Mute Witness Kindle µ Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 149 pages
  • Mute Witness
  • Robert L. Fish
  • English
  • 15 June 2015

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Mute WitnessYou are probably here because you liked the movie and then read the book I thought the movie mediocre at best and then read the book The movie is best described as murky with little explained and at times making little to no sense But hey It has a car chase Thankfully the book makes sense and the movie is only loosely based on itIt is a sort of gritty police story that is clever in a way It is very short and can be read in one sitting There is nothing fantastic about it but it is an enjoyable thing to readWhy would I read a book after seeing a movie that I did not really care for? My cousin insisted that I read it saying that the book is less murky The book that he loaned to me is by Robert L Pike not Robert L Fish I have no idea why he would use a silly nom de plume A slimy district attorney an assortment of inept police officers an underworld boss turned snitch and the hardboiled lieutenant charged with protecting him until his trial make up the cast of characters of Robert Fish’s hair raising 1963 novel Mute Witness For Lieutenant Clancy of the New York Police Department the assignment of protecting mobster Johnny Rossi soon turns into an investigation into who wants him dead and why The inspiration for the Steve Mcueen film Bullitt Mute Witness is a classic A thoroughly enjoyable book that although not the pinnacle of writing took me right back to crime fighting in the 70's I could vaguelly see how this character ended up being made into Bullit although the story is completely different so don't expect it to be a copy Really enjoyed This novel served as the inspiration for Steve Mcueens Bullitt I love the movienot so much the novel The novel is rather mediocre When famed gangster kingpin Johnny Rossi comes to New York to testify against his crime syndicate associates it falls to Lieutenant Clancy to keep the government's star witness safe Why Rossi has come to New York from California and what is so crucial about his testimony are uestions District Attorney Chalmers seems content to keep outside the Lieutenant's purview However when guarding Rossi turns out to be a difficult and perplexing task than Clancy had anticipated he begins to uncover something much sinister This is the premise of Mute Witness a novel by Edgar Award winning author Robert L Pike What makes this novel so interesting is the character of Clancy Later immortalized by Steve Mcueen in Bullitt the film version of Mute Witness Clancy is a tough jaded and weary detective He is a lone wolf of sorts but not by choice; the police officers under his command are almost unfailingly incompetent and the District Attorney treats Clancy with a mix of skepticism and disdain Add to this the sinister machinations of underworld bosses and hit men and Clancy is a man beset on all sides by ineptitude perfidy and malice Pike doesn't put his protagonist on a pedestal though Clancy is neither incredibly wise nor remarkably principled; what he possesses is common sense a vague idea of duty and gritty stoicism These ualities are sufficient to see him through his tough assignments and sadly enough also sufficient to distinguish him from almost everyone else in the novel The relentlessness of Clancy's work and the endlessness of his days and nights are emphasized by the chapter breaks which always keep track of the exact date and time during his round the clock work Clancy is exhausted and Pike periodically informs us of the scant hours of sleep his protagonist is catching But no one can be trusted to anything adeuately or honestly so Clancy has little choice Although his orders are just to guard the marked man Rossi Clancy impelled by something than his fears of losing his job begins to investigate the uestions he is not supposed to ask let alone answer He is over his head and working beyond the scope of his duty but in Pike's world it is growing alarmingly unclear what his duty even is and to whom he owes it This was the book the movie Bullet was based on Only in the book the setting is New York in the 1950's If you like noir mysteries I don't think you will feel let down on this one One of the clever plots I've run across in a mystery for uite awhile My favorite part of this book was that it was written in 1963 so there weren't cell phones surveillance cameras the internet or DNA testing It was fun to read a book and keep thinking about not having these modern conveniences Good book thriller and mystery combined Surprise ending caught me totally off guard Good book Read it on kindle and there were lots of typos and incorrect words The story itself was good Supposed to be the basis for Bullitt but can't see the resemblance

About the Author: Robert L. Fish

Robert L Pike was filmed in 1968 as Bullitt starring Steve Mcueen