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    Leonard Pine doesn't take kindly to insults  He won't tolerate them certainly not in the dingy confines of the Big Frog Club in East Texas He puts paid to the ones who spoke without thinking it through and he does it in style neatly parting one thug's hair with a chair and shoving another miscreant's head through the bathroom wall The third mouthy one is left in the road outside the bar with several of his teeth on his chestHap and Leonard are back ready to create their own brand of mayhem  Witty wild and ribald euals rootin' tootin' fun  The Boy Who Became Invisible is a bonus short story that was included in this edition  It was a sobering look at an incident in Hap's school days

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    That was short and sweetActually it was very very short and sweetHap and Leonard are up to their usual hijinks when they get hired by a man who thinks his younger brother has gotten mixed up with a crew of armed robbers The guys come up with a plan to show the young man the error of his ways but as always they get a lot than they bargained forThis has all the stuff I could ask for in a Hap Leonard novel It’s funny profane action packed and generally great Lansdale once again walks a fine line in making the violence brutal and scary but still finds the dark humor in it too The opening of this book finds Hap picking Leonard up from the cops after his enthusiastic self defense during a night club brawl left a hilarious amount of damage behind and as usual I found myself laughing out loud several times My complaint with this is that it’s a novella not a novel and it clocks in at 100 pages including a short story about an incident during Hap’s high school years None of the books in the series have been particularly long but the last one Devil Red was only about 200 pages and felt way too short for the hardback price I paid for it So when I saw that this was a 100 page hardback for 25 I decided it could wait until I got it from the library someday Now I see that the next one will also be another very short hardback at premium prices I love Lansdale’s writing but I’m too cheap to pay these prices for books I can read in a couple of hours I’m not sure why he’s releasing them like this and if his only story ideas are coming to him as these shorter tales why not collect three of them in one hardback? As someone who has purchased a pretty good stack of Lansdale’s books over the years I can’t help but feel that the loyalty of the Hap Leonard fans is being taken advantage of

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    With only 100 pages and with 7 of that being a flashback Hap story at the end of the book I was worried that this book could actually give me a true Hap and Leonard fix or if I'd be left with just a tingle and not a climax The book delivered Goodreads informed me this is the 10th Hap and Leonard adventure This is an expensive way to try the Lansdale series as it was published by the small press Subterranean and the cheapest version is 25 which is pretty steep for 100 pages I would hope that at some point in time it will be collected with other novellas in a much affordable format If you want to try your own dose of Hap and Leonard I would go back to the beginning with Savage SeasonI don't want to sum up the plot of this short little gem but thought it might be useful to those of you that haven't been introduced to the duo from Texas to read an interview conducted by Lansdale with his two favorite fictional characters Joe R Lansdale Interviews Hap Collins and Leonard Pineas published in VEIL'S VISIT Hap I'm going to start with you You strike me as an intelligent guy Why don't you try and make a little bit of your life?Hap Haven't a clue I keep thinking I will but I seem to take wrong turns Why not back off from the situations you get yourself into? You deserve a little better don't you?Hap I get into them before I mean to It's like they're kind of lurking out there I turn left to avoid them there's trouble comin' the other wayLeonard And he drags me in after him Can I say something? Be my guestLeonard Hap's bright but doesn't fully believe it He thinks because he hasn't come up with the formula for something like Coca Cola or has done him some brain surgery or cured a disease he hasn't lived up to his expectations Problem with Hap is he coasts Ain't sayin' he's lazy He works hard When he works But he hasn't got any rudder Now don't take this wrong Leonard but what's your excuse?Leonard I don't make any I'm doing what I want to do That's the difference between me and my brother here He isn't entirely happy being him I'd damn ecstatic about being me I work hard I don't worry that much about the future A little But nothing serious Hap he's nothing but a big ol' bag of worryHap I thought I was a love machineLeonard You're a love machine can't keep a womanHap You've had a bit of a problem maintaining relationships yourself my good manLeonard Yeah But you know what I think I've found a man finally That's another thing Don't the people you guys care about seem toWell you know?Leonard Yeah they seem to give us bad luck We haven't figured that one out yet Well they're the one's get killedLeonard Yeah We haven't figured that out either This one's for you Leonard Do you feel that as you get older you're gettin' your temper under control?Leonard What temper? WellLeonard Hey answer the uestion I didn't stutter What temper? I was merely sayin'Leonard You haven't said anything yet You asked if I had a temper I don't have any damn temperHap Yes you doLeonard Hey you want a piece of me brother? You want to wake up with a crowd around you?Hap Hey bubba You and me get into you better brought yourself a sack lunch cause we're gonna be here all nightLeonard Yeah?Hap Yeah Let's change the subject You guys seem to survive through pure tenacity and a feeling of uarrelsome brotherhoodLeonard uarrelsome Who you callin' Hap You're right We do There's this Lansdale You can have all the money there is every damn thing and what it comes down to finally like it or not you got to have someone to lean on Leonard and I aren't brothers by birth But we are brothers Like our lawyer friend Andrew Vachss says It's the family you choose that counts We stand by that It can be your blood kin certainly but it doesn't have to be Way we see it we can argue and fight with each other but no one else better think they can Least not in any serious manner All right Let me ask this What are future plans?Hap Hard to sayLeonard Charlie Blank and Hanson have some ideas for us They've got a little Private Investigator's agency and we may be picking up a few jobs from them Nothing technical Just little stuff you know Hap here he'll still be looking for a date Watching his weight Sticking to non alcoholic beer and losing his hair I'll still be cool and calm in my J C Pennys suitHap You may be calm but that cheap suit is enough to make anyone else nervous I have just a few uestionsLeonard Actually we got to go We borrowed the truck we're in to get over here and we promised to have it back Our junkers are in the shop Guy needs this one back to go to workHap And there's a monster movie showing on channel 38 I want to seeLeonard Not that he hasn't seen it about a hundred times Well thanks guys And be careful out thereLeonard Hell careful's our middle name manI did keep wondering as I read this book how Spencer and Hawk would stand up against Hap and Leonard It would be hard for me to bet against Hap and Leonard What they lack in expertise they make up for in dumb luck Highly recommended to read this with a beer or two or a few fingers of bourbon

