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Take Charge Product Management It's taken me a while to finish reading this book but it does contain lots of useful practical information for new Product Managers Unlock your product management potential and achieve breakthrough performance for your products and companyIf you're looking for an effective and proven approach to product management one that recognizes that the majority of product managers enter the field with little or no training and must learn through trial and error this is the book for you Take Charge Product Management guides you step by step along the product management path with tips tactics and tools to make you and your products successfulWhether you're a new or experienced product manager or a seasoned executive leading a team of product managers this hands on guide arms you with best practices to optimize your time and effectiveness and increase your valueHaving performed technology assessments for over 200 companies we have found the information and processes contained in this book to be outstanding and best practices Rick Jennings CISA President Assess ITGeracie nails it with Take Charge Product Management This book is a comprehensive guide to becoming a highly effective product manager The book's format really brings home the tools and processes that are reuired to become a leader in any organization's product management function Take Charge Product Management should be the new bible for all product managers Kevin Maguire General Manager Philips HealthcareGreg has done a wonderful job capturing the experience of being a product manager in an engaging and readable book There are insights here that I would love to have had when I started and still learned from after 15 years in product management Edgar MacBean Vice President Product Management Pathway GenomicsGeracie delivers an incredibly useful book with real world insights application points and no fluff every word is real world The uniue format of a story line along with the practical and comprehensive guidance at each step of the story is like having an experienced product manager mentor guiding you every step of the way Matt Jackson Owner Jackson Consulting IncTake Charge Product Management is a must read for all product management and product marketing professionals This book takes an often complicated job and provides clear direction With its proven strategies and practical examples product managers can maximize their return on investment and ensure their organization's success Brad Morton Senior Vice President Product Management Morehead AssociatesReading this book I relived my early days finding my way as a new product manager It made me wish there had been a practical guide available to navigate the practice of product management then Take Charge Product Management is that practical guide for beginning product managers The substance of the book also provides seasoned professionals with a wealth of actionable information on the art and science of product management David Murdock Director Consulting Services and Product Management at uorum Health ResourcesA fast paced and comprehensive approach to product management shedding needed light on the role responsibilities and job expectations and providing the necessary tools for product managers to succeed A fantastic read for executives looking to create a new product management organization and hire the right people for the job David Palkoner Director of Product Management Solucient LLCAbout the AuthorGreg Geracie is the President and Founder of Actuation Consulting LLC providing product management advisory services training and consulting to organizations nationwide Actuation Consulting is the culmination of over 23 years' experience in product management and marketing leadership positions for start ups private euity backed ventures mid sized companies and multi billion dollar corporations

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