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Genesis Five hundred years into the future the world is a different place The Melt has sunk most of the coastal cities and Newperth is divided into the haves the “Centrals”; the have nots the “Bankers”; and the fringe dwellers the “Ferals”Rosie Black is a Banker When Rosie finds an unusual box she has no idea of the grave conseuences of her discovery A mysterious organisation wants it – and will kill to get itForced to rely on two strangers Rosie is on the run But who can she trust Pip the too attractive Feral or the secretive man he calls bossFrom Earth to Mars Rosie must learn the secrets of the box – before it’s too late

About the Author: Lara Morgan

Lara Morgan writes for both adults and teens and is the author of The Twins of Saranthium series and The Rosie Black Chronicles She lives in a coastal town in Western Australia called Geraldton which is a long way from most places and too close to others Her mission is to rid the world of tea one cup at a time This is going uite well

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    I loved thisThere's a great vibe to this book which doesn't sag in momentum the plot kept moving forward making it an energetic and captivating read The prose is just lovely clean and fresh I'm a fanI adore Rosie Mostly I love that she stuffs things up a fair bit She does things she's not supposed to she's not always thinking straight I love teens and people who have the best of intentions but somehow still manage to screw up and fudge their way along Ultimately she's one tough girl that I care oh so immensely about She's inventive and a strong protag You will love her Pip I'll add him to the top of my crush worthy list of fictional characters He is just done so well I can't pigeon hole him at all He's a Feral and not what you expect and he keeps not being what you expect until you kinda don't know what to expect any He's funny clever hot mischievous and infuriatingI was initially caught up by the mystery of the box and how Rosie opens it and triggers a domino chain of events of seemingly never ending catastrophic events kinda like this run on sentence Then the plot deepens and twists and gradually I found myself invested not just in the story that was unfolding but the characters by the end i was deeply invested in all the main characters lives They have such intriguing histories and painful pasts and there's secrets mysteries and most of all a huge betrayal OuchThere's torture and freaky stuff going down on Mars and other sci fi stuff that I can't coherently relate but made sense when I read it haha It's 500 years in the future half set in Australia then space and finally on MarsBoys will love this too Plus it would make an ideal classroom read One of those non boring high school texts that will captivate and spark a whole range of discussion and debateIt's the first in a series I'm really hanging out to see what happens next hey

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    35 starsI’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve walked by this book without giving it so much as a second glance so I’m a little late in making the discovery that this book is completely rad and excellent Yes rad I don’t give out that kind of praise easily And shame on me for ignoring this bookGenesis was an ideal book to break out of my genre comfort zone a smooth step into speculative science fiction after a glut of contemporary and dystopian reads Lara Morgan’s depiction of “Newperth” was vivid – while the writing is not heavily descriptive reading the book was uite a visual experience Morgan has some seriously imaginative ideas for her future world and I loved the direction she took with the Melt and the division of Perth into the Old City the Banks and Central and the socio economic repercussions for the residents I particularly liked the portrayal of life for the Bankers the sualor and the noise and the bustle really came to life on the page However for me the real strength of this book lies in the pacing – it is tightly written and the tension mounts consistently Even though Genesis weighs in at over 400 pages it’s still uite a brisk read with punchy chapters and cliffhangers drawing you uickly through the story Morgan also weaves in some good twists and turns keeping the plot engaging and the stakes high It also helps that the characters are well drawn and interesting Rosie herself is a resilient inventive sixteen year old who is still vulnerable and makes mistakes I liked her blend of intelligence and street smarts while still being a relatable teenage girl Rosie’s dynamic with dreadlocked blue eyed Feral Pip is brilliant Their interactions felt believable and true to their characters and I couldn’t help but smile each time he showed up except of course when bad things were happening PipWhile I did read this book in a bit of a frenzy flipping pages because I needed to know what was going to happen to next I will say that I did prefer the setting of the first part of the book If you’ve read this hopefully you’ll pick up what I mean here While the latter setting was intriguing I preferred the believability of the former and found it easier to immerse myself in During the later stages of the book I was invested in the characters than particularly fascinated by the world they were in Also I don’t feel ualified to comment here on the science used in the book or how Genesis stands up against other young adult specsci fi but frankly I was far too busy being entertained to care I wasn’t distracted by uestioning the world or the premise as I have done with other futuristic fiction The story and the characters were strong enough to keep me thoroughly engaged in the prose Having now been suitably chastised for making a baseless assumption that this wouldn’t be the type of book for me I will definitely read the second book without hesitation and look forward to the next instalment in the Rosie Black Chronicles

