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    I have no words for how unendurably horrible and boring this book is Armand knows only how to cry beg people to love him and seemingly can't get his head around Christ He is a pathetic wanker that can do nothing on his own with an unhealthy obsession with Lestatwhom he both loves and hates He's 17 when turned a vampire but when he's 500 years old and still 17 in his head all you want is to strangle him Apart from that the narrator being an idiot and a madman the book lacks plot Absolutely nothing happens When alluded to things of interest ArmandAnne Rice is uick to let the reader know that the matter has already been told in this or that book and anyway Armand Is Too Jealous Of Lestat to bother recounting it all The ending is also absolute shit I had hope until the very end butNo Armand is still a whiny wanker that needs to grow a backbone

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    For all I adore this book and reread it whenever I feel down underline some thought provoking passages and short phrases Anne Rice uses and admire her writing style for it's uniueness I still believe that Anne Rice showed her crazy in the second half of The Vampire ArmandArmand is the Botticelli angel as many call him and he delights in it I think purely so Rice can start the book by having him rip a victims scalp off and stomp on it to spite David Talbot who asks his to stop He does present a rather interesting character of the Chronicles He is perhaps the personification of Rice's duality in religion He was a child of Satan at one point akin to the yezedi muslims who worship a Satan like figure knowing that without bad there is no good and that Satan tests all and thus works for God He does horrible things And yet he believes himself clear of conscience Armand is uite mad Becomes so as he ages into the New World He's very uniue character in the series if not for his age then his personalityHowever the narration dissolves into religious raving at the oddest of times from mid way on At some points Armand is pulled from recounting his story to comment on things to David and it isjarring At this point Rice had no editors I think and it really does show Half way through the uality drops considerably and I've found a few spelling errors Sentences that make no sense and the like Over time Rice has become as much of a character of these books as she is the author It's hard to ignore the religious overtones with Armand because religion played such a huge role in his life She's everywhere in the characters and locations It's like she's sorting out her own philosophical and religious dilemmas through the characters I don't see the characters sometimes I only see her It makes it hard to relate to the characters understand their reverence or fear I do not recommend this book to those who are new to the series The Christian influence is thick within the third section of the book but the first sections of Armand and Marius' formative years in Rome is very much something I adore and would like to think of as dear to me and I hope to others Theirs is such a strong bond at that point in time and it's clear that Anne enjoyed writing it Her grasp on history and atmosphere is as always absolutely wonderful She describes paintings rooms halls people with such an interesting way that it doesn't come of as fantasy type scenery porn at all This is the part I love to go back to and rereadFor writers like myself it's uite soothing to thumb through her pages and try to break down the book The paragraphs and sentences I could compare her prose to Stephen Kings and yet she is somehow a little better paced than he is Not so drawn out but still descriptive It may also be the subject matter but I still would ask if one likes the way Stephen King writes before recommending Rice for all she is to me an essential read to those wanting to know about the rise of vampire fictionI can read this book again and again and feel the same heartache for Armand every time It never gets old There's an incredible amount of charm to the book despite its brutal nature in parts and other shortcomings that just really confused me

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    HorridEgg yoke? Seriously? She doesn't know the difference between yoke and yolk?Armand is in a new roomShe spends an hour describing that roomThen spends an hour describing the clothes they wear while standing in that roomThen spends an hour explaining how Armand feels about the clothes they are wearing while standing in that roomHalfway through the chapter she reminds you why they are in that roomWhich is good because after all that useless filler bullshit I've completely forgotten that Armand and Marius are still playing cat and mouse about their attraction to each other as they have been doing throughout the entire first half of the bookI didn't finish the second halfInstead I took an hour to describe the room I'm sitting in Then another hour to describe the clothing I'm wearing while sitting in this room Then another hour explaining how I feel about these clothes that I wear while sitting in this room just to remember I stopped reading this horrid book to find something better to doHate this book

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    I'm completely unable to like this book I just can't I only read it because I'm a fan of Anne Rice's Vampires' series I was never really Armand's fan and this book only made me hate him even I even tried to see the story through his and Marius' point of view but no matter how beautiful may be the story of a mature man trapped in a angel like boy the constant and exhaustive repetition of this fact is simply annoying Armand himself thinks he is too much of an adult but during the WHOLE BOOK his acts contradict his thoughts And there are too many things that Armand does that you just can't understand and not even his moments of supposedly insanity explain unlike what happens with Lestat The little flashback scenes of the red haired baby vampire were only enough to increase my hatred towards this childish character that did nothing than cry for his master during than half of the book so that he would abandon him for no plausible reason The only thing that made me want to finish reading this book was nearly the ending when he finally realizes his own mistakesAbsolutely awful I'd even read VIOLIN again but won't ever want to look at this book ever again

