Deadly Harvest Level 6 Cambridge English Readers PDF

Deadly Harvest Level 6 Cambridge English Readers Modern original fiction for learners of English Chief Inspector Jane Honeywell is a city detective who wonders why she has moved to a sleepy country town—nothing happens in Pilton But then the rural peace and uiet is suddenly disturbed by a horrible murder When Jane starts the dangerous pursuit of the killer she discovers a terrible plan in operation Jane is a city detective in a sleepy country town who wonders why she`s moved therebut then the rural peace and uiet is suddenly disturbed by a particulary horrible murder and Jane starts the dangerous pursuit of the killeror killers It is interesting to learn acronyms in this book DCIDetective Chief Inspector Jane Honeywell the main character is the new head of CIDCriminal Investigation Department DI Detective Inspector Pete Fish doesn't like Jane at first but it turns out he respects her DC Detective Constable Tony Reilly and Maggie Pincombe catch another suspect and WPCWoman Police Constable makes a mistake Elisa Scott is a member of PAW Project for Animal Welfare who does a fabulous job later There are some like RSPCA Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Official Identification of a person and DNAdeoxyribonucleic acid used for genetic fingerprinting It is one of the good things about graded readers to have some explanations like this It a story happend in a sleepy country town in EnglandWhen Chief Inspectou Jane Honeywell came here the rural peace and uiet is suddenly disturbed by a particularly horrible murderBefore policeman found the truthother murder happened here The truth is an astonishing evil of a compny in the peaceful farmThe compony reserchessome vaccines for diseases in Africa by using animals especailly wasp to deliver deseasesSomebody know the truth so they were murderedThis book is a little difficult to understand because the wordslike vaccineviruses epidemicswasp mastyYou must know these words if you want to understand well Loved the story It was all so interesting 😍 The language used to describe everything really made me imagine the scenario And the ending had pointed to a new beginning in Jane's life which made me want to read a seuel of it Really enjoyable It was just like a good uality Sunday detective drama The book Deadly Harvestwas written by Carolyn WalkerThe cover of the page made me feel interested and I was ready to read a very interesting mystery novel but the first part of the book turned out a bit boring with the typical characters and situations I read the first part of the book without finding out any special changeHowever the story becomes interesting when a new murder is happenedI like the part when Jane is watching a television program that gives her and the reader an idea about the motive of these murders Nevertheless from this point the reading becomes enjoyable and you want to reach the end just to discover if you were right about your predictionI recommend this book for adult and also who are interested in mystery stories Deadly HarvestCarolyn Wallker112 pages it was an interesting novel about a company that tasted a deadly disease on animals the place of the story was in a uite little town in England some people got killed because they found out about this experiment i believe the author's point on the one hand the killing crime and how it can develop into that one on the other hand the confident to accomplish the work i wander if the police going to find out a solution for the disease?why did Mervin allowed this company to test their virus on his ship? Nothing brilliant but for the sake of learning it's ok The story is not the worst I have ever read but it leaves uite a lot to be desired The language used in it is pretty bland with little to no vivid descriptions The idea behind the story was pretty interesting but the execution could have been much better There was were uite a few awkward sentences and uite a lot of cliches such as a girl in a traditional police office Overall it's not the worst story I've read but it is too safe and by the books in my opinion

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