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Accidental Commando Eagle Suadron #5 A Caribbean islanda honeymoon suitesexy lingerie Emily Wright has everything for the perfect honeymoon—except a husband Although her nuptials are off Emily takes her honeymoon hoping for peace and uiet Instead chaos erupts when a stranger crashes into her suite and tackles her to the ground protecting her from flying bullets His chiseled physiue sets off a wild desire in EmilyDelta Force Commando Tyler Matheson wasn't planning on a gorgeous civilian to come between him and the assailant he's chasing Now he needs her help even though it means jeopardizing her life Neither of them counts on the very real danger their sizzling chemistry provokes 35 Stars The first story in this series was great Unfortunately the second didn't pick up the gauntlet and the reader is treated to an uber TSTL heroine not seeing beyond her pettiness and resentment and a completely unbelievable military procedure right they'll integrate a reporter with a grudge against men into a top secret op get out of townDisappointing to the max I started reading this uite a while ago but never really got into it because the female lead is so whiny and the male is so stoic

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Accidental Commando Eagle Suadron #5
  • Ingrid Weaver
  • English
  • 06 July 2015
  • 9780373276844

About the Author: Ingrid Weaver

Weaver was born and raised in Peterborough Ontario Canada She has a degree in English literature After her youngest child entered school in 1989 she began writing in the hopes that she could build a career that would allow her to work from home None of her first eight manuscripts sold but in July 1993 her ninth True Blue was purchased by Silhouette BooksGenerally Weaver writes two to thre

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