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    ★★★★☆ I loved itFive hundred years into the future the world is a different place The Melt has sunk most of the coastal cities and Newperth is divided into the haves the “Centrals”; the have nots the “Bankers”; and the fringe dwellers the “Ferals”Rosie Black is a Banker When Rosie finds an unusual box she has no idea of the grave conseuences of her discovery A mysterious organisation wants it – and will kill to get itForced to rely on two strangers Rosie is on the run But who can she trust? Pip the too attractive Feral or the secretive man he calls boss?From Earth to Mars Rosie must learn the secrets of the box – before it’s too lateI love anything to do with futuristic space travel and dystopian worlds so when the publisher contacted me about reading this I got straight to it I am so glad I had the opportunity as this novel is a fantastic story following the journey of a 16 year old girl living 500 years into the future where the human population is slowing dying due to a mysterious disease carried by mosuitoes It goes by the name MalX which seems to be a reference to the widespread Malaria disease Not much is known about how it was born but when Rosie finds a uniue box things are put into motion which travels the planets and takes away everything she has ever known or cared about And it looks like MalX is the cause of it all I like Rosie She's honest and most of the time smart She is a typical teenager in that she feels things she wishes she didn't and the lines between right and wrong are a little blurred She's defiant almost to the last and then when the walls break everything comes flooding out Her life isn't easy and she doesn't make excuses just tries to deal with it the best way she can Pip her friend is caught up in the game being played as much as she is probably so We don't learn a lot about him until later on in the piece which adds great suspension to a lot of the scenes There are feelings that grow between them and being the sucker for a good love story this was the only place I felt Genesis was lacking Give me awkwardness Give me butterflies There was still enough there to keep me happy though The supporting characters were great also Aunt Essie would have to be the coolest Aunt around She's a pilot has short spiky hair listens to what Rosie has to say and understands what she's feeling I'm glad that it seems we'll be seeing a whole lot in the seuel Riley was someone I wish we'd gotten to know a bit better His past actions don't reflect too well on him though his most recent ones were commendable Yuang was the perfect baddy Let's just leave it at that So if you can't tell already I'm looking forward to the seuel Euinox No idea when it's to be released but I'm wishing for it not to be too far away Hopefully this series will be released internationally so everyone out there will get a chance to go on this journey also If you can get a hold of Genesis make sure you do It looks like it's going to develop into an amazing series The Rosie Black Chronicles 1 Genesis 2 Euinox date TBA

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    Life’s not easy in Rosie Black’s worldThe Melt has devastated the earth and sunken all the coastal cities and forced society into a crippling caste system of the haves “The Centrals” and the have nots “The Bankers” As a Banker Rosie and her dad struggle to survive after the shattering loss of Rosie’s mother to the MalX diseaseThe world as Rosie Black knows it is very different from the one we know today and the contents of a seemingly harmless little box are about to turn that world upside downThe box contains a secret one so incriminating that the powerful Helios corporation will stop at nothing to get back in their possession But they’re not the only ones who want to get their hands on it As it becomes clear that Rosie and her family’s safety is in jeopardy she finds herself on the run without knowing who exactly she’s running from or to where As she falls into the web of the schemes and plots of others Rosie must put her trust in Pip a shady and much too attractive Feral the outcasts of society and his boss Riley a man who keeps his cards and true identity close to his chestRosie soon realizes that the situation is bigger than all of them as they race to Mars to put a stop to actions that could have devastating conseuencesGenesis is the very impressive first book in the Rosie Black Chronicles Lara Morgan’s first foray into young adult fiction Morgan’s dystopia paints a bleak picture of a society where the people are on the one hand living in gleaming skyscrapers making progress in medicine technology and the colonization of Mars yet at the same time the other half are struggling in poverty and desperationThe story is gripping and complex as we uncover the layers of conspiracy and hidden agendas within Helios and to what extent each character has played a part in these schemes Genesis at times had a very Hunger Games feel not just with a strong female like Rosie but also with the author’s no holds barred approach to certain charactersLike all good villains the one in Genesis is not only not apparent at first but also has motives that sound logical but are obviously misguided Our villain is also cold and ruthless but needed a bit explanation into what made him so which will hopefully be seen in the next bookTo balance out the breathless action we see Rosie as well as Pip battle with their emotions as they come to terms with their pasts and the current circumstance they find themselves in The relationships between characters felt very organic and believable and not just in the romantic sense But behind Pip’s demeanor and endless obnoxious flirting could there be real feelings?Genesis is fabulous novel that takes on the dystopiasci fi concept and does it well We have a strong female lead in Rosie and plenty of unresolved issues and feelings to take us through to the next book

