The Exiles Of Asbestos Cottage Epub Ç Of Asbestos

  • 248 pages
  • The Exiles Of Asbestos Cottage
  • Jim Henderson
  • 09 May 2016
  • 9780340265031

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The Exiles Of Asbestos CottageDifficult book to read due to somewhat 'flowery' descriptions a huge number of facts and observations plus asides from the author which sometimes had to be re read to make sense of Interesting from a New Zealand point of view the book is about the early settlement of the mountains between Motueka and Takaka asbestos mining and gold mining A look at the privations of the pioneers in this area who lived in tiny cottages without power or running water cooking over open fires and living to a large extent off the land Hidden in the remote uninhabited hills beyond Motueka near the top of the South Island reached only by a slim and seldom used packtrack Henry Fox Chaffey and his wife Annie kept an immaculate one roomed hut He was born in a well to do Somerset family; she left her violent husband and two sons fearing vengeance It was seven years before Annie saw another woman but even a broken leg wouldn't later tear her away Henry tracked goods in and out and was involved in various ways with many people but apart from the occasional visitor Annie liked in isolation for nearly 40 years