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Blow BLOW is the unlikely story of George Jung's roller coaster ride from middle class high school football hero to the heart of Pable Escobar's Medellin cartel the largest importer of the United States cocaine supply in the 1980s Jung's early business of flying marijuana into the United States from the mountains of Mexico took a dramatic turn when he met Carlos Lehder a young Colombian car thief with connections to the then newly born cocaine operation in his native land Together they created a new model for selling cocaine turning a drug used primarily by the entertainment elite into a massive and unimaginably lucrative enterprise one whose earnings if legal would have ranked the cocaine business as the sixth largest private enterprise in the Fortune 500The ride came to a screeching halt when DEA agents and Florida police busted Jung with three hundred kilos of coke effectively unraveling his fortune But George wasn't about to go down alone He planned to bring down with him one of the biggest cartel figures ever caughtWith a riveting insider account of the lurid world of international drug smuggling and a super charged drama of one man's meteoric rise and desperate fall Bruce Porter chronicles Jung's life using unprecedented eyewitness sources in this critically acclaimed true crime classic

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    Who hasn't seen the blockbuster movie of a true story of George Jung the man who if you snorted blow in the late 1970's to early 1980's there was an 85% chance it came from him and his partner? But how many of the fans know Jung's real story While the movie is sexier and Hollywood for viewers the book delivers an unflinching true account of Jung's wild life And while the movie makes him look like a good person with the occasional lapse in judgement sometimes moral sometimes strategical Bruce Porