Divination and Interpretation of Signs in the Ancient

Divination and Interpretation of Signs in the Ancient World Collected essays are thoughtful and interesting, but lots of repetition between essays. The concept of sign, a portent observed in the physical world, which indicates future events, is found in all ancient cultures, but was first developed in ancient Mesopotamian texts This branch of Babylonian scientific knowledge extensively influenced other parts of the world, and similar texts written in Aramaic, Sanscrit, Sogdian, and other languages The seminar investigates how much we know about the Babylonian theory and hermeneutics of omens, and the scope of their possible influences on other cultures and regions Table of Contents Preface IntroductionAmar Annus Chicago On the Beginnings and Continuities of the Omen Sciences in the Ancient WorldFrancesca Rochberg If P, then Q Form and Reasoning in Babylonian DivinationsJames Allen Greek Philosophy and SignsUlla Susanne Koch Three Strikes and You are Out A View on Cognitive Theory and the First Millennium Extispicy RitualEdward L Shaughnessy Arousing Images The Poetry of Divination and the Divination of PoetryNiek Veldhuis The Theory of Knowledge and the Practice of Celestial DivinationEckart Frahm Reading the Tablet, the Exta, and the Body The Hermeneutics of Cuneiform Signs in Babylonian and Assyrian Text Commentaries and Divinatory TextsScott B Noegel Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign Script, Power, and Interpretation in the Ancient Near EastNils Heessel The Calculation of the Stipulated Term in ExtispicyAbraham Winitzer The Divine Presence and Its Interpretation in Early Mesopotamian DivinationBarbara Bock Physiognomy in Ancient Mesopotamia and Beyond From Practice to HandbookSeth Richardson On Seeing and Believing Liver Divination and the Era of Warring StatesCynthia Jean Divination and Oracles at the Neo Assyrian Palace The Importance of Signs in Royal IdeologyJoAnn Scurlock Prophecy as a Form of Divination Divination as a Form of ProphecyJohn Jacobs Traces of the Omen Series umma izbu in Cicero, De divinationMartti Nissinen Prophecy and Omen Divination Two Sides of the Same Coin

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