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Chrystals New Uniform Bondage Erotica The naive eighteen year old Chrystal has long had a fascination for rubber a fascination that her stepmother Lady Arlen has heartily encouraged Under the woman's guidance Chrystal has already enjoyed the sensuous feel of the rubber garments in her wardrobe But now there's to be a 'new uniform' one especially designed to conform seamlessly to Chrystal's youthful body based on a series of exacting measurements With her sexuality beginning to bloom her fetish for rubber only increases with the prospects of her new attire However Lady Arlen's plans for her charge take a number of unanticipated and indeed diabolical twists that Chrystal never expected She's taken to the garment's maker Mr Eversham who will take on the meticulousness task of fitting the uniform to her body a process that will take several hours Each new article from the stringent corset to the face mask to the horrid boots and mittens give Chrystal cause for alarm Soon she'll be covered head to toe in her beloved rubber However rubber is not the only unusual aspect to her new clothes With uniue electronic features as part of its design the uniform will not only be capable of giving her intensely erotic stimulation in her crotch and breasts it will allow for both sensory deprivation and electro punishment beyond her wildest imaginings Nothing about this is what Chrystal expected Soon she'll be trapped in a prison of rubber with no escape her body no longer her own to control her fate determined by strangers and her contact with the outside world uickly dwindling away In this chilling first person account of Chrystal's descent into slavery the horror of her predicament amplifies with each new step she's reuired to take Graphic sexual content The Ultimate in Bondage Erotica and rubber fetish Second book I've read by this author I'm in the midst of my third at the moment They're not connected in the way most series are but they certainly follow a common theme Another user has a bodysuits genre tag but I'd just call it extreme bondage 1st one Laura's Evolution3rd one Kristal's Changed Life and no I think the Chrystal vs Kristal thing was just a coincidenceI'll repeat the warning I gave with the last JG Leathers book Way way over the top fantasy level BDSM And this is porn not eroticaFirst book is a husbandwife dynamic This one is auntniece The one I'm reading now fatherdaughter Seemed to me the 1st book was heavier on the heavy body mod where the 2nd focused on the rubber suit Granted we circled back around to the jewelry thing eventually The first one also leaned towards impossible to remove Both had the forced exercise but this one included forced education as well With both books they seemed to start off strong but peter off a bit at the end Or maybe my interest just waned I prefer the foreplay version of these sorts of stories not the not so happily ever after partI like the suits than the jewelry The facial jewelry especially was a bit too much I don't like traditional facial piercings either And I prefer the not easy to remove over the til death do us part version of the suit I also prefer the dubcon over the noncon dynamicTo be honest I'm still chasing a variation of the last chapter of this book And yes I'm aware how bizarre it is to argue you like version A of a fucked up impossible to recreate fantasy over version B of fucked up impossible to recreate fantasy If you're reading this review you're either into it or desperately lost in the wrong corner of the bookstore One of those over the top pornographic stories where the subjectvictim is increasingly layered in and restrictive permanent bondage to the point of absurdity Tons of stuff like this all over the internet Still this was creative well described and relatively well written I wasn't really expecting literature from the description Well worth the 299 if you like this kind of work

  • Kindle Edition
  • Chrystals New Uniform
  • J.G. Leathers
  • 21 January 2014

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