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    Lestat lies in a coma like sleep in a chapel and while vampires gathers around him Armand tells his story to David Talbot Lestat’s former Talamascan fledgling Armand takes us with him through his childhood in Kiev; from where he is kidnapped and sold to slavery to Venice where Marius saves him and eventually gives the dark gift and to Paris where he led his Satanic Vampire cult Maybe I should start this telling that this was 4th or 5th time reading this and yep I still love it Armand’s always been my favourite so it’s no surprise I love this It’s been over 8 years since I’ve last read this and long before I had even heard about blogs etc so it was interesting to read it again And it seems my book taste hasn’t changed since I was 15 And oh why it’s so hard to write about books you lovedWhen Armand lived in Kiev as a child he painted beautiful icons and was meant to join the monks so he had pretty religious upbringing which shows through his life and is constant theme through the book I’ve always loved the chapter where Marius takes Armand back to Kiev after turning him He could let the past go little after meeting his family and his father who was such a huge presence in his lifeThey didn’t have that many years together with Marius but it was a big part of his life when he was loved and relatively safe And I was dreading to reach the part where it would all be ruinedIt’s been told in previous books that he was the leader of the vampire cult that imprisoned Lestat but now we see how he became part of it You can see the growing theme with Christianity on Rice’s books here and while I’m not even remotely religious it didn’t bother me I love the writing style and the descriptive writing but that may not be to everyone’s liking

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    I am giving this book two stars only because Anne Rice is a talented author and I can’t bear to give this a single star rating though honestly it might deserve it Man what a bummer I loved the last four volumes in this series but this was a mess Written after a short hiatus from the Vampire Chronicles this volume follows Memnoch the Devil which Rice said was supposed to be the series finale That would have made sense and it would have been a fine note to end on Instead three years later this mess hit bookstore shelves First off Lestat is almost nowhere to be found here I think because up to this point the Brat Prince features heavily in all the vampire novels that Rice wasn’t sure where to go with this story Armand is certainly one of the interesting immortals — for his age if nothing else — but he makes for a booooooring narrator He lacks all the wit and humor of Lestat; he has no personality of his own What a dud And don’t get me started on the disjointed ‘feel’ of the story first half is littered with awkward heavy handed sex; second half is I don’t even know dude Boring AF I can’t remember a thing that happened Maybe that’s for the bestThey can’t all be winners I will be taking an extended break from this series

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    This is where I stopped in the series Anne Rice had the habit of making all her characters extremely homo erotic from the beginning but I could deal with it because the stories were excellent I had to draw the line at this book though Reading about ancient vampires giving and receiving head from little boys is not my idea of entertainment

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    Well this is my second favorite book in the Vampire Chronocle series the first is Blackwood Farm then this then The Vampire Lestat The reason I love this book is not only the character Armand who is without a doubt my favorite Sorry Lestat You're second but also the fact that he dictates his story from when he was a boy and how he grew up for a few years in Venice Itlay with Marius during the Renaissance That time happens to be my favorite modern 1500's to present historical time period The Renaissance was the beginning of modern times and Anne Roce is able to capture it wonderfully For anyone who is into any history you'll be pleasantly surprised at how accurate she was in her descriptions For those who aren't into history the stroy is very captivating in itself to hold your attention It is a little morbid at times but it goes along with the story A very very good book

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    What I got from this Novel is that it is a book about Love and secondary of Faith Now u may be saying wait a minute oh no must of have been a pre cursor to Twilight which BTW I have not read yet This is hardly a book bout' Puppy Dog teenage loveAlso I have noted some controversy amongst other reviewers about the elements of Homosexuality in this book I as a Heterosexual was not offended by these passages and thought they were portrayed rather artisticaly and not in a pornographic mannerHere we read how Armand evolves from childhood to Young adulthood which physically at this point he is forever frozen in time but continues to develop mentally and spiritually It is also a Journey of Faith and Discovery one which most of us go through seeking an understanding or evidence of our MakerIn this book u will Find several types of LoveLove of Ones ProtectorLove of a FriendHomosexual LoveHeterosexual LoveBi sexual LoveLove of GoodLove of EvilLove of ones Heritage NationalityLove of Expresionism artLove of RitualLove of GodLove of SatanLove of NeutralityLove of Ones ParentsLove of FaithAnd ultimately and I don't feel I'm spoiling anything here love of one's BrotherThis is perhaps the most Dickensian Novel of A Rice I have read with sometimes full pages of Social Commentary Though Interesting in themselves well thought and written they tended sometimes to vere from the main plot and sometimes Bog the reader downThis Book is also a search of Faith Faith in one's Maker Faith in one's Friends Faith in HumanityI liked the Detail of the Feeding scenes of the Vampires how at times they had a sense of empathy for their victims and then just gruesome enough to remind one You are reading a Vampire NovelNot the Page turner of some of Rice's Novels but then again i don't think she intended it to be so Definately a worthwhile read

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    For me The Vampire Chronicles are the be all end all of vampire novels And while I have my favorites within the series I find myself comparing every other vampire novel I read to the entire set So if you want to discuss them go ahead and send me a note And if you're new to the vampire genre you can't go wrong with Anne Rice This one is my second favorite of the series

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