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Cathys Animal Garden When Henry’s homerun ball lands in Creepy Cathy’s yard he and his buddy Andy go after it despite their friends’ warnings they might not come out The boys search through Cathy’s animal garden discovering that things aren’t always what they seem Kids love finding the hidden animals throughout this vibrant picture book An included flower guide and planting zone map give children tools to create their own animal gardens

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    This is a fun story that introduces children to some of the many plants that are named after animals I like that the main characters are boys which will help to appeal to them And I also love that the plant names make the boys wary of encountering scary or dangerous animalsThe illustrations are colorful and the narrative adds suspense without being too silly At the end of the book the author has included depictions and names of the myriad plants and a map of the US growing zones This is very helpful for those who would like to create an animal garden of their own

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    Inventive and delightful story with lovely illustrations Makes learning fun

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    Wonderful children's book

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