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The Pioneer Woman Black Heels to Tractor Wheels This book had potential but it never reallytook flight I was annoyed with the author for spending an absolutely absurd amount of the book reiterating how in love she was with her cowboy and zero percent of the book explaining why she and her siblings all turned on their mother after she made it known that she was going to divorce their father All of the grown children seethed and hated their mother for this but never once was it explained why The author herself was living at home and wanted nothing to do with the stress of her parents’ crumbling marriage It just seemed to be a big inconvenience to her; which I do not understand at all For the author 25 years old at the time to wish that they’d hold off the implosion of their marriage at least until after her own wedding day really angered me The fact that never once did she mention asking her mother or father if there was anything she could do to help alleviate some of the strife just made her seem selfish and self involved The author was also completely mortified by things that I thought were no big deal and her lack of self confidence was evident throughout the book At times I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and remind her that she’s allowed to make mistakes and trip on pebbles and not know the proper protocol of what to do during a prairie fire She comes across as very hard on herself and it was sometimes difficult to read I did enjoy the humor of her turning from LA vegetarian into Oklahoma red meat lover and some of the other fish out of water scenarios that came up I'm only in chapter 3 and already I've decided that this woman isn't a good person So far she's a wimp a cheater and a dog killer and as far as I can tell she doesn't feel bad about any of it And the way she writes for her stuttering developmentally disabled brother is just uncool Not to mention she's the one reading the book on the CD which means I get to listen to the stuttering voice she gives him But maybe that's what real love does to you I'm not sure She'd better redeem herself I'm rooting for her to be better but I'm not holding my breathAnd for the love of god name your freaking husband You already said you fell in love with and married the man stop calling him Marlboro Man the preciousness of it makes me want to vomitETA Jan 23 With her overly grandiose wording and the section about how Marlboro Man saved her from a life without beef Seriously? Just shut the hell up I've decided Drummond is beyond redemption Now I'm just reading out of spite and irritationI'd do anything for Marlboro Man including forsake my longtime commitment to avoiding meat This is her proof of their love To me it seems to simply be proof that she is willing to give up her supposed ideals and change for a manETA Jan 24 Okay I made it to chapter eight I can't take this any She's not a good writer at all Things you'll never hear a writing teacher tell you use your thesaurus so you sound smart; similes are fun use as many as you can; make yourself sound amazing in every way possible; repeat names until your readers want to rip their eyes out; and try to be funny people love thatI hate to be mean but stick to blogging and leave the writing to the authors We're done here This book screamed I AM PHONY AND SELF INDULGENT AS HELL pretty much from page 1 but I persisted until 50% when I lost patience and the last tiny shred of interest and decided that enough is enough This was the perfect diversion to normal life I loved it I love her and I love Marlboro man I can't wait for this to become a movie Some of the reviews are harsh so I do advise perusing her blog before reading the book to get who she is Maybe you won't like it still but I found her totally relatable like I was sitting and listening to a good friend and wished I could have swapped stories of dating courtship embarrasing moments and babiesso read it and lets chat Ree for the love of God put down the adjectives and walk away Does everything need at least two descriptors? No Does anyone need to refer to their gestating body three times in the space of a page and a half? NO The seventy five plus times Marlboro Man was referred to as rugged and muscular was a little confusing too I don't understand is he rugged and muscular or not?While we're at it referring to him as Marlboro Man on the blog is one thing but it seriously does not work in the book I'm sorry how do you recount your own wedding and never use the man's actual name?There's a whole pile of other issues involving her nameless Marlboro Man savior coming in and sweeping her off her feet and saving her from a life of urban vegetarian sushi eating so she can go cook him steak in the middle of the prairie and pop out babies he wants six she thinks she might want one but he's working on her Eww but I'm not even going to go there The problem with publishing a bunch of blog posts as a book is that it reads like a bunch of blog posts choppy hastily written and desperately in need of a good editor Drummond's writing is rife with bad cliches and superfluous adjectives and at times I wasn't sure if it was her future husband she was in love with or her own cooking or Anne