Effective Strength Training Analysis and Techniue for

  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Effective Strength Training Analysis and Techniue for Upper Body Lower Body and Trunk Exercises
  • Douglas Brooks
  • English
  • 09 May 2016
  • 9780736041812

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Effective Strength Training Analysis and Techniue for Upper Body Lower Body and Trunk Exercises With expert analysis of techniue for than 100 resistance training exercises Effective Strength Training is just the guide you need to ensure these exercises are performed correctly and with minimal riskDrawing on the latest scientific principles and theories related to resistance training Effective Strength Training provides the how and the why behind the proper performance of popular upper body lower body and trunk exercises By understanding the purpose and correct form for each exercise you can gain the full benefit each exercise provides and avoid injury Whether you teach strength training or do it yourself you'll find new and helpful information that you can put to useDouglas Brooks one of the top personal trainers in the United States uestions the safety of controversial exercises such as the upright row dipping movements cable exercises and machine chest presses After putting these exercises to the test of objective scientific evaluation he then recommends valuable guidelines for safe use Effective Strength Training also addresses high risk situations where exercises fall short of safe biomechanical standards If you're dealing with orthopedic limitations such as knee or back problems or challenging training goals these solutions will help you make prudent corrective modificationsPractical and to the point this book also presents the latest information related to resistance training program design and defines and discusses topics such as training systems periodization principles and a continuum of training programs Effective Strength Training is full of no nonsense strategies and expert advice that will simplify the design and teaching of programs to meet the best interests of your clients or students And if you're a strength trainer yourself especially if you're seeking certification by the International Weightlifting Association this resource will help you successfully reach all your training goals