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A Stormy Greek Marriage Billie's wedding day should have been the happiest of her life She was marrying the father of her babyher secret baby But tycoon Alexei Drakos had suffered amnesia so he had no recollection of the incredible night he'd spent with Billie a year ago Tonight he was expecting his new bride to be a virginBillie knew that a marriage laced with hidden surprises was not likely to last If only for their son's sake she had to convince Alexei of the truthstarting tonight in the honeymoon bed A Stormy Greek Marriage is the continuing clusterfuck of Billie and AlexeiHere's the rest of my spoiler filled rantThe h and H marry Manwhore H is unhappy to find out oh no my supposed pure wife has no hymen She tells him the truthBut alas he does not believe it including the whole pregnancy shit He then threatens to sue the heroine while she sobs silently because YES she is THAT stupid inserting wailing noisesThe hero then goes back to his ex while the h is abused by her whoring mother The H orders a DNA test for the baby The H then returns home to see the h in a bath gets horny and separates the h from her own baby to sex her They bang It's tots OKAAAY for H to spend days with his ex but when he sees a photo of h talking to OM cry baby horny H has a tantrum and runs away againRING RING RINGDNA results arriveStory takes a 180 degree turnH suddenly wants his baby and will go lengths to get him He now accuses h of deliberately getting pregnant to have a meal ticket and further shames her H then proceeds to treat her like absolute garbage Enter exOW who now wants the H again and the baby When the h does finally stand her ground the fucker of H actually runs away with the baby h chases and gives in to the blackmailing H They have copious amounts of coitus Suddenly all issues are magically solved and THE ENDTo say I HATED this series is an understatement The MCs were unlikable and aggravatingly stupid they had no love but loads of lust I do not think they would survive for very long tbhOne of the worst booksduologies I've ever readBARFUnsafeNegative 10005 Marking that I've read this and hated it Heroine was an idiot to marry hero without telling him about the baby Hero was his usual sweet self Two books for these characters is two too many I have to say Graham sure did a good job of getting the readers involved So involved that I literally threw the book away in disgust of how bad it wasthank goodness I got it at a bargined price Book was so bad that that I wished had burnt those three dollars in making a bonfire instead of spending it on the book; would had been satisfying Heroine was soarghhhh I really don't know how much I can take of these spineless women I mean COME ON The freaken idoit maybe hot but he's such an ahole She is so selfish I've never read about a selfish herione I would had punched the idoit in the face and demand a divorce along with a legal document stating that he is to stay 100 miles away from me and my baby but NO dumb heroine falls into the idoits arm like some limp noodles the moment he walks in through the door PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PATHETIC HORRIBLE book to read for romance Hated itOf course it does not mean that I'm going to blacklist this author I'm just going to be caution about buying her book from now on Hated this book the hero treated the heroine like dirt but to be fair she was just stupid and I felt no empathy for her She was such a doormat and the hero too cold for my liking I have been a fan of this author for a long time but seriously her heroines are like doormats and have no spine and please can we stop with all the melting with eye contact and becoming puddles it's just too degrading to strong women out there Well no wonder I felt as if I had come into this story in the middle Turns out from reading a few reviews just now that it is the second of two parts and you REALLY need to read the other first evidently I kept feeling like there was a whole lot of history these two had together that was sort of referred to as if you know WTF was going on The author made no attempt to get those who had not read the first book up to speed The book itself was just okay Typical secret baby stuff Father doesn't believe the child is his until the DNA test Then he snatches the baby off to a foreign country etc The heroine is at least not a doormat Once she figures out that he doesn't love her she refuses to sleep with him so that was different On the whole though the book suffered so much from not being a stand alone read that I ended up not really caring for it and I am generally a fan of this author Nice seuel with lots of angst and drama The heroine made me so angry and frustrated with her efforts to hide her baby from his father I thought that was so immature and an evil thing to do I wanted her to grow up and admit the truth to Alexei cause her stubbornness and deception was too much I was like get off your high horseThe hero was amazing In the first book I thought he was a major jerk but in this one he is sweet crazy possessive and very supportive of what the heroine is going through with her mother He is flawed and perfect because he knows just how imperfect he is and he is willing to change all this for the one woman he loves and for his family Such a sexy alpha heroThis book is full of emotions it takes you through a roller coaster ride and a wonderful HEA Ugh I had forgotten I read this and clicked on it on Scribd Big mistakeI am not going to revisit the plot However have to say that Alexei raises the bar for cruel manipulative unrepentant ratbastards and if you have read many Harleuin Presents romances that is saying something Billie is likeable but what a fracking idiot How can she fall for this guy? Yes there is a certain fascination with the arrogance alpha usually Greek Italian or Sicilian with the occasional Russian or Spaniard for spice but cruel is not the same as amusingly arrogant If you are thinking this will be another The Spanish Groom or The Trophy Husband then think again Even the hero in the Bond of Hatred is a nice guy and that's saying something So the first one was tolerable but this one just sucked Why doesn't she divorce in England where pre nups don't count? LG failed big time on this but then the h was an idiot so she kinda deserved what she got Don't get me started on the H cause all the skillets in all the universes aren't enough to make me like him Again this author's characters made me cringed I don't like Billie She's weak Alexei's nothing but mean to her yet she just can't stand for herself and fight I really hope she slap him and I'm waiting for it and you know what? She didn't Alexei's mad because she didn't tell him about Nick I mean sure I understand that he's hurt but seriously he accused Billie with all kinds of stuff that possible yet in the end he didn't grovel and beg for her forgiveness I'm furious So yeah I'm done

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