Klein jeans Also a sore spot the plot was flat and strangely vague at times the reader is given play by plays of their makeout sessions but beyond physical attraction little to no mention is made of what they have in common What do they talk about? DO they talk? She spends a great deal of time agonizing internally over her parents' doomed union and how terribly inconvenient the timing is for her wanting very much not to tell her boyfriend about it yet later on it seems he knows all about it without her mentioning that she told him Huge plot hole The only redeeming element of the book is that their love and lust for one another is apparent which is lucky because Drummond's writing leaves much to be desired I really wanted to like this book After all Ree Drummond is not only a beautiful blogtographer but she is also the creator of the most delicious breakfast casserole I have ever tasted in my life But This book was terrible So terrible in fact that I would have jumped ship after 50 pages had it not been this month's book club selection Every chapter was an endless repetitive gushing soft porny account of how the blogess was rescued from her short lived California vegetarian feminist ideals by her own personal cowboy messiah Apparently her four year stint at one of the most expensive private colleges in California did not include any curriculum covering third wave feminism Her constant cast of her husband as her savior her words made his character seem contrived and her story insincere Even worse the writing was so cheesy that I began reading aloud paragraphs to Sam to amuse myself Sam was not as amused considering he was already asleep when I began doing this i just recently discovered thepioneerwomancom websiteblog so i was really interested in how ree drummond got her city self onto this ranch in the middle of nowhere i HAD to read this book ;the book is very real she writes about the feelings the happenings the unexpected crap that everyone goes through in their lives and about how you deal with it or how you don'tshe had a lot of things going on in her life and she got a lot of stuff dumped on her in a short amount of time we all have times in our lives where it just seems like it isn't just raining it's POURING but through all of that she definitely recognizes the blessings in her life as well i think it is a very relatable booki love the way she is SO IN LOVE with her man the story of how they met like the first 13 12 of the book was SO ROMANTIC oooh I wanted my OWN cowboy by the time she was done recounting her romance but the book also goes into the time they spent planning their wedding their first year of marriage all the things they were dealing with throughout this time in their lives it just sort of made her less of a celebrity personality of a real person for me to be reading about the stuff she went through at this time in her lifei was glad i read it it was interesting never a dull moment as real life really isa Once again proof that bloggers aren't necessarily book authors Blog reading is free so one can be generous with the uality of writing and storytelling Ree's problem is not that she can't write but like many bloggers turned authors is that she didn't write book but strung blog posts together and added some new material The last third of BHtTW is the best written section most likely because wasn't originally a series of blog posts polished up and presented between a book binding Outside the idea that blog style writing does not a memoir make what really irritated me was that the storytelling sucked Marlboro Man and it really bothered me that she didn't ever refer to him by his name came across as invented Despite having read the blog for several years I just couldn't believe this guy was a real person In fact it all seemed contrived These people are like cardboard cut outs with no personalities That's not the fault of the characters but the writer Another thing that irritated me was her obsession with reminding the reader how privileged her upbringing was Without any context to temper what came off as entitlement In short I imagine that BHtTW is less a memoir and of a re imagining much like personal blog posts and Facebook updates everywhere That's when I saw him—the cowboy—across the smoky roomI'll never forget that night It was like a romance novel an old Broadway musical and a John Wayne western rolled into one Out for a uick drink with friends I wasn't looking to meet anyone let alone a tall rugged cowboy who lived on a cattle ranch miles away from my cultured corporate hometown But before I knew it I'd been struck with a lightning bolt and I was completely powerless to stop itRead along as I recount the rip roaring details of my unlikely romance with a chaps wearing cowboy from the early days of our courtship complete with cows horses prairie fire and passion all the way through the first year of our marriage which would be filled with challenge and strife—and manure—than I ever could have expectedThis isn't just my love story; it's a universal tale of passion romance and all encompassing love that sweeps us off our feetIt's the story of a cowboyAnd WranglersAnd chapsAnd the girl who fell in love with them

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