Captain Hornblower Hornblower and the Atropos The Happy

Captain Hornblower Hornblower and the Atropos The Happy Return; A Ship of the Line More fascinating adventure as Hornblower takes on his own independent commandsThe stories emphasise the lonliness of command and the sense of responsibility he feels for those under himThere are some fascinating insights into Naval history from what is clearly a well researched book Unlike O'Brien Forrester seems to concentrate on the Naval side trather than on the personalities of the characters and civilians involvedIt also highlights how a system where progressionpromotion is based largely on a hierachy of length of service rather than on the ability of the individual was destined not to work as well as possible Interesting that the Royal Navy could still rule the waves; and that it was considered much better than the army were promotion was as a result of purchase and therefore wealth Luckily the enlightened insight of some senior admirals wins through for Horblower What is also clear however is the sheer expense of being a captain and the ineptitude of the treasurycivil servicecommisariat at adeuately support those serving sound familiar??? Not the best Hornblower ones they're fine but nothing too interesting or special kind of just filling the gaps Love the Hornblower novels It is interesting how much the character changes based on the order the books were written as well as the continuity despite the chronological order being jumbled as the books were written Such a sad ending Great read loved it Old English but worth reading for anyone who loves the age of sail Very sad end Excellent I have read this and the whole series several times Forrester is in my opinion the best writer of this gendra Heartily recommend Suggest the whole series is worth reading and enjoying Plots and characters are simple and deep A real mix for readers of adventure Fantastic Starting the next one tonight Hornblower isn't uite so clean cut and virtuous in the books so far With every book i grew fonder and fonder of our little complex ridden Sea Captain It is almost funny how much trouble and strive he can go through and still think of himself as a cowardly loser who cannot do anything right and even has to go through the next best thing to a vow of silence to not invite his subordinates to run over him and his sparse authority Yet every sailor and Officer we get to see is almost worshipping the ground on which he stands walsk and sleeps or the planks that serve the same purposes Talk about interior shizophreniaAnd strangely as i had been forewarned from other recensions that the older books were vastly different from the modern style of Forester's later works i liked his slightly overflanderized self in the two first books CSF had written about Hornblower even than what he seemed to be in Atropus And though the unlucky romance subplot of the Happy ReturnBeat to uarters would have been better if all the later developments had found themselves in this pages and his marriage would have been a constant theme during the time of his growing affection for the lady TRhat would have made an already good story near perfect in my eyesFinally Ship of the line is a bit of a weird hybrid on the one hand Hornblower is given a honest to god twodecker but then he is sent on missions that seem like the daily bread of a large frigate disrupting the costal merchants damage some of the guarding forts if possible and wreak as much havok as possible Of course this makes much of the storyarc better comparable to the later written books about his earlier career where he had exactly the right ship for such a role but it smacks a bit of auctorial highhandedness to NOT use him in some blockade fleet or otherThe only element that puts this decision into a favorable light is the fulminant finale of the volume where his ship is put into a damned if i do damned if i don't situation and Hornblowers interior conflict completely supports and augments the rest of the action driving everything into a frenzied and thrilling climax that perfectly closes the book with a major cliffhanger even when it was written for a single novel and not the omnibus we've got here nowLots of ship maneuvres artillery in action and the day to day life aboard a britisch warship fitting right around the strange occurences the special career of Post Captain of less than three years of seniority Horatio Hornblower make this a memorable read and a wonderful painting of the war 200 years ago Including shipboy pulp during every combat situation and lots of limbs lost And once even almost a VIP carcass What can a reader want ? First things first Since I'm reading the book in chronological order From Midshipman to Admiral rather than in the order they were published in I have to say the change in writing style and in characterisation too is very noticeable helped along by Forester occasionally getting tanlged up in his own timeline and retconning dates or eventsBut mostly I'd say Forester managed to retro actively lay down the groundwork for the character we see in the earlier published novels very believably Captain Hornblower might be far eccentric than the young Hornblower but they still feel like the same character Or rather Captain Hornblower feels like the right kind of character poor depressed and mad Lieutenant Hornblower would eventually develope into Still the writing style is very crisp in these earlier works too Perhaps with even less ornamentation and to the point I liked The Happy Return and Ship of the Line even better than the later written Hornblower and the Atropos Mostly because the main plot of Atropos lost me somewhere around its middle part The beginning and ending are superb though Nelson's funeral turns out to be oddly enough a great comedy bit and the last chapters from the escape of the Atropos from the Turkish harbour from the capture of the Spanish frigate to the painfully bitter last pages is suitably tragic to set the tone for an even bitterer Captain Hornblower in The Happy ReturnFrom the first pages of The Happy return it's clear that Hornblower isn't a very likeable character at first glance but a very intriguing one Once you figure out how to look past his own shrewed point of view you'll find him a complex and surprisingly likeable character If you can look beyond his self loathing that filters the narration on every page of course This book wasn't as good as the first one but I still love the character I find that Horatio is like a real person Usually in adventure books everything goes well for the hero in the end but Hornblowers life is full of failures and it just makes it seem real in a way This book did have some longer parts that were a bit hard to get through so that's why I gave it 4 stars The last story though opens up so many possibilities in the end and I can't wait to red the next one Follow the thrilling and exciting adventures of Horatio Hornblower's life at sea in the Royal Navy in these three classic stories Hornblower and the Atropos Skippering the flagship for Nelson's funeral on the Thames is not Hornblower's idea of thrilling action But soon his orders come and he sets sail for the Mediterranean in the Atropos Battle storm shipwreck disease what were the chances that he would never come back again The Happy Return Hornblower sails the South American waters and comes face to face with a mad messianic revolutionary in this gripping adventure A Ship of the Line Commando raids hurricanes at sea the glowering menace of Napoleon's onshore gun batteries Hornblower must deal with them all as he sails his ship to the Spanish station

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