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Grave Peril ummm I don't know if I like being in Harry's head Meh I keep hearing about how awesome this series is but someone needs to tell me when it gets good Three books in and I am still not super impressedThe first problem I have is that everything he makes up sounds so convenient and unbelievable I know that fantasysupernatural stories involve a lot of made up stuff but usually the author makes it sound believable With this book and the previous ones whenever the main character is in peril the author would pull something out of thin air to save the day ie OMG the giant monster is going to eat me But that monster is from Pittsburgh and it is Tuesday and the ancient chronicles say that monsters from Pittsburgh cannot attack wizards on Tuesday Therefore with a flick of his wrist Harry decimated the monsterThe second problem is how conveniently every character seems to show up in every scene Toward the end of the book they are at a vampire party and every few minutes the main character runs into someone else from the story It does end up being relevant to the plot but it feels forcedThe third problem is how whiny Harry Dresden is I don't know feel like he is believable as a wizard that would take on the forces of evil Also because of this I find it hard to believe that he would attract so many friends and women who want him He is just kind of blah to me and if he says Hells bells one time The fourth problem is that the author freuently preaches against the church even though some of the main characters who help him are from the church He doesn't have to like the church but it doesn't really seem to advance the story and if I were his Christian friends I would probably leave him in the dustThe fifth problem is that every time a woman walks in the room we get a detailed description of her breasts and nipples Seems kind of weird; like he doesn't know any other way to describe a woman Descriptions like this work if used in moderation but in excess it gets kind of creepy The sixth problem relates to the audio version of the book The reader whispers most of the book very slowly which sometimes made it very hard to hear Also it didn't always seem to fit what was happening Not one of my favorite readingsDespite all of this a part of me wants to keep going and find out what happens next I see that this book generally gets good reviews so I am wondering if maybe this story is just not for me 355 starsThis book showed the first signs of The Dresden Files getting better in uality Grave Peril is the third book in The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher and the story takes place a year after what happened at the end of Fool Moon Harry Dresden—with Michael—are dealing with a new case in this installment ghosts and vampires I know I’ve mentioned this—and I’m repeating myself here—but I’m thankful for the fans of the series who have acknowledged and mentioned to me that the first three books of this series were generally considered the weakest books of the series Otherwise there’s a good chance that Fool Moon would’ve put me off from continuing with the series “Some words have a power that has nothing to do with supernatural forces They resound in the heart and mind they live long after the sounds of them have died away they echo in the heart and the soul They have power and that power is very real Those three words are good ones” I think one of the main reasons why the first three books garnered mixed receptions was that despite being three books into the series—that’s roughly 1000 pages—already it still felt like the series was still in its introductory phase It’s assuring to me that the second half and the conclusion of this book showed promise that the main story will truly “begin” in the next installment but that’s only one out of several things that’s great about Grave Peril The conflict with The Nightmare and the Vampires were engrossing Butcher’s prose was as engaging as always and unlike the previous books where the characterizations seemed to be exclusively focused entirely on Harry Butcher also developed the side characters further We finally get to see Harry’s Godmother making an appearance here Bob’s addiction to romance novels were once again clarified and most importantly Harry’s relationship with both Michael and Susan made the book entertaining Michael half smiled 'The Lord will never give you a burden bigger than your shoulders can bear Harry All we can do is face what comes and have faith'I gave him a sour glance 'I need to get myself some bigger shoulders then Someone in accounting must have made a mistake' Harry and Michael’s friendship definitely made the book for me Their friendship and how they influence each other’s actions and thinking—especially in faith and love—despite their contrasts and differences were so delightful I’m also feeling invested in Harry’s journey now Yes he can be a chauvinist pig he also complained a lot but he’s genuinely trying to do good things as best as he can and it really shows in the text Plus the actions and stakes also felt tenser now; feeling of tension was something that’s lacking for me in my experience of reading the