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Blame Hitchens Dawkins Harris Essays of a New Atheist Blame Hitchens Dawkins Harris Essays of a New Atheist is a collection of humorous and enlightening atheistic essays that reached number one on 's hot new releases list under the Atheist catagory and became the number four top seller under the Agnosticism catagory

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    I found this to be a reasonable first attempt by a new atheist The operative word is new so I wouldn't expect him to cover the many nuances of a seasoned person of that philosophy He admitted that he was the new kid but that doesn't mean that he should not express what he thinks I found this a delightful although somewhat simplistic work but it was easy to read and uite funny To the reviewers that gave it a very low rating for all the wrong reasons I was aghast They could have given him a break and applauded him for having the courage to place the book on the shelf for others to read When exactly did everyone become a self proclaimed expert? I must have been too busy studying when that happenedSo take it for what it is a new book by a new atheist and don't expect him to be eual to Dawkins for example at least not yet

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    AmusingAmusingHumorous lines yet shallow in most places I' m surprised he didn't mention the difficulty of living in the after life for a TRILLION years or That strikes me as pretty scary The heavenly population or were ever all the population goes surely is just too much Now add on all the aliens and you have even a greater difficulty God could not even his man Lucifer ? and his followers Now this is really shallow

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    A Summary of the Empirical Thought of Hitchens Dawkins and HarrisThe title of the review is practically the only review reuired This collection of essays is simply a simplified restatement of the writers mentioned As a primer for the basic reasoning behind the atheistic world view this works well but one would be better off reading Christopher Hitchens' Richard Dawkins' and Sam Harris' books

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    So it's not the most well thought out collection of essays there is a LOT of room for arguing arguments But it's gets the 4 star rating for being thoroughly entertaining I enjoyed the smart ass uality that Jackson brings to the table Read it with an open mind and enjoy it for what it is If you want developed ideas pick up Harris or Hitchens

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    A fun romp thru the world of atheism in the first decade of the 21st century For depth one can read Hitchens Dawkins and Harris Or Daniel Dennett who is meaningful to me But I am old and got here a long time ago

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    He was too busy trying to be funny to write anything of substance

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    Old arguments presented in a trite fashion The author has an intellect which is far from those mentioned in the title It explores only Christianity

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    oh this is pretty irreverent and funny discussion of the shortcomings of religious thinking A great uick read and a real bargin at the Kindle Store

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    This is a funny albeit sophomoric view of atheism One might call this Dawkins lite or Hitchens lite very lite

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    Some arguments were relevant but some also felt like rants leaving me with a wth was his point expression on my face Funny at times but not his best in my opinion

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