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Dirty Thirty 45 Fuck me sideways I never thought this would happen starsI finally popped my Mm and admittedly f cherry LOLMy first Mm sausage read with the wife up for it too Honestly if I'd read the blurb before grabbing this Cara McKenna I might have thought twice But I'm on a mission to read everything that this brilliant author has written regardless so thank you Cara for such a wonderful story to loose my Mm virginity to By the time I realized where this story was heading I was so blown away by the writing that I just thought it's now or never IT WAS RIDICULOUSLY HAWT OH MY GOD I WAS TRANSFIXED BY THE SAUSAGES If Paul Evan and Margie get together for another birthday count me in without reserveSausage IS the new black PAUL I'd say I'm about three uarters straightEVAN I think I'm like ninety seven percent straightPAUL that's a mighty tight margin gives me a bulls eye's chance of blowing your mind and a whole lot of room to miss and completely traumatise youMARGIE I'm sure you've got a good aim Yeah Good girl what a woman Lol An amazing ride It completely opened my eyes to what friends have been telling me all alongMore please Cara come visit meSizzling Pages Romance Reviews Sizzling Pages Facebook TwitterSizzlingpages HOLY SHIT THIS IS I can only explain with gifs and some of this and tons of this This is me after reading this On a side note here this is MM action than MFM Margie decides for Evan`s 30th birthday that she`s going to invite another man into their bed BUT the man is there for Evan and that`s exactly how Margie arranges itThis was pure hotness and nothing else ;p buddy with my english rose ok I don't know should I give this 3 or 4 starsit was really good but in this short MMF I wanted really bad for F to be out of the picture OUTI don't know why but she was really annoying to me and she didn't to anything bad I think the reason for it was that she was maybe too perfect too open for the scenario and ah I don't knowI think Paul and Evan were perfect together so every time she bugged in I wanted to tell her to mind her own business and leave the roombecause those two together were really hotI did find out that I will never read books with dominatrix even though here wasn't the case of it but when she spanked him was just dunno it really ruined the mood for me bwahaha obviously not my cuppa so obviously anything I won't like bwahahaI did think the ending would be different it was just too normal like they did that millions of times together and that made it look a bit awkwardso because I am a shallow woman and because I LOVED Paul 3 I will give this 4 stars in the end What is a woman doing in a MMF one night stand when it is obvious she is not really needed there? And why this book is MMF and not MM?These were the only thoughts that were crossing my mind while I was reading the bookMargie wants to please her husband Evan When Evan admits his darkest fantasy to her which is to be taken and used by a man she decides to help him live itConseuently she arranges at Evan’s 30th birthday a threesome with Paul That’s because after they become 30 years old supposedly they have grown up and they need to be focused and serious Well Paul is the bouncer at the couple’s favorite bar and apparently a bisexual man slut who has no problem helping Margie and Evan with their little fantasy So far so goodThe specific night comes and the three of them end up in bed Evan although shy and inexperienced seems to have a great time with Paul And then we learn that Paul has had the hots for Evan for a while Clueless Margie has basically served Evan on the plate for Paul without realizing itOblivious Margie is also having a great time with the two men But seriously if she was just watching TV by the bed nobody would bother her After a while I felt that she is just taking up space on the bed There is really no need for her to be there although she seems beyond doubt very excited and cheerful She truly is so happy that her husband is handled by another droolworthy man Couldn’t she just realize that she was not enough for her husband and that he needs and not for just one time?In the next morning Evan is or less saying things like Hmm you know may we should call him again if you want I don’t mind if you want But only if you want and I can picture him thinking Please say yes Say yes I want of him More MoreAnd Margie is saying things like Oh come on you are thirty You are a grown up now You don’t really crave other men It was just a fantasy Let's have coffeeEh excuse me what??? She has just helped him to realize what he had been missing all his life and that he without doubt likes men And then she wants to take it away from him? Well it is obvious Evan wants and Paul definitely plans for I admit I have had a vision of Evan and Paul together riding off into the sunset holding hands in the very near future For a brief synopsis please read the blurb I prefer to cut right to the chase of the matter I absolutely loved Cara McKenna’s Willing Victim There was an interesting and intriguing plot and very sexy and hot main characters as well However