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Kiss Me Kill MeSecrets of Shadow Falls #3 She's protected him since the day he was born Since the day the LIE BEGANA long ago act of kindness to a desperate woman changed Dr Carrie Overton's life forever Before disappearing the grateful stranger had given Carrie her newborn son When the woman is murdered the secret becomes Carrie's aloneShe had kept both it and her son Sam safe for sixteen years But now a friend of Sam's has gone missing The police believe he's a runaway until he's found dead Then another teen disappears and talk turns to that long ago murderNewcomer Gabriel Cain is asking too many uestions befriending Sam getting too close Carrie distrusts him even as she finds herself falling for him But Gabriel has secrets tooIs it time for the lying to end

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    I enjoyed this romantic suspense with plenty of action that moved right along I liked each of the different personalities of the four main characters The plot was good leading me down a 'who done it' path then throwing a surprise twist Best friend of Dr Carrie's teenage son is missing and out of towner Gabe joins the volunteers in searching for him

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    Though this book stands on it's own it would help with the back story if you read the first two in the series first Dr Carrie Overton has basically been on pins and needles for 16 years because of the secret that could yank her medical license When a young girl gave birth on the side of the road and promptly disappeared late to wind up dead childless Dr Overton took the baby and named him Sam at the mother's reuest via a note left with the baby Now 16 years later teenage kids are disappearing and Carrie is terrified that Sam will be next Enter hippie Gabriel Cain musician and drifter who just happens to be in town looking for the missing baby from 16 years ago This is a suspense driven mystery with a romantic backdrop of both the main characters and their teenage son I totally loved this conclusion to the Secrets of Shadow Falls trilogy though I must say that I usually do love Maggie Shayne's writing This one just grabbed me from the first chapter heck the epilogue really and kept me turning pages faster and faster as the danger increased

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    Maggie Shayne delivers an uncompromising impossible to put down and addicting story of suspense in her latest release Kiss Me Kill MeYearning for motherhood but told medically that this would be an impossibility Dr Carrie Overton meets fate one late night as she helps a young mother deliver a baby along the roadside When she returns from searching for help Carrie discovers the mother gone and the baby wrapped tightly along with a note saying that the young mother believes that it was fate that brought her and Carrie together and that she wants Carrie to raise the baby as her ownKnowing that legally what she is doing is wrong Carrie knows in her heart that she would be a wonderful mom and that this is her chance to make her dreams come true With every intention of finding the biological mother Carrie soon discovers that very shortly after giving birth the mother is found dead So begins the search for the missing babySixteen years later Sam has grown into a magnificent young man Carrie an adoring and protective mother hoping her secret will never emerge Then teenagers begin disappearing and dead bodies piling up Carrie fears that her son will be next and will do anything to protect him and keep him safeWhen a stranger Gabriel Cain appears in town Sam is uickly taken with him and uestions begin to form A strange resemblance between Sam and Gabe is apparent and a shocking revelation comes to light A sizzle of ignition sparks between Carrie and Gabe Sam’s sudden disappearance brings heated feelings to a peak and the race to find Sam is ticking uickly away Will death reach Carrie’s son before she and Gabe can or will the killer win?Kiss Me Kill Me is the third in the Secrets of Shadow Falls series and honestly my favorite The characterization of Carrie is excellent and her feelings are truly felt—her compassion and intense love for her son and desire to keep him safe at all costs shines through without a doubt and is easily relatable by any parent Gabe is amazing sexy and delightful With a few secrets of his own the reader will uickly become engrossed in what will happen once these secrets surface and his ability to bring a positive vibe to any scene is refreshingBelow is the scene after Sam’s girlfriend has been discovered missing and shortly following the murder of his best friend Carrie moved closer to her son and slid a hand to his shoulder “We can go into town join the next shift of volunteers if you want Or we can get a supply of posters and drive around putting them up” He finally met her eyes—his so woefully tormented that she nearly gasped aloud “I don’t know what to do” Then he looked at Gabe “What do you think we should do?” Gabe drew a breath pulled a chair in front of Sam’s and sat down leaning forward elbows on his knees hands clasped “You shouldn’t take action until you get your head straight about a matter I know it sounds like New Age fluff but everything that exists was a thought before it was a thing And the thing usually follows the thought So we need to get our thoughts about Sadie into line with the outcome we want here and I think we’d better do it soon”As a suspenseful and tense filled story Kiss Me Kill Me is perfect Each page leaves the reader racing to flip to the next dying to see what happens and holding their breath as one thrilling moment leads to the next As well as suspense Kiss Me Kill Me is sprinkled with a healthy dose of romance sizzle and sparks as the relationship between Carrie and Gabe takes off Their desire and attraction is highly palpable and adds a delightful dimension to the storyMaggie Shayne is a mesmerizing talent and her stories delight and exalt Kiss Me Kill Me is no exception and will bring thrilling pleasure to a vast audience of readers