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    Hap drives over to the Big Frog Club to find the police uestioning Leonard after Leonard put the hurt on three guys One of the guys appreciates Leonard's toughness and hires him and Hap to get his younger brother away from a group of suspected bank robbers he's fallen in with Can Hap and Leonard save Donny from the influence of Smoke Stack and the other thugs?Hyenas was a worthy addition to the Hap and Leonard canon It has all the hallmarks of a good Hap and Leonard tale humor cursing and furious violence My favorite line was Brett thought it would be cute if we got matching guns with our initials on them the we being Hap and Leonard Funny stuff The action was hard and fast when it arrived and the humor was top notch You don't read too may stories these days that feature an Ultra Light aircraft AND an reference to The Last AirbenderSo why only a 3? This thing cost 25 bucks and was barely a hundred pages long If my math is correct between this and Devil Red Joe Lansdale has fifty of my dollars for under four hundred pages of story in two weeks time It seems like Hyenas and Devil Red could have easily been bundled together I'm not saying I feel ripped off but the lightness in my wallet is throwing off my manly stride a bitTo sum things up Hyenas is a good story and a worthy Hap and Leonard tale but get it on the cheap if you can

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    Of course I enjoyed this I love me some Hap and Leonard when they're in kick butt modewhich is always I'm also very glad I got this through inter library loan because I'm cheap This is my first muscleman Hap and Leonard cover For some reason I've always pictured Hap as scrawny and Leonard as brawny These cover models are one ripped tee shirt away from raunchy pulp imagery Hmm a perfect fit really

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    I read this in two sittings separated by a good night's sleep I would have read it in one sitting but my wife told me I would have to chose between her or Hap Leonard With some hesitation I chose my wife Hyenas is a piece of short fiction 93 pages featuring the East Texas odd couple Hap Leonard The short fiction form works well for these two It is comfortably tight and to the point with just enough room for the sharp wit and tense action author Joe Lansdale is noted for There is a certain pattern that has developed in this series Leonard or sometimes Hap gets into a tussle and the tussle turns into a working proposition involving tussles and eventually a showdown But it is always the rapport and love not that kind of love that makes Hap Leonard so enjoyable I'm also happy to see Brett Hap's girl friend become entrenched in these tales as the one who wields the common sense and wisdomAside from the tale Hyenas there is also an excellent story called The Boy Who Became Invisible Even though I liked Hyenas a lot this brief tale is the real showcase here for the literary power of Lansdale

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    NB I consider Hap Leonard a five star series I love the books love the characters So the ratings you see here should be filtered within that scale They're all five stars to me but some are better than others and my ratings are about that If a part of you is saying but that's not how goodreads works or that's not how statistics work well you're right Nevertheless this is the way I'm doing it The main story a Hap and Leonard novella was a little Vachssian and didn't seem very Hap and Leonard to me The whole taking the troubled kid under their wing and teaching him how to be a Tough Guy With Integrity plotline that's straight up Andrew Vachss It was alright though I'm a little unsatisfied with the portrayal of Leonard Pine of late He was always the mature one but the last few HL stories I've read all he does is eat vanilla wafers and drink Dr Peppers Where did his boyfriend go? When will he get off Hap's couch? Obviously these things can't be answered in a novella but I'm hoping the next novel which Lansdale says might be a good long while before it arrives deals with these thingsThe short story included with the novella The Boy Who Became Invisible view spoilerwhich we don't learn until the end was a story of Hap's youth hide spoiler

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    Incredible So sleek So minimal So perfectly written

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    Fun little interlude with Hap and Leonard and Brett but despite the great dialogue and action the suspense seemed to be missing out in this one Or at least missing its mark

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Hyenas Hyenas marks the always welcome return of Joe R Lansdale’s most indelible fictional creations Hap Collins and Leonard Pine Once again the embattled but resilient duo find themselves enmeshed in a web of danger duplicity and escalating mayhem The result is a tightly compressed novella that is at once harrowing hilarious and utterly impossible to put downThe story begins with a barroom brawl that is both brutal and oddly comic The ensuing drama encompasses abduction betrayal robbery and murder ending with a lethal confrontation in an East Texas pasture Along the way readers are treated to moments of raucous casually profane humor and to scenes of vivid crisply described violence all related in that unmistakable Lansdale voice An essential addition to an already imposing body of work Hyenas shows us both the author and his signature characters at their inimitable best It doesn’t get better than thisHyenas also includes the bonus Hap Collins short story “The Boy Who Became Invisible”