The Billionaire's Bidding Silhouette Desire #1793 ePUB

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    45 stars ⭐️ Recommended

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    “No Not my lawyer My housekeeper” Initial Final Page ThoughtsMeh It was only 200 pagesHigh Points The heroine got angry at him Yay Kind of anyways Tension The guy falling first Character realism in EmmaLow PointsPredictable Cliche Plot holes Katie Boring smut scenes Heroine I liked Emma I'll forget about her in two seconds but she wasn't bad for me I liked how she stubbornly refused to acknowledge his affections right until the end despite her attraction to him Poor girl got uite the rep with her appearance though Damn those geneticsLove Interest “I wonder what else I can make you do”Oh Alex You were okay Nothing exciting but nothing terrible I liked how you realized your mistakes and actually attempted to fix them unlike other male characters I have been reading in books as of late However you lack something important and that was chemistry you were kind of a snore fest I would also like to point out the fact that the title of this novel pisses me off because it is not really relevant to the story A appropriate title could have been selectedTheme Tune Simply Falling Iyeoka Angst Level110 You get a 1 for effort Actually you get one for Emma handling the conclusion well And when I say well I mean that she was actually hurt and that she didn't just shrug it off because she loves the male and he can do no wrong like the idiot women I've been reading as of late is jaded Shifty eyesInspirationThe Billionaire's Bidding CoverRecommended ForPeople who are tired People needed 200 pages to blow some time People who can read it for free People who aren't reading a Desire Silhoutte for the smut

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    This is exactly the kind of book you should read at 11PM the night you had your cat companion of 15 years put to sleep and you're suffering from insomnia and you can't help but think you're hearing her voice over and over down the hallTwo rich white people Emma and Alex enter into a marriage of convenience and find out they're lustily attracted to the other's creamy cleavage or steel gray eyes There's the beautiful sister the British housekeeper and a French catererIt's a sweet little bit of brain candy maybe not Godiva but a good cheap chocolate like Hershey's And it's a lifesaver when your eyes are puffy from six hours of crying and two glasses of wine

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    It was a fun read

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    Leído el 0312201225 estrellasUna historia normalita y predecible de esas de Harleuin

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    By page 71 I came to like the male protagonist Alex less and less He's overbearing patronizing controlling egotistical arrogant and chauvenistic He lacked any charisma towards Emma until they spent time together He's disrespectful towards her At this point I was thinking that he should have just bought her business out right away and then he wouldn't have had to worry about being inconvenienced by marrying her for her business or worrying about having a celibate marriage and she wouldn't have had to deal with a jerk of a husband He slowly improves but right before the ending he pulls the rug right from under Emma's feet but the situation does recover

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    25Mi yo cursi sabe de lo planas y absurdas ue pueden ser estas historias cortas pero de vez en cuando disfruta leyendo estas tonterías xDNo hay mucho ue decir más ue la otra hermana era una bitch

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    had time to kill waiting for oil change and tune up

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    Good story well written LOVED the bantering humor and sexual chemistry between the main characters

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    Does anyone know what the next book in this series is? I want to read Katie's story I assume she's going to hook up with Nathaniel

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The Billionaire's Bidding Silhouette Desire #1793 Scrambling to save her family's companyEmma McKinley was shocked when billionaire hotelmagnate Alex Garrison tossed her a lifeline—baited with an heirloom engagement ring anda pre nup an inch thick It was a textbook marriageof convenience he calls off her creditors; she giveshim half her companyBut the elaborate game of make believe soon became intoxicating than either of them expectedCould a marriage built on a lie withstand the test oftrue passion