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    This was a good read It was part mystery part love story There was very little violence no sex and no bad language That was a refreshing change of pace from some of my usual reads The mystery part had a nice surprise at the end and a neat Stephenie Meyer like ending I have to say that I'm a sucker for an all tied up endingThe premise is uniue I was drawn to the story just by reading the summary and the plot did not disappoint The love story is nothing we haven't read before but it is sweet nonetheless I would recommend Kiss MeKill Me to fans of mystery and suspense novels Those looking for a hot and heavy romance will be disappointed Although I have to say sometimes a well written kissing scene is touching than a typical romance novel love scene The tension between Jace and Clary in The Mortal Instruments series is coming to mind here versus the heavy description of Georgina Kincaid's exploits Do you know what I mean? Just One Gripe The dialogue felt a little superficial at times The writing was heavy on the dialogue so the shallowness of some of the conversations got oldThe Best Thing About This Book I liked the resolution of the mystery and how Shayne ties all the characters into the storyAppropriate for a younger audience YesScore Characters 35Plot 35SettingImagery 45Originality 35Ending 45Total Score 1825; 35 starsI received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an impartial review

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    Sixteen years ago Sam was born on the side of a road His birth mother disappears and ends up murdered and he is secretly adopted by the doctor who delivered him Now his best friend is missingThis is the third book in a trilogy and I don't think I have the first two I haven't read them at any rate But it really didn't feel like I'd missed anything I didn't even realize until I logged on to Goodreads IMO that's a sign of a well written series book that you can read it without noticing you've missed two previous booksI really enjoyed the suspense and the various twists A couple of them even surprised me I was bothered by the odd focus on the hero's notion of the power of positive thinking The heroine is thankfully dubious it would be really odd if a doctor agreed that in a crisis the best thing to do is just think really hard about a positive outcome but she still goes along with it There was also what I felt was a cold unjustified and out of character dismissal of the missing boy When Sam is faced with losing not just his best friend but his girlfriend as well it's supposed to make him feel better to point out that his friend was weak and stupid? Okay it was put as the girlfriend was stronger and clever but still I have too many books in my TBR pile to look for and buy the previous books in this trilogy but if they end up being buried in it somewhere entirely possible I'll read them happily

