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Rubinrot Pertencer a uma família cheia de segredos não é fácil ou pelo menos é o ue pensa Gwendolyn Sheperd de 16 anos Até ue um dia se vê em Londres do final do século passado e se apercebe de ue ela própria é o maior segredo da família Do ue Gwendolyn não se apercebera é ue apaixonar se uando se está presa num tempo diferente não é nada boa ideia Tudo se pode complicar Sometimes I really wonder what young adults see in certain young adult books This series has pretty good ratings but I just don't see it I was so bored for the first eighty percent of the book I felt as if I had no idea who this heroine really was I don't even think it says how old she is until late in the book which left me feeling a little off about her character Since each year makes a big difference when it comes to teens not knowing if she was twelve or seventeen was weird So much of the story was a bunch of old English people sitting around talking to each otherThe story of the guardians and the time travelers is so full of plot holes and so many uestions that I have aren't even alluded to Or if they are answered it's basically with a big ole uestion mark As if the author didn't really know how to explain why there is an apparent time travel gene She just allows the characters to say Well we're not really sure Why one male one female? No clue It just is What's the point of the time traveling if it's only for a few minutes to a couple of hours? It seems so pointless There's no fantasy here just an odd secretive political intrigue about a secret society of once a generation time travelers who go back into time towhat talk to other time travelers? I just don't see the point They're not doing anything meaningful just hopping back and forth and arguing about it I may continue the series if I get a wild hair all of a sudden The last twenty percent was actually fairly fast paced and interesting finally The romance peeks out for half a second there's some blood and guns and swords and chasing And then it ends extremely abruptly So abruptly in fact that I thought that my audiobook had failed to finish transferring to my phone I actually went and checked the library's website and my Overdrive account to see if the entire last part downloaded It was weird And frustrating I'll be uploading my review to my YouTube channel abookutopia I review both the book the movieLoved this book ”Ready for the next adventure Princess?”“Ready when you are” she said softlyIt’s no secret that I’m a huge Kerstin Gier fan and to be honest my main motivation to reread this book was to make sure that people become aware of it At the beginning of the year I made 2020 my “German speaking Authors Year” and decided to give a special shout out to rather unknown GermanAustrian authors that write great books Well Kerstin Gier certainly is one of them ; I’ve read many of her books already but I’ve to admit that this series has a special place in my heart I just love everything about it I mean we have a strong heroine an arrogant love interest a super interesting time travel element An inherited time travel gene? Give it to me lol mystery suspense action LONDON and a misogynistic horrible antagonist I really want to kick in his – let’s keep this child friendly – private parts ; P Plus the friendship between Gwen and Leslie is so relatable that you can easily find yourself and your bestie in them Admittedly the pacing in this first book is pretty slow but if you ask me that’s mostly due to the fact that Gier tried to build up her world characters and ideas first before she decided to dive into the main story line Which truth be told isn’t a bad thing uite the contrary if anything it makes everything even better Still there was one thing that irked me big time and I just couldn’t ignore it I don’t know why they did it but they changed the MCs first name from Gwendolyn to Gwyneth and that’s not only ridiculous but also makes absolutely no sense Especially because they left all the other names exactly like they were in the German version We still have her mom Grace and her grandma Lady Arista and all the other original names but they changed Gwendolyn to Gwyneth yet they also insist on using her nickname Gwen? Oo Don’t get me wrong Gwyneth is a beautiful name but when you’re used to Gwendolyn it’s kinda weird that they felt a need to change it Anyway enough of my pet peeve and back to my review The characters This is the moment when we’ll use your blood in order to read it into the chronograph From now on you might have safe passage through the centuries but you’ll also be spoiled like crazy So think twice before you take that step You’ve been warned ; Gwendolyn AND NOT GWYNETH ”Why couldn’t I remember when Jack the Ripper had prowled the streets of London? And where? Surely not the elegant surroundings of Mayfair I hoped”Haha Gwen is such an amazing character and definitely one of the pioneers when it comes to strong heroines I remember reading this book 11 years ago and how much I loved her for being so strong willed and unimpressed by all those misogynistic men of the lodge She was completely taken by surprise when her time travel gene kicked in but that certainly didn’t stop her from being true to herself Unlike Charlotte she never allowed them to use her as a tool and I lived and breathed for her defiance Yes she’s scared and has no idea what is happening to her this however still didn’t stop her from going her own way Plus she gave Gideon hell for being such an arrogant prejudiced snob and this alone was worth reading XD ”Oh so it’ll pass?” I made myself speak very slowly and distinctly although I really felt like screeching “And so if