Dark Legacy Magic The Gathering PDF ´ Dark Legacy

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Dark Legacy Magic The Gathering
  • Robert E. Vardeman
  • English
  • 19 April 2016
  • 9780061056970

10 thoughts on “Dark Legacy Magic The Gathering

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    Yet another MtG novel in which the ending just feels sorta tacked on or not resolved Otherwise writing was fine and or less in line with the other non cyclical novels to this point

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    This book was a mess The plot was all over the place literally and figuratively and the characters were all so flat This was especially true for Vervamon and Mytaru both of whom were so staggeringly one note that they might as well have never had a conversation with any other character for all the development they had For a book ostensibly about war political intrigue and a hidden heir to the throne it's uite an accomplishment for the book to be so boring and unappealing uopomma was a welcome highlight in an otherwise lame read so I gave it an extra star for her Plus I finished the novel so I guess it wasn't a total wreck I just didn't care at all about anything that happened and not one single cliffhanger which you get at the end of every chapter hooked me into wanting to read Oh wellon to the next one I suppose

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    Before reading Dark Legacy I my preconception of the book was off mostly based on how it is the lowest rated MTG novel on this site That set the bar pretty low in terms of my expectations Now post reading I'm scratching my head as to why that rating is so low This is the fourth MTG novel I have read thus far after Arena Whispering Woods and The Thran The only novel I enjoyed reading was ArenaDark Legacy kept me interested the entire way through because it follows multiple story lines in short successive chapters jumping back and forth between four or seemingly unrelated campaigns It did take me a good while to keep straight who everyone was but that was made up for by the constant trying to determine how everything would come togetherThe thing I didn't like the most about the ending was how the characters went about their own ways at the end It was extremely anti climactic I'm not usually the type to root for a romantic ending or perfect ending but an ending as such would have been wildly better than what happened here At the end of Dark Legacy all the characters are kind of like 'ok well I'm going to this place or that place now C ya' Leaving you wondering why none of them pursued what the reader is lead to believe would make them happyOverall the story is a good read The characters are likeable or dislikeable is correct proportions It is a much better book than the ratings on this site indicate

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    This is another stand alone enjoyable fantasy novel loosely based on the MTG trading card game Not the best I've read but still uite enjoyableIn 'Dark Legacy' you follow two separate plot lines until they inevitably come together Yunnie a human outcast with powerful secrets in his past tries and fails to bring peace between minotaurs and elves After discovering a dark plot by an evil sorceress he finds himself physically unable to blow her cover leading to an extremely frustrated protagonist that must act on his own to do what he knows is right Maeveen a hired guard captain for an illustrious explorer and scholar finds herself enmeshed in political turmoil and sent on a wild goose chase after a 'powerful' artifact These two plot lines come together with dramatic effects on an entire regionThe story contains a lot of enjoyable and believable interactions between many well fleshed out characters Plenty of intense fighting and magic make for an exciting read with a few of the familiar MTG icons Carnivorous Plants thrown in to justify the label on the cover Overall this is a nice easy and fun read that should please most fantasy readers

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    1st Read January 4 2015 January 24 2015 I stopped reading this on the 6th joined Goodreads and the process of adding potential reads what I've read reviews etcreturned to the book on January 20 2015January 24th arrived and I had abandoned it for not knowing the series and how this book fits in with past stories I may pick this up again if I choose to buy the books that are a part of this series before this story That could be many of them and my plate is full with other books I've had for well over twenty years ones I have inherited and others that I buy brand new

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    50 pages longer than average with great character design

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Dark Legacy Magic The Gathering A War of MagicsWar rages under the double moons of Dominia It is Minotaur vs Elf in a bloody conflict of dirty politics and foul magicsThe human orphan Yunnie brings two formidable weapons to the battle One is the Living Armor which turns its wearer into a berserk killing machine The other is the stone idol Tiyint which once awakened slaughters with grim abandonBut Yunnie soon finds there is even at stake than a kingdom There is a third relentless enemy under the ground keeping the war going and dining on the dead of both armies Dark Legacy based on The Dark the exciting expansion set to Magic The Gathering