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    Sixteen years ago a child was born Sixteen years ago a young woman who had just given birth to a baby was found murdered The child was never found and the murder was still in the books In Shadow Falls sixteen year old children are disappearing one by one When the first one Kyle is found dead Carrie Overton the local doctor begins to panic She has a secret that she has been keeping for sixteen years As she races against time to help the police find the kidnapper and murderer she fears for her own son's safetyCarrie Overton is a loving and well liked doctor in the small town of Shadow Falls She is also a mom and a wonderful parent to her son Sam Carrie also acts as mother to Sam's girlfriend Sadie Sadie comes from a broken home and has had to care for her mother all her life She is tough and resilient a strong young woman to the core But she has become a part of Carrie's extended familyCarrie has a secret that has been with her for sixteen years Sam is not her real child She could not have children She ran into Sam's real mother on the first night she came into Shadow Falls to begin her career as a doctor The young woman's car was pulled over to the side of the road When Carrie pulled over to offer assistance she found the woman in labor just ready to deliver This would be Carrie's first delivery in her new job Once the baby was born a boy she checked to make sure that the mother was alright tucked her coat around mother and baby and went to the nearest home to contact an ambulance When she found no one there she returned to where she had left the young woman and her new baby in the car only to find the car gone As she got out she saw her coat on the ground Wrapped in her coat with a note asking her to care for him was the baby Sam Carrie made a decision at that time to keep Sam and to be the best mother ever It was one of the most unethical things she had ever done forging a birth certificate as well as claiming him as her own but she never looked back and he was her son in every other way possibleSam is smart and fun he has put himself in harm's way in the past to help save someone he did not know but was well rewarded He is well respected for a young sixteen year old and has many friends He is sports oriented loves to camp and absolutely loves his mom The other person in his life is his girlfriend Sadie a girl much like his mother to be honest—tough with a core of steel but also wonderful and compassionateGabriel Gabe Cain is a drifter a musician with the standard look He has long hair but is uite handsome He like everyone else has just heard the news that a woman who was murdered sixteen years ago had been misidentified at the time He has come to Shadow Falls with a secret of his own He is free spirited and a wonderful kind man He first meets Carrie at a sports event where she is watching her son play One of her son's friends has an asthma attack and he volunteers his help The area is rife with tourists and the police have their work cut out for them Lining up volunteers for searching for the lost boy proves to be providential Everyone including many of the tourists turn out for the search It is one of these tourists Ambrose Arthur Peck who finally finds the body of young Kyle He is so traumatized by it that he is almost inconsolable Being a tourist in Shadow Falls has just become a terrible disadvantage Everyone is being looked at with suspicion but no one so than any stranger in townAs the action heats up Carrie and Gabe are drawn together Neither of them are the other's type and yet they begin the slow dance of attraction Respect turns into a smoldering and cautious tension between them but they are both holding a secret Carrie wants to entrust her secret to Gabe but she is afraid to entrust this secret to just anyone When Sam's girlfriend Sadie disappears Sam becomes inconsolable Gabe steps in to help His logic and free thinking style seems to be the only thing keeping Sam from the brink who is petrified that Sadie will be found dead just like his friend Kyle As the tension and longing continue to scorch the pages the action and suspense continues Who is taking the children? Not even Gabe is free from suspicionIn Kiss Me Kill Me Maggie Shayne has delivered an extremely fast paced action filled suspense filled with romance and longing The characters are so well developed you get a great visual as they come into their part of the play The tension and longing between Carrie and Gabe is heartfelt and intense As each new action plays into the story they have to continue to rethink their values Carrie is ready to offer it all to Gabe including her secret but is afraid There is going on in the little town of Shadow Falls and they have to strengthen their bond of trust because without that they may miss the signs And as everything she holds dear comes into danger she must find the strength with Gabe at her side to protect what is theirs at all costsMaggie Shayne has created red herrings at every turn sending the reader in different directions Just when you think you know what is happening another twist to the story turns your direction But through it all you feel the strong yet also fragile love testing its wings looking for that one sure word or action that will set it in stone To the very end there are surprises a powerful love story and a marvellous mystery set with an ending that will leave you fulfilled