previous two books “For the sake of one soul For one loved one For one life I called power into my blasting rod and its tip glowed incandescent white The way I see it there's nothing else worth fighting a war for” In my opinion Grave Peril is as enjoyable as Storm Front and additionally it has depths to the story characters actions and humor I must say though many readers have mentioned to me that they binged through this series like insane; I personally advise spreading your read through the series if it’s your first time due to the formulaic and standalone approach to each main story in respective installment—despite obvious connectivity on timeline and character’s progression—that can make the series feels repetitive However that’s just my preference; whichever option you decide if you haven’t started the series it would be a wise choice to start it now I look forward to reading The Summer Knight—this is the book that fans of the series claimed to be the point where the series starts to shifts in uality from okaygood to great To be honest though Fool Moon aside the series has worked really well as a palate cleanserrelaxing read in between epic fantasy tomes that I usually readPicture Grave Peril by Vincent ChongYou can order the book from Book Depository Free shippingYou can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions Special thanks to my Patrons on Patreon for giving me extra support towards my passion for reading and reviewingMy Patrons Alfred Devin Hamad Joie Mike Miracle Nicholas ● Jim Butcher How Could You Do This To Me Buddy Read JBHCYDTTMBR™ with my slightly unhinged MacHalo Freaks wifesisteraunt Shelly ●Who are you and WHAT THE BLOODY FISH have you done with Formerly Awesome Happy Dresden FAHD™?Was this really written by the same author as books 1 and 2 in this series? It sure doesn't seem like it I started thinking about DNFing it around the 20% mark and it's nothing short of a miracle that I eventually made it to the last page Skimming rocksYou're lucky my Little Barnacles because no matter how much I want to I don't have time to write a never ending rant about this one So I'll just cut the crap and tell you why this series went from Oooh Yeah I Want More Land OYIWML™ to I don't Give a Damn What Happens Next Territory IDGaDWHNT™✘ Because the writing is sub par✘ Because it feels like the book was written 20 years ago not in 2008✘ Because the plot is boring And dull And uninteresting✘ Because everytime Harry said Hell's bells I eyerolled my little self to death and felt like smashing my Kindle against the nearest wall✘ Because this book made me feel like I'd missed an instalment in the series✘ Because blah blah blah and blah killed the story✘ Because I cannot stand Michael Charity their freaking righteousness and incessant exasperating ever moralizing religious speeches And where the hell did these two come from anyway?✘ Because this story is so uninspired not even Bob the Ever Awesome Skull managed to save it from a 2 star rating✘ And because I get seriously pissed off when someone kidnaps one of my hot sex slaves book boyfriends and replaces him with a pathetic boring sobbing copy» And the moral of this Crappy Non Review is CNR™ Harry Dresden you are dismissed I hereby release you from my high security harem Please do not come back until you are your previously awesome little self again✎ Book 1 Storm Front ★★★★✎ Book 2 Fool Moon ★★★★ An alternative cover edition with a different page count exists hereHarry Dresden WizardLost Items Found Paranormal Investigations Consulting Advice Reasonable Rates No Love Potions Endless Purses or Other EntertainmentHarry Dresden has faced some pretty terrifying foes during his career Giant scorpions Oversexed vampires Psychotic werewolves It comes with the territory when you're the only professional wizard in the Chicago area phone bookBut in all Harry's years of supernatural sleuthing he's never faced anything like this The spirit world has gone postal All over Chicago ghosts are causing trouble and not just of the door slamming boo shouting variety These ghosts are tormented violent and deadly Someone or something is purposely stirring them up to wreak unearthly havoc But why And why do so many of the victims have ties to Harry If Harry doesn't figure it out soon he could wind up a ghost himself Reviewed by Rabid ReadsBR with my peeps at Buddies Books and BaublesSpecifically Robin Bridge Four Jenny Lila and Steven 35 starsGRAVE PERIL was a kind of awkward installment A year has passed since the end of FOOL MOON and in the interim not only have Harry and Susan stayed together and are now in a committed relationship but at some point Harry and our favorite officers of law enforcement have taken down a Bad Guy sorcerer who was using a demon teenagers drugs orgies and did I mention a DEMON to wreak various havocs in Chicago the latter continually brought up in vague references And that vaguely referenced takedown is the source of this book's plot But we weren't there for that takedown so it feels like we're missing something; that the “vague references” are vague bc we already have the 411 and detailed explanations aren't necessary Even though I knew I KNEW that no I had not