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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 250 pages
  • All the Possibilities
  • Nora Roberts
  • English
  • 15 February 2016
  • 9780373092475

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    Free spirited Heroine with Big Traumatic Past falls in love with a serious minded potential POTUS That’s pretty much it Though there is no OW on the scene author makes it a point to underline several times that the heroine is NOT beautiful like hero’s usual beautiful blonde girlfriends But the heroine is “interesting” I could have maybe accepted it once upon their initial meeting but when the hero keeps thinking that and even outright compares her to other women I wanted to bash his face in

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    This is neither the best Nora Roberts series nor my favorite Although I admit that this book is not as bad as some others in this seriesThis book was written in the 1980s and you feel it very clearly First of all in the way the characters are constructed In their behavior personality and dynamics of their relationship Alan's behavior is pretty often very close to stalking and even sexual harassment He doesn't take no for an answer Even when it is clear and unambiguous no In his defense however I can say that Shelby almost never means it She is the crown example of a woman who says no when she thinks yes Watching it is painfulThis is a rather short story so you can expect that the characters will not be well developed And you would be right This is especially true for Alan In fact I can't say much about him than that he is a senator We also learn from Shelby and other characters that he is responsible conservative although I do not about what politically? In life? In the moral code? and stiff The only thing I could see is that he treats his work responsibly I don't think he is particularly stiff or boringAnd then there's Shelby I am not sure if the author intentionally made her a terrifyingly hesitant woman Shelby is to be a crazy artist with a restless and colorful soul Instead she is an annoying stubborn woman who changes her mind every two minutes She’s driving me crazy in the first half of the book I think she should be a strong woman but in my opinion she is only stubborn and convinced that she knows everything betterThis is of course a story of love at first sight Although I hate this motive here it is that bad I am much annoyed by the first half of the book in which the characters struggle with affection This part is written awkwardly and unconvincingly Their emotional dilemmas are terribly exaggerated and the inconsistency of their behavior irritates The second half when everything starts to run smoothly is much better and funTo sum up this is not the worst book in this series I was unlucky to read among others the love story of Alan's parents If you like the specific style of romances written in the 1980s then you may like it For me it's definitely not my style But at least the second half of the book I read fairly uickly

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    Scottish families and sizzling romance Count me in Despite being on the older side for the story it was a compelling romance Considering I read it almost 35 years after its original publication I imagined Alan and Shelby happily married for 34 years with grandkids running around by this time Nora Roberts never disappoints

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    Despite the shortened time line of the romance and the hero in pursuit this book worked for me A nice oldie

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    This is still forever etc my favorite of the MacGregor series It's wild reading about 80s politics in 2019 though let me tell you that But Alan and Shelby they are forever

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    Traditional romance one of my least favorite genres but I thought it would be a light uick read which is what I needed The cringe worthy lovers dialogue is the big downside along with the description of any passionate scenes I did like the repartee between Shelby the MacGregor patriarch Daniel Nothing new in the storyline Woman meets man whom she does not want a relationship with due to differences in lifestyle and career ambition he is determined to have her eventually wears her down Happy ending

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    What a book Loved this book and loved Shelby and AlanThis H and h fit and complemented their chemistry is white hot and passionate amazing banter and loved h's eccentricities she was truly lovely while H was suitably dashing serious and definitely hero material Loved h's banter with H's father she is double minded about visiting his family until he tells her his father mentioned something about her being a Campbell and how they are inferior to Macgregors absolutely loved the bit about the Macgregor and Campbell fued that is such an important part of Scottish history Goes on the keeper shelf

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    A typical Nora Roberts book; I really enjoyed the heroine Shelby She is an artist lives as she pleases and refuses to be bored Her father was a Senator running for President when he was murdered in front of his children Shelby adored her father she was only eleven but she was determined to live life to the fullest and never marry a politician She would not risk that kind of heartbreak again Nor would she be molded to be a polished politician’s wife But when she met Alan MacGregor another Senator who would undoubtedly run for President one day she had to make the hardest decision of her life She told him in no uncertain ways that she was not interested in him in dating him going out with him but Alan did just not take no for an answer and forced his way in her life and in her heart He knew that Shelby was the one for him and he would have her as his wife Sure she was nothing like the cool blondes he usually dated poised and elegant Shelby was fire and life and uniue But he had to overcome her fear to get her to acceptI liked Shelby a lot determined to go her own way not giving in to pressure But I had a hard time with liking Alan I know this is an 80’s book but he really did not take no for an answer He kept pushing and sometimes pushing to far He did not accept her reasons In my eyes even if the woman loves you and desires you no means no and just pushing on bedroom wise until she gives in at last is just not the right thing to doIt is just a short story so Alan did not have all that much time to sway Shelby with gentle ways but it pushed the wrong buttons for me I did love it when Shelby and Alan visited the MacGregor castle though and the MacGregor tried to intimidate her with his loud ways but as a true Campbell Shelby was not afraid of him and stood up against him He loved her for that and accepted her in his family immediately But Alan still had to make her accept his proposal at that timeBut well what woman can say no to a man who gives her a rainbow instead of the standard roses?I have read this book in Dutch many years ago and now I am slowly making my way through Nora’s backlist in English And I am afraid I will never catch up with the pace she writes in But like Alan I will persevere6 stars© 2014 Reviews by Aurian

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    finally done of course I left it at school and had to find the audio version on Scribd But it was of course amazing I loved the parts with Daniel and his being appalled that Alan would be so moved by a lying theiving Campbell of all people

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    45 StarsI want to read the book that the Hero is the Politician for long time I love Alan He is intelligent and witty Denial MacGregor Alan's Father is the most Fantastic He is so clever and witty Shelby the Heroine she is strong and intelligent so perfect for being MacGregor's daughter in love The Dialogue is Great It's Sharp especially the Auguring between Denial and Shelby It made me WOW wow WOW then laugh out loud lol I LOVE the Playing Card scene as well this scene is My Bonus Lol p I recommend for everyone who love Contemporary Romanceนิยายเรื่องแรกของนอร่าที่อ่านค่าา บทสนธนาของตัวละครคมมาก ของขวัญที่พระเอกส่งมาให้นางเอกก็น่ารักทั้งนั้น ชอบพ่อพระเอกที่สุดแล้ว อยากได้มาเป็นญาติผู้ใหญ่จัง 55 ได้ความรู้เรื่องของอาชีพทั้งปั้นหม้อและนักการเมือง แต่อยากให้มีฉากเกี่ยวกับการเมืองเยอะๆจัง อยากอ่านนิยายที่เกี่ยวข้องกับอะไรแบบนี้ xD บางทีเราหวังมากไป 555 ตัวละครฉลาดทุกคนเลยง่ะ โดยเฉพาะตัวละครหลัก ชอบ อิอิ

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All the Possibilities ALL THE POSSIBILITIESThere could be nothing between Shelby Campbell and Senator Alan MacGregor Alan's father had said a MacGregor would as soon have a badger in the house as a Campbell Shelby's response was that given the family's idea of housekeeping a badger wouldn't be that unusual But the long standing feud couldn't stop the attractionNothing was going to keep Alan from getting what he wanted but nothing could make Shelby forget the tragic loss of her senator father How could she risk loving a man who was following in her father's footsteps

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