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The Rebel of Penhally Bay The Penhally rebel is back ; to claim his secret bride Everyone remembers heartbreaking bad boy Sam Cavendish ; but none so than shy practice nurse Gemma Johnson She's spent ten long years trying desperately to forget their secret whirlwind wedding but from the moment she sees Sam's familiar sparkling eyes she knows the passion between them is as intense as ever Now a high flying doctor Sam has taken a job at the Penhally Bay Surgery Gemma just can't understand why Little does she know that this rebel has a cause to win the heart of the only woman he's ever loved

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    The romance was lovely but it was overshadowed by long scenes concerning other couples in townseries as well as the various medical emergencies If I had been following the series I probably would have appreciated the references Hh were married as teenagers in Penhally Bay He was a local and a bad boy She was from London and summered there with her parents They had planned to go to university and medical school together but heroine left him a note that she was not going to university and that she was going to travel with her parents Hero was devastated but went on to medical school and then to Africa Heroine returns to Penhally Bay ten years later as a nurse No one knows of their short lived marriage When hero is injured by a landmine and his mother has a stroke he returns to Penhally Bay to recover and to help his mother The Hh meet again and heroine eventually tells him why she left him view spoiler She discovered she had leukemia and didn’t want to derail the hero’s career hide spoiler

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    The Rebel of Mentally BayThey married young Too young some would say She left suddenly with just a short note Now years later they are working in the same village What happened then? What secrets need to be told? Will he accept her explanation? Is their love enough?

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    Loved and loved it even the hubs who is always silent commented about the coverI am the kind of reader who never wants to let go of books and characters The community of Penhally Bay is so strong and loving its hard not to fall in loveThe hot doctors each have a story of their own and it is difficult not to fall in love with our hero the town's former hellion his mother's rock and a do gooder doctor in Africa3 He comes back home to take care of his mother and has to face his true fears when he finds out his wife is back in town

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    Miniseries Brides of Penhally Bay

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