accidentally skipped an installment I found myself constantly wanting to check and make sure whispers againBeyond that I had a gaping handful of other small issues beginning with the fact that I don't like ghosts That's part of why I'm not much for steampunk the Victorian obsession with contacting the dead is often inseparable from the gadgetry And the concept of malicious spirits that are strong enough to physically harm the living is rather horrific Mostly bc I can't get past the dead part I mean what do you do when your attacker can't be killed or stopped bc ALREADY DEAD? Like Harry himself says There should be some kind of rule against needing to kill anything than once If there's a Winchester handy then well and good but I don't have a Sam or a Dean in my back pocket s the pityI'm not much for vampires either Oh there are versions that I like well enough but in truth they're merely at the top of the Dead Things list And these vampires if someone told me the collouialism bat shit crazy had its origins in this series I would believe them EntirelyThen there's Michael Michael is the illusive true Man of God Were he a real man I would not be surprised if he walked with God; and he was not for God took him Like Enoch Which can be uncomfortable but mostly it's dull And hard to like Everything is very black and white to Michael who is demonstrably disappointed in Harry for beating his Faerie Godmother at her own game that would be manipulation of words and intent aka tricking when the alternative is to allow her to literally own him By the end he was easier to deal with but I'm honestly not sure if that's bc he toned it down or bc I really liked his wife which made me like him by defaultIt's also starting to irritate me how little consistency there is to Harry's abilities A pattern seems to be forming x happens leaving Harry practically powerless then y happens not only re energizing him but giving him a surplus of power as well Further many of the times Harry’s been depleted he somehow manages to dig a little deeper and accomplish the same kinds of things he'd be able to do were he not depleted There's always some searing pain that accompanies these feats presumably to account for the power surge in the midst of weakness but as Harry seems to recover from his injuries at a remarkable rate it feels like smoke and mirrors HAI'm not saying Harry should never encounter obstacles that inhibit his ability to wizard BUT If it continues to happen in every single book frownsALSO Harry says Hell's bells twenty eight timesSo I had a LOT of problems with this book BUT I still enjoyed it Bc no matter what plot point or character issues I had I immensely enjoy Butcher's writing When he's not being a gross boy bc GORE Yes do not ask I refuse to relive it but I will say this if you've already read this book the fork in the WTF? button should have special meaning he's created an immensely engaging character in Harry and between his amazing feats of wizardry and yes his adorkableness I find myself able to stamp down the less than thrilling aspects of his storyPlus now there are also interesting plot developments and new characters to counter the mounting exasperation Like Thomas I friggin' LOVE Thomas Speaking of Thomas this is an example of the excellent writing that holds me in thrall The first sound to ring out was neither gunshot nor battle cry but rich silvery laughter It drifted up masculine somehow merry and mocking bubbling and scornful all at once I suinted down through the lights to see Thomas posed like some bizarre post chrysalis incarnation of Errol Flynn one foot up on the stairs hand braced his other hand on the crystalline hilt of his sword His head was thrown back every lean line of muscle on him displayed with the casual disregard of skilled effort Bob is also a consistent source of hilarity AND there was a view spoiler DRAGON hide spoiler Things I'd rather do than read this book1 Clean the toilet2 Listen to Justin Bieber3 Read the dictionary in a language I'm not fluent in4 Watch a political debate5 Sit in rush hour traffic6 Stare at the TV while Netflix buffers over and over7 Watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians8 Eat plain unsalted rice cakes for lunch every day for a monthI just can't do it any I recently DNF'd another book called Deadly Curiosities I don't know which is worseIt's not that there's anything wrong with this book It's just there isn't really anything right about it either In my view I typically don't like ghost stories so there's that I don't like religious fanaticism and one of the main supporting characters in this is one so there's that This feels like it was written a long time ago with the goofy things Harry says Don't you say it again Hell's BellsI know it's just me but also I think it's kind of cheesy how the non physical realm is called the Nevernever I just don't think this series is for me This is the third one I've tried No one can say I didn't try This one is even worse than the first two I at least made it to the end of those Everyone says it gets better There has nevernever okay only ever ever one time been a series that actually did get better as it went along and that was The