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The Heart Doctor and the Baby Feisty obstetrician René Munro longs for a baby but being single and thirty five she's forced to consider all optionsEnter heart doctor Jon Becker—dedicated colleague trusted friend and ideal father material Heart pounding René makes a life changing proposition when she asks Jon to help make her baby dream come true Seeing the joy light up René's face Jon knows agreeing is the right decision Though determined to support her through the experience he's completely thrown by his attraction to the radiantly pregnant doctor Jon has gotten used to the idea of becoming a father—but is becoming René's husband the next step

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    The Heart Doctor and the Baby by Lynne Marshall introduces us to Rene Munro a successful obstetrician who at age thirty five is single and longing to become a mother She sees her colleague Jon Becker a top notch cardiologist as the perfect candidate to father her baby While working together as members of the Mid Coast Medical Group Rene and Jon had formed a friendly respectful professional relationship that had not included a romantic involvement Jon had been greatly hurt when his wife of many years had surprised him with a divorce and he had immersed himself in his work while remaining close to his two teenaged daughters Earlier in her life Rene had been deeply in love with someone whom she thought would marry her and give her the family she so wanted Instead he left her broken hearted and alone and Rene had focused on her career of helping others bring their children into this world When Rene asks Jon to father her child he is stunned and his whole world is turned upside down After much discussion and thought Jon agrees with Rene's plan and they form a contract However hidden longings and unexpected desire soon come into the picture and a practical arrangement becomes an emotional roller coaster Have two competent intelligent and reasonable people made a mistake with unforeseen lasting emotional conseuences? Lynne Marshall's medical expertise and skill as a storyteller draw us into the dilemma of two hearts who thought they knew exactly what they wanted but are shaken to find that they need much

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