I’ve just killed a man will that pass too? My entire life has been turned upside down today – will that pass? Will the fact that an arrogant long haired violin playing creep in silk stockings can’t think of anything better to do than order me about even though I’ve just saved his stupid life will that disappear as well? If you ask me it’s not surprising that I feel like puking And just in case you’re wondering you make me want to throw up too”Gideon ”The young guy had dark curly hair that fell almost to his shoulders and such bright green eyes that I thought he must be wearing colored lenses”Haha Okay I admit it Gideon might be nice to look at and a welcome sight for sore eyes but in this first book he’s really obnoxious The funny thing is that he’s completely different when he’s around Charlotte and their interactions help to see the true person behind all his insufferable behaviour His heart is in the right place but all the men in his family and at the lodge had a huge impact on the way he was raised and as it seems he needed a girl like Gwen to reprimand him for his demeanour Thankfully she’s than just ready to take up this particular kind of challenge lol I feel that despite him being the future love interest I actually can’t say a lot about him His role was that of a side character but I’m really looking forward to the second book when we get to know him a little bit better ”Anyway there’s no need” said Gideon “I can do it all far better on my own”Charlotte Charolotte’s eyes had sparkled with fury as she looked at me “It’s not a stupid gene it’s a gift Something very special And it’s simply wasted on someone like you But you’re too childish to even understand that”I don’t like Charlotte and I think that will never change Yes she gets nicer as the series proceeds; this still doesn’t mean that she’s a great character though I never warmed up to her and I think that’s mostly due to her being insufferable lol I can understand why she’s so pissed that Gwen is the carrier of the time travel gene but it’s not like she took it away from her uite the contrary I’m pretty sure if given the chance Gwen would hand it to her in a heartbeat So instead of snapping at her cousin she should try to understand how horrible it must be for Gwen to be involved in all this mess Especially without being prepared the way she was for years Nope I’m definitely no Charlotte fan Charlotte sighed “We had fun didn’t we?”“Yes but think of all the new opportunities open to you Charlotte I envy you that You’re free now You can do anything you like”“I never wanted anything but this”Count Saint Germain ”I’d say the female blood is considerably sluggish than ours Just as the female mind is inferior to the masculine intellect Would you not agree with me girl?”Male chauvinist pig I was thinking as I kept my eyes cast down stupid pompous boring old chatterboxYES GWEN Give him a piece of your mind lol Gosh how I hate that man Seriously Count Saint Germain is such a horrible person I can’t even He’s not only a totally misogynistic a but also never misses a chance to point out how weak the fair sex is In his opinion women are just decoration and nice to look at but serve no other purpose than to bear children and to obey their men Which makes me so damn furious ARGH I just can’t with this douchebag Let’s get rid of him and move on XDThe relationships shipsGwen Gideon ”I’d call that an entirely superfluous warning Uncle Falk” said Gideon crossing his arms “She’s definitely not my type”Teasing is a sign of affection And those two are teasing each other like crazy lol Come to think of it they might even be the reason why I’ve become such a huge fan of the “enemies to lovers” trope It’s pretty obvious that they don’t like each other at the beginning of the book and except of being attractive there’s nothing else Gideon seems to have going for him Still despite their initial animosity there’s a lot of chemistry between those two and it’s a pleasure to witness it whenever it occurs ; P I loved how Gideon remarked on Gwen’s classmate being able to touch her while she was busy watching him with Charlotte I mean the fact alone that Gideon knew he had touched her even though he was talking to Charlotte at that time should have told her everything but lol of course Gwen didn’t notice the implication of that statement shakes head I can’t wait to read “Sapphire Blue” because I know this is going to get better and better 333 ”Didn’t I tell you to wait in the coach?” I didn’t react so Gideon took my arm and pulled me to my feet His face was completely drained of color “That was incredibly reckless and dreadfully dangerous and ” He swallowed hard and stared at me “And dammit all rather brave of you” ”So if he’s not your boyfriend how come he can touch you?”“He can’t To be honest I hadn’t noticed he was doing it” I hadn’t noticed because I was fully occupied watching Gideon exchanging sweet nothings with CharlotteGwen Leslie ”Where are you now?”