Hollows series by Kim Harrison Anyways almost everyone else loves this series It's just me I read books wrong all the time I'm throwing the towel in on this one Buddy Read FailThis will be a buddy read with several groups in June 2016 1Sarah and the MacHalo group 2 The Saucy Wenches and3Buddies Books and Baubles better late than never as I originally missed this one WAY back in April of last year I wanted to take a break from the grim and violence of the Booker International Prize and I thought a bit of Urban Fantasy will do me good Grave Peril was exactly what I needed Pure action fun no need to think and no heaviness in my chest Although people say this is better than the first two I enjoyed the previous efforts The reason might be my not so positive mood in the past weeks This social distancing business is getting too much too bear but we must soldier on so we can beat the invisible monster which is much dangerous than the ones in this book ie vampires and ghosts I enjoyed Michael the new character a magical Christian knight and the fact that we get a glimpse of Dresden's past What I did not like was that the plot was overcrowded too many things were happening and it made me dizzy Ghostbusters meets Nightmare on Elm Street with vampiresThis 2001 novel is the third installment in the Harry Dresden files professional wizard and the only one in the yellow pages Butcher stated that he felt and many fans have seconded that this is where the series really took off And I can see that this is fun urban fantasy and built to move along to the next bookTaking place some time after the events in Butcher’s 2001 novel Fool Moon where Harry fought some werewolves and even a super duper kind of ancient werewolf; Grave Peril sees our hero with a new friend White Knight paladin Michael and some of the same characters from the previous two Ghosts have been getting freaky of late and Harry and Michael have been busy Then Harry gets an invitation to a Monster’s Ball at the local vampire’s place and that’s when the fun begins The party BTW is classicWriter Jim Butcher has a winning formula and a seemingly endless supply of urban fantasy drama to draw from His magic rules and allusions to folklore mythology and demonology makes this purr like the finely tuned vehicle that it is It helps too that Butcher is a talented writer with plenty of tricks up his sleeve pun intendedAll said this is a good one and I will be joining the legions of fans who will read them all Good ol' Harry Dresden is at it again only this time the werewolves have been replaced with ghosts and vampires Yep ghosts and vampires Still not really sure why the vampires needed to be around especially those siblings Wow The book starts out well with Harry and a new character named Michaelwho is this crazy broadsword wielding priest tracking down a ghost in the newborn wing of a hospital It was a little different than the previous books in that it really jumps right in that guy Michael is there all of a sudden and it skips right on into the action Even with all the weird ghostly stuff Butcher maintains a sense of humor and never seems to take his writing or his books too seriously I mean the other bizarro world is called the Nevernever and the thing they are fighting against is the Nightmare He's not very good at naming things So yeah Michael is there and he becomes a main character all of a sudden even though he just showed up Murphy kinda takes a back seat here Susan bounces in a little bit Where the book excels though is when it hits on Harry's backstory and introduces characters and events from his past It seems to be teasing information to be explored in future books and I'm interested to see where it goes to say the most Just interested Hopefully it's cool The book is better than Fool Moon but it suffers from many of the same issues as well Butcher once again tries to tell too many stories at once and it all just becomes a big cluster It's like one of those roller coasters you ride as a kid where the hills aren't very big so you just kinda go up and down over and over It's fun but not as thrilling as the big adult roller coasters you're too short to ride I'm not sure where I'm going with this I've got to find a better illustration than the roller coaster I've played that out But it's true There are like these mini stories where things build up and then fizzle out and then another thing will happen and then resolve but then something else wasn't ever finished so it pops back up until the end which is less satisfying than the middle somehow Also the thing Harry is after would have been much much better if it had been given a preuel book of some sort He kept alluding to this event that never happened in the other books so you really don't know or care much about it or the person behind it Oh well Harry also is always able to just wrap things up too easily Makes his enemies seem really weak and not that threatening at all I'm gonna keep rolling These are great ways to kill some time without having to think too much They are a nice little escape and at some point I hear they get better The bar isn't too high yet so we shall see what happens

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