Fair Trade? Its Prospects as a Poverty Solution ePUB

Fair Trade? Its Prospects as a Poverty Solution Fair Trade is an enormously popular idea in Christian and secular circles alike Who after all could be against fairness Victor V Claar however raises significant economic and moral uestions about both the logic and economic reasoning underlying the fair trade movement In this monograph Claar suggests that for all its good intentions fair trade may not be of particular service to the poor especially in the developing world

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    Interesting read uestioning the tactics of fair trade while highlighting some of its virtues Written in the mid to late 2000s some of this discussion might be outdated but not all of the logic rests on current statistics on price of coffee and current players in the Fair Trade movement Interesting read but doesn't settle the uestion If nothing else it will help one to ask informed uestions about this approach

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    Concise and succinct presentation of the economic issues involved with the fair trade movement Highly recommend this uick read in evaluating the fair trade structure

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    Claar is an associate professor of economics at Henderson State University in Arkansas He is a Episcopalean writing from a Christian perspective The book particularly analyses the efforts to help coffee growers with fair trade prices Claar concludes that coffee bean farmers are hurt by this effort than helped by it

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    not what I expected He recommends placing our efforts in increasing human capital through education and physical capital through micro financing vs encouraging people to keep growing something that will keep them in poverty

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    Good Different angle to helping poor farmers Recommend

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