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Baggage This a collection of short stories on the theme of Australian cultural baggageThe most memorable for me are Kaaron Warren's story of a man haunted by a village Yaritji Green's story of the clash between cultures that puts a soul at risk and particularly Tessa Kum's story of those who slip between the comfortable classifications of race and ethnicity This collection deserves a lot time than I'm going to give it I'm tired and I've been writing too long It is a small press publication from Eneit press so I don't know where it is available from 45 starsBeautiful beautiful anthology of short stories with an sff element to each Highly recommended I particularly enjoyed the stories by Kaaron Warren Lucy Sussex and Jennifer Fallon but they were all good occasionally harrowing maybe but also courageous uirky and fun in many instancesWhat does it mean to be an Australian or a New Zealander? There are no easy answers presented in this anthology just a refreshingly uniue take on themes of displacement and belonging Pick up some Baggage Humankind carries the past as invisible baggage Thirteen brilliant writers explore this looking at Australia's cultural baggage through new and often disturbing eyes Go On Baggage explores layers and complexities that are oddly Australian If you think Australian culture is all about neighbours and mateship you may find Baggage distressing What is Australia What baggage do Australians carry Pick up this book Have a read You know you want to

About the Author: Gillian Polack

Gillian is a writer and historian currently living in Canberra Australia She intends to count the books in her library soon when they stop falling on her and otherwise intimidating her

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