“Oh Lesley still in Duke Street I’m walking as fast as I can”“Okay we’ll stay on the phone until you get to your front door and the moment you’re home you have to talk to your mum”This conversation sounded so much like something my bestie and I would say lol I’m sure she would have been worried sick as well and would have told me exactly the same thing It’s adorable how much Leslie cares about Gwen and their friendship warms my heart Leslie is the best friend ever I mean she investigates everything and tries to help Gwen as best as she can She might not be able to time travel herself but I’m pretty sure that Gwen would have been lost without her infos XD What can go wrong if you have a bestie who’s got your back like that? 333 Exactly Nothing ; ConclusionThis might have been the second time I read this book but I still loved it as much as the first time around 3 Great characters an amazing time travel element historical London and an awesome “enemies to lovers trope” made “Ruby Red” an irresistible temptation for me I hope after reading this you’ll be tempted to give it a try too ; Happy reading There are plenty of good reasons to start with “Ruby Red” today1 It’s Valentine’s Day Happy Valentine to you all and this is the perfect time to start with a teen romance 3332 “Ruby Red” has a time travel element and since those are rare in fantasy books I read them whenever I get a chance3 This is the first book I’ll read for my “German speaking Authors Year” and since it’s already February it’s about time I get my groove on From January – March it’s Romances and Science Fiction and this falls in both categories So it’s the perfect book XD4 As it happens “Ruby Red” is also on My Book List 20205 I love Gwendolyn and Gideon Those two give me life And yes this is a reread because people need to know about this series It’s too amazing to stay unnoticed ; 6 I can’t think of a sixth reason but for now five should suffice right? lol Review to come It's 242am THIS DARNED GREAT BOOK MADE ME STAY UP SO LATEOkay So it's the 27th now and I'm ready to write my review The first thing that should be apparent is that I loved this book I gave it 55 stars and it kept me up into the ridiculous hours of the night on both of the days that I read it I recommend it to allNow let's break it upFirstly plot One of the main reasons I loved this book was because it was constantly exciting The plot kept up at a great pace and it NEVER lulled I never found myself thinking I wish this would speed up Obviously because this is the first book there is a fair bit of information dropping to set up the whole world concept but the author did this in entertaining ways by weaving it into conversations and other moments Also the whole concept of this world is so cool that I didn't mind slowing down for a while to know about it Plot gets top marks for constantly keeping me intrigued Also I need to add that this book was at times HILARIOUS Like I have honestly not laughed out loud at a book for what feels like a year and this book had me bursting out at laughter with tears in my eyes like five timesSecondly characters I love characters in books They are the vessel through which the plot and world impact us You can have a fantastic world but terrible characters and the book will be ruined I was so lucky in this book that not only did I have a thrilling plot but I also sad home of the best characters I've read in a while One of the reasons that I don't like supernatural books and this does have some supernaturalish aspects is because the characters are usually so fake They are in the world for maybe 2 days and BAM They totally get it fear nothing understand all Not here though The main character grows up around this world but she's never really in the know about it And when she IS thrust into it she reacts in exactly the same way I would actually believe a person to act She's scared and frustrated and excited She acts kind of dorky about it because it's so new to her I thought it was so refreshing to have a character that admits that she doesn't understand her surroundings but that she's willing to give it a shot She also had some really great moments where she took chances and was brave and I really liked it The other characters although less developed were also great Her mother has a big role which I love in YA novels because parents do exist She also has a best friend who I really really loved She isn't in on this time travelling world but helps the main character as much as she can They spend a lot of time looking things up on Google which I truly appreciated how many times has a character in a book been confused and you know it could all be solved if they just went to the internet? and she's supportive like telling Gwenyth to tell her mom about her situation and making sure that Gwenyth is okay Overall characters were fantasticFinally I want to talk about theme Because honestly there wasn't one I think themes and lessons are important in books and a lot of the time if they aren't there I don't want to give a book 55 stars because it's missing such an important aspect However in this book it just didn't need it There are obviously some small ideas being brave and taking chances but that was okay I enjoyed this book for the thrill ride that it was It was an honest exciting fun book that kept me up until way past when I should have been asleepTranslation Note This is the first book I've read where I knew that it was translated I have probably read other books that are translated but I didn't know that while reading While I was reading I kept it in the back of my mind but honestly I didn't really notice anything There were a couple times admittedly where some words were a bit too highbrow to seem natural as if I doubted that the author had actually chosen THAT stuffy word and that the translator had not been able to find an easier translation and had had to use the proper word Like there was a moment when someone asked something mundane and the person answered My day was outstanding it just didn't feel natural However this only happened like four times and it was never distracting or unsettling It was just a thingI LIKED THIS BOOK IT WAS GREAT I RECOMMEND YOU PICK IT UP I'll be getting my hands on the second book Sapphire Blue as soon as possible and I hope it lives up to Ruby Red

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  • 02 January 2016
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