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A Most Unusual Match Theodora Langston has come to Saratoga Springs on a mission Using the last of her inheritance she reinvents herself as a wealthy socialite Her goal to entrap the scoundrel who framed her grandfather Instead she draws the attention of Secret Service agent Devlin Stone who sees through all her secrets and possesses some of his ownHelping Theodora could jeopardize Devlin's undercover assignment to catch a counterfeiter Yet beneath their assumed identities lies a true connection that could restore his faith and help her put vengeance aside Until Theodora's dangerous uest places both their lives and their blossoming love in jeopardy

9 thoughts on “A Most Unusual Match

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    Cute take but about halfway through it was god this and god that and I almost didn't finish the story

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    A Love Inspired Historical RomanceTheodora and Devlin have their secrets but they are instantly attracted During the 1890's and today it isn't easy working independently as a woman to make wrongs right and follow what God wants us to do to Can Devlin save Theordora or will Theodora save Devlin? 277 pages

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    I loved this bookThe ending I felt did string out a little too long but the relationship between Thea and Devlin was lovely The plot was also really interesting and again I read it all in one sitting

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    The book moved fast it the beginning but seemed rather slow at the end

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    Fun and uick read Really liked the concept of the story and I'll probably reread it again

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    Cute story Slow in the beginning but picked up in the middle

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    Does it count as reading if I skipped from Ch 28 to 40 just to end the torture?

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    Very good

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    Very slow Took forever to read Good for right before bed

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