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    3 stars for Kiss Me Kill Me She's protected him since the day he was born Since the day the LIE BEGANA long ago act of kindness to a desperate woman changed Dr Carrie Overton's life forever Before disappearing the grateful stranger had given Carrie her newborn son When the woman is murdered the secret becomes Carrie's aloneShe had kept both it and her son Sam safe for sixteen years But now a friend of Sam's has gone missing The police believe he's a runaway until he's found dead Then another teen disappears and talk turns to that long ago murderNewcomer Gabriel Cain is asking too many uestions befriending Sam getting too close Carrie distrusts him even as she finds herself falling for him But Gabriel has secrets too My 'Gist of the Story' Synopsis Sixteen years ago Carrie was on her way to a new job in a small town when she sees a young woman in distress along the side of the road It's night time and dark so she immediately pulls over to help Turns out she's in labor Thank goodness Carrie is a doctor Anyhow after delivering the baby Carrie goes to call for help only to return to a note and the baby abandoned by the roadside Months later the baby's mother is murdered before Carrie can find her and Carrie made some decisions that could come back to haunt her Now Sam is a teenager and frightening things are happening to their small town Kids are going missing Sam's friends are being taken one by one At first it was thought that his first missing friend simply ran away or got lost in the expansive woods surrounding the town Everyone is looking including tourist visiting the town like wandering hippiesongwriter Gabriel Cain aka Gabe Everyone is hopeful until he is found dead While it's not the ending they were hoping for everyone thinks the terror is over Until another teen is kidnapped and the search starts anew Main Characters Carrie mother to Sam and a doctorcoroner of the town Always prepared and ready to act this is how she meets Gabe Normally she dates average looking men smart but not too smart stablemen her son refers to as 'boring' She hides the secret of who Sam really is from everyone and I mean everyone Even Sam himself While she was one of the main characters there's really not a lot to report on her personality other than she's a kind protective caring mother Gabriel potential father to Sam and love interest to Carrie Gabe is traveling in search of his long lost child Upon learning that his pregnant girlfriend died near the town he decides to see if his kid is there and he's not the only one searching for Baby Doe Gabe is an interesting character with intriguing views on the world that seem to fit with his 'hippie' persona Right down to his ponytail and scruffy facial hair Sam is of a support character He's pretty much described as the perfect kid the one that every parent hopes to raise He's kind friendly caring outgoing thoughtful and helpful Doesn't hurt that he's also star of the soccer team and a drama kid Basically he's pretty perfect He got a decked out SUV for saving a woman's life for crying out loudSadie is Sam's girlfriend and also plays the support role This type of support character I find was pretty common and now has recently died out of books replaced by the love triangle second love interest but ultimate loser of the romance Or is that just in YA? Anyhow Sadie has a rough home life with only a drunken mother to care for at home So she spends a lot of time at Carrie and Sam's house because Sam is her boyfriend Basically she's the mother and her mom is the drunken kid Even with all that going on at home she's a giving thoughtful straight A student who has time to be a cheerleader and pursue a relationship with Sam She;s completely selfless instead of an angry messed up kid She's also wise beyond her years and has a spine of steel If only all kids were so perfect in real life What you can Expect All in all this books was pretty good There were little things like bad similes and awkward conversational pieces that didn't uite fit with the story While I didn't find it a super awesome read it wasn't terrible either One reviewer said there was no sex scenes in this book but there is However it's only about a paragraph or two long only describes the passionate beginnings and doesn't go into extravagant detail Just a uick 'and this happened here' section to help explain the emotions that take place later on in the book Nothing outrageous or offensiveWhile I think the kids in this book were almost too good to be true and too wise for their age there were a few attempts to bring them back down to their age level But to be honest it kind of made them slightly less believable However I'm sure kids like these two do exist in real life doing the math so if you roll with it I'm sure you'll find them to be lovelyWhat I did like is how the author tries to keep you guessing about who the bad guy is in the story There are several options to choose from as well so you don't have to be disappointed if you think you figured it out because if you're anything like me you'll keep reading until the end just to be sure the author is going where you think she's going And whether or not you're right you'll still enjoy the ride

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    This final book in the Secrets of Shadow Falls trilogy was not as good as the others but was still a good read The final secret is revealed but the ending seemed to be missing something I would like to have had an epilogue to bring all the main characters together one last time I do like Maggie Shayne's romantic suspense novels so I would recommend this whole trilogy

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    Good readThis was the third in a series and it answered many of the uestions from the first and second book All these books can stand alone but I would recommend that you read them in order They are well worth the read

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    Nice book but the culprit was obvious from the start as well as the misdirections I liked that you don't need to read the other books in the series to enjoy this one The main characters are well defined but the supporting cast is a little bit stereotypical

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