Darkwood Manor Shivers #4 ePUB ï Darkwood Manor MOBI

Darkwood Manor Shivers #4 And Jenna Ryan does it again Wonderful in chilling uasi gothic imagery of a dilapidated fog enshrouded manor on top of a Maine cliff multiple mysteries involving ghosts disappearances and murder a dark and brooding hero a headstrong heroine in distress great pacing wonderful chemistry palpable attractionIt all meshed perfectly into this great HI story No wonder Ms Ryan is one of my favorite authors She almost never misses Great story The plot was really well written and kept you guessing as to whom was actually the culprit Engrossing and easy to listen to Made me think of an adult Nancy Drew novel Just love this writer My second book of hers Darkwood read this when you are not distacted There are a lot of characters to keep track of Lots of action and spookiness Would have liked a bit romance but you can't get everything A good book to read alone with some hot coco Have fun reading this audiobook wonderful just love this reader Liz Bieler you have a great voice and are a great listen I struggled not to nap through this I realize a good number of people liked this story and production I did not So boring and repetitive and trite I skimmed and hurried from Chapter 9 to the last two chapters Even six hours and 21 minutes was too long to listen to nattator Liz Bieler sueak through poor attempts at male voices and the chipper yet snide voice of the female protagonist Sorry Ms Ryan this one was not for me I am glad you had good reviews though If I had to make Darkwood Manor into a movie it would fall into the film noir category The mood is dark forbidding and mysterious; the criminal is greedy and malevolent; there is a blonde dame and a strong tall dark hero I don't think there was ever a mention of sunlight and the humour didn't lighten things up muchI had to back up once or twice to get the supporting characters straight and I had to re read the description of the manor once or twice especially when Katie goes missing and Isabella first meets Donovan What the heck was he doing down there? This was early on in the book and the ballroom the rat traps the cat the hidden rooms the tree randomly falling on the car like it's an Allstate commercial and the family tree were a bit much piled into one 224 page storyThe surprise twists at the end of most chapters were a great element and kept you hooked to the end The romance felt like lust than love but since Isabella and Donovan didn't mind I guess there's nothing you can say Part of the Shivers series Good story and fast to read uick easy read with plenty of interesting characters and plots Reminded me a tiny bit of those old gothics but never uite achieved it The snarky smart alecky dialogue at the beginning of the book was getting on my nerves Either I got used to it or the author didn't use it as much Finally a HUGE coincidence at the end of the book was hard to swallow but oh well This would have gotten a higher rating but for these few issues Still an interesting read An estate haunted by over a hundred years of tragedy and Donovan Black stood at the heart of it Like Darkwood Manor Donovan was an utter mystery An FBI sharpshooter who couldn't break away from his past he only wanted to make sure that history didn't repeat itself especially now that the manor had a lovely new ownerIsabella Ross had either discovered the perfect vacation spot or her final resting place Now her only hope for survival is a man who doesn't want her around a man she can't seem to resist But the secrets in his family's attic threaten to consume them both and something or someone won't rest until the manor house is empty My first Harleuin Shiver novel and man was it creepy It had me captured from the beginning to end Highly recommended This was a very enjoyable old fashioned kind of gothic mystery The story was complex and the characters were fun I'd definitely read it again

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