certainly helps that I have a lazy hound of my own Fun read glad I found will definitely be adding this to my personal collection Ree Drummond the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Pioneer Woman Cooks series of books introduces us to her lovable hound Charlie in Charlie the Ranch DogWith expressive illustrations by Diane deGroat a delicious recipe from Ree Drummond and the hilarious antics of Charlie this hardcover picture book is an excellent giftMeet Charlie He's a ranch dog Breakfast is his life especially when bacon is involved Charlie has dangly ears floppy skin and big fat paws And he loves living in the country That's because he works like a dogfixing fences gardening and helping his family out on the range A ranch dog’s work is never doneThis endearing picture book for dog lovers everywhere shows readers that even though you may love bacon and naps most of all working on the ranch is all about hard work and determination A New York Times bestseller Charlie as the title so explicitly states is a ranch dog He's up before the sun and helps out with chores around the ranch like sniffing eating and napping Charlie likes to think he's being helpful but really his best friend Suzy does all the heavy lifting I adored the illustration in this book and I especially love how they so perfectly and lovably contradict the story Charlie is telling Charlie the hound lives on a ranch with his terrier friend Susie The two work hard all day with Charlie making sure that Susie does her job right Between meals naps and supervising a ranch dog's work is never done Hmm Guess it's time for another napZzzz With wonderful illustrations by Diane de Groat this picture book will tickle the funny bone of kids who understand the irony of the hard working hound Ages 3 6

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