Dirty ThirtyhmmmEvan and Margie rubbed me the wrong way They’re simply an absolute turn offI had a few 'duh' or WTF moments”Heya sexy” she said and clapped him on his huge arm The nickname didn’t make Evan jealous – she called everybody that even their neighbor’s dog Anyhow in this case it was undeniably accurateShe smiled at him admired him So handsome in that way she liked bestA RECOVERING PUNK on the outside responsible adult lurking on the inside behind the studded belt and the thick silver hoops in his ears the tattoos on his neck and armsEvan studied the still life the chipped black polish on his own fingernails his white hand on Paul’s tan skinHe Evan loved what was happening and he wanted her to share it didn’t mind if he was less exciting to her than the stranger in their bedroom ???I don’t like scrawny 'recovering' punks with a mohawk haircut and chipped black polish on their fingernails Frankly I hope – correction I know it for sure that my boyfriend doesn’t call everybody 'heya sexy' and I’m glad I don’t have to call him 'skunkie'The ménage scene was ok nothing and nothing less Actually I felt uite unaffected Maybe I felt this way because I didn’t like Evan and Margie I wasn’t invested in the story and the characters well I really couldn’t care less Oh My Gawd Hot Hot Hot That's it That's my review Read This Book Not enough? Picky pickyDirty Thirty is the perfect hot spicy uickie read any romanceerotica reader should have in their arsenal when they're feeling a book funk It's that goodDirty Thirty in a nutshell is about a wife that gifts her husband one night with a man for his thirtieth birthday He's showed interest in being taken by a man during their own sex life so she asked him He Evan thought it over and okayed the date The scene is between a bouncer at their local bar they're familiar with Paul The wife is present during their scene and did I mention it was scorching? I'm rather new the McKenna awesomeness but she hooked me with the Curio series This was with MM MFM and will top my uick fix shelf when I'm in a NA drama rut And I thank you I was torn between giving this book 34 starsI will admit it was the extremely hot sex scenes which bumped it up a star Shame on me I know Things I liked without spoilers the way the author wrote the whole situation She seemed to be sensitive to the fact some people may have issues reading about another person entering an existing married relationship even though I will admit I still wasn't 100% ok with it Paul was incredibly hot and an alpha male without uestion The mm sex scene mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm HOT Things I didn't like so much again without spoilers Margie She was annoying and kept butting in when she really didn't have to If only it was a mmm book bwhahahahaha The ending was awkward in my opinionIf you want a short hot read and don't mind mmf sex then this is the one for you I hope you enjoy it as much as I did Thank you sweet Vishous for buddy reading with me I had a good laugh as always bwhahahahaha mwah Call 911 because I'm on FIRE Wowmy eyes are burning my head is ready to explode and my mouth is dryWas this a hot read? Absolutely The best part though is the emotions that you could feel between the Margie Evan and Paul I don't care that Evan is not a hulking muscle man Margie loves him she thinks he's hot and so do I Even Paul thought he was yummy you could definitely tell that he was attracted to him Physical attraction is nice but an emotional connection is the sexiest most passionate feeling in the world Margie and Evan have that and Paul was great Not only did he fulfill their fantasy I believe he got his due too The scene between Evan and Paul was extremely erotic and went on for pages but it was never too much and I didn't get bored uick sensual erotic with a sweet ending It's not for everyone but I loved it Now where are those fire trucks?? 4 wicked uickie stars “You taste that?” Evan moaned his reply “You know what that is? That’s the cock that’s gonna fuck your tight virgin ass” Mmmmm Dirty Thirty is a guilty pleasure of a read highly erotic and utterly delicious Evan is turning thirty and his wish is to have a man fuck him Now Evan is a happily married man he just has a fantasy that his wife is kind enough to make it a reality uick and wicked perfect for when you need that something naughty to brighten and hotten your day ; Despite his scrappy punk packaging Evan's got a submissive streak in him that's just screaming to be indulged So on the eve of his thirtieth birthday Evan's wife Margie arranges for them to ring out his twenties by realizing his darkest fantasy inviting another man into their bedroom Margie's found the perfect candidate for Evan's birthday treat Paul works as a bouncer at their favorite bar and lucky for Evan and Margie he's every bit the sexual Dominant his intimidating body suggests Evan isn't a hundred percent sure he's ready to go to all the places his kinks seem determined to take him but one thing's for sure by the time he wakes on his thirtieth birthday his fantasy will have become reality

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