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The Land of Summer A prime example of why I should literally not judge a book by its cover and title I loved both so I thought this would be a pleasant read at the least I was wrong Stopped reading at 36% on my Kindle I just read the spoilers and other reviews to finally make up my mind to stop reading This book just isn't worth it This was an easy read with a good story and one that was easily followed without being boring or giving anything away I enjoyed it and will now check out some of Charlotte Bingham's books Emmaline sempre ouvira a mãe dizer ue como a mais velha de uatro irmãs casar deveria ser a sua prioridade e dever Contudo o tempo passava sem ue se vislumbrasse ualuer proposta de casamento Até ue num baile organizado em sua casa um belo desconhecido a convida para dançar Ele chama se Julius e na manhã seguinte pede a sua mão Cheia de esperança e vontade de começar uma nova vida Emmaline deixa a América rumo a Inglaterra Porém uando chega depara se com uma casa estranha repleta de pessoas invulgares e criados excêntricos Um cenário bastante distante do glorioso lugar ue Julius lhe descrevera Na verdade à medida ue os dias passam o próprio noivo parece ter se tornado irreconhecível Emmaline sente se cada vez mais só e infeliz chegando até a pôr em causa o futuro da relação Mas isso é antes de o passado de Julius e a história dauela enigmática casa lhe serem desvendados 455 stars Blah I didn't feel this was authentically set in Victorian times; it feels as if the author is a teenager trying to write about a period she has researched superficially I was surprised to read that the author has a long list of books behind her name as well as the acclaimed Upstairs Downstairs series The cover clashed with the content perhaps it could have been a bit moodier?Update oh dear goodness this is dire I'm skimming to the end to find out what happens Guess what? He has a twin brother An evil twin who he thought was out of the picture Still doesn't excuse the offhanded way he treated the woman he married Badly written paper thin plot Give this book a miss Apart from a rather clumsy choice of title and a mistake in page 391 when names get mixed up it is a very enjoyable read and the development of events is uite harmonious The main reason i decided to buy this book relates to a comment that you can read on the cover of the portuguese edition It says If you liked Pride e Prejudice you're going to love this book Woman's WayNo NOIf you loved Pride e Prejudice one of the greatest romances ever written you're going to hate this book and you're going to hate it even because of the comparisonThis comparison is absurdThis book was unbelievable incohrent The characters the plot And to put this story on the level of Jane Austen's writing is a profanity Not the best of Charlotte Bingham's books; not as mature as Debutantes and The Season but in a similar style My main uibble is that the characters of Julius and especially of Emmaline are not adeuately developed The plot has some great twists and turns and does keep you guessing until the end but some of them push the reader's credibility too far It feels like the author was given a fixed number of words and had to keep within them come what may; the book could certainly have been fleshed out While one would argue that this book seems sexist I who would usually disagree with the greater public for once agree I hate how JAubery is never explored as a character and how every possible cliffhanger is exposed in the last chapter If anyone is reading this review your probably uestioning me as to why i rated it so highly if i am unattracted to the turn of events Well what can i say even though the story was typically to some extent predictable who would say Boring to a disney classic This is just as such I enjoyed the book on the whole and would actually recommend it It was heart warming and better than the boring other reads available today well some of them anyway This book although predictable still captivated my attention whenever i would get frustrated with the story and abandoned the book i would find my self determined to finish it from stubbernness then enjoyment of the work needless to say it was not the best book ever written the storyline held much promise but the characters fell flat Julius often seemed contrived and unhuman he plays the role of guilt torn husband too well and lacks diversity and therefore humanity He has knows no middle ground; he either cannot show any affection towards Emma or he is dying to be closer to her there dosn't seem to be any transition and we never know how he feels or see any evidence of his dispositon untill the very end the story line was also oddly paced the begining and the end are all of one chapter each while the middle drags on for many many chapters with very little character development happening in the procsess overall if your looking to kill a day you could do worse then this book but if your looking for well rounded characters and steller writting then look somewhere else