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    I will be reviewing this book in full in the first 2011 edition of Viewpoint journal however in the meantime here is a teaserI met Lara when I moderated one of her panels at this years AussieCon4 and she spoke about creating the world the The Rosie Black Chronicles are set in Knowing nothing really about the book at the time it wasn't out yet I was intrigued by the concept of the world that Lara had created This is a futuristic land clearly set post global warming Water is a precious commodity and citizens have fallen into the divisions of Centrals the wealthy Bankers the have nots and Ferals self descriptiveRosie Black is a Banker has already lost her mother to the terrible MalX disease a ravaging sickness that plagues the citizens of earth causing them to die slowly and painfully Since her mother's death Rosie has hunted the streets for items of value that she can sell to ensure another days survival for herself and her father But one day she finds something that has value to some that Rosie can ever imagine and she is instantly snared in a web of conspiracy and deceitThis is uite an energetic book with strong characters and a carefully plotted setting There are some moments in the narrative where I felt a touch a predictability but overall I think this makes a refreshing change from the same same fantasy that is swamping our shelves at the moment Genesis could potentially see readers swinging back to a futuristic sci fi and away from traditional romantic fantasy

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    A gripping suspenseful science fiction tale for young adults with a strong Australian feel I’m betting this one will be a winner Set in what feels like a future day Perth Lara grew up in Western Australia and now lives in Geraldton with a sidetrip to Mars Genesis is filled with lots of lovely neologisms like pyroflex and digibook which I can see entering the popular lexicon I’m putting this on my son’s pile to read – I think he’d enjoy it too

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    Rosie Black starts her adventure almost by accidentIts based 500yrs into the future after the 'Melt' where humans are apt at space travel and have even managed to form colonies on Mars and hotels in spaceIts not really explained what the Melt was but you can figure it has to do with global warming Society on Earth is still classed according to wealth and Rosie who is from the poor part of town who has a friend Juli in the richer part of town like to go poking around the ruins in the outskirts where it a bit dangerous but where small treasures can be found to trade for foodmoney This is where Rosie's trouble begins as she finds something that holds a great secret that many people have been looking forThe story was set up uite well and it was mostly fast pacedI did find at times the character Rosie to be a bit naive especially towards the end where she is running from danger and is warned not to do certain things but does them kind of 'without thinking' and then it puts her in further danger and running You would think after being on the run for a good portion of the book she would realise that she needs to think before acting but ah wellThere is a hint of romance through out the book this isn't the main story line and I found that uite refreshing it meant there was very little self sacrafice for the manwoman you just met and are barely friends with It was mostly written from Rosie's point of view but there were some small chapters that were sporadically placed that were from another characters point of view eg Riley or Pip and I would have liked a bit to understand where these characters decisions to do what they were doing were coming from There was also a brand new character Nerita thrown in towards the end that maybe should have shown up earlier as I was wondering where she popped up fromOverall this book was a good read easy to follow and mostly fast pacedI think its for readers that enjoyed the 'Uglies' series by Scott Westerfeld as it did have a little bit of that vibe throughout the book

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    Why I decided to read this bookI decided to read this book because it was recommended to me by a friend and I thought it would be interesting to read as it ties into the topic we have been studying this term; social injustice The cover also attracted my attention as it was black and white contrasting the differences in societyCategoryDespite the fact that I said that this book ties into the social injustice I decided that his category fits in with 'a science fiction or fantasy book' because it is a futuristic novel with Mars and rockets etcFavourite uote and whyThe best uote in my opinion from Genesis is for the first time he wished he was back up on Earth He couldn't think straight up here This uote really interested me because it showed the contrast and the differentiation of the two planetsWhat I learnedI learned that you shouldn't take things for granted as it says above in the uote above The full novel however also shows that you shouldn't take things for granted because the plot makes it clear about social injustice and how we are lucky right now to all be eual Character or setting that was interesting and whyI found that the setting inside the giant space pod was really interesting because the futuristic theme was different to what I normally read and imagine The description and the setting inside the pod intrigued me because I don't usually read dystopian fantasy booksI really liked this book overall but I think that the dystopian fantasy genre put me off a little although that's really just my taste

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    Being a huge fan of all things dystopian I absolutely adored Genesis It is such a great readI loved Rosie and she is such a kick butt chick I could definitely read books about her which I look forward to doing soI loved Pip he was a very cool guy and I just loved him tooI think the idea that global warming has already happened in Genesis was a really interesting twist and just the entire idea about water being scarce seems kinda scary and completely newI think it was also nice to read a book set in Australia as so many of the books I read these days are set in the Northern HemisphereI definitely recommend Genesis for those of you who are fans of the dystopian genre It’s well worth a read

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    This book was a great book if there weren't so many try hard YA comments that made the book awkward and laughably funny Indirect uote I can't be bothered finding it I bet he Pip was putting on all that hand holding stuff anyway Now who would say that at the age of 16? Also if you're reading this book to read about a futuristic society don't bother because you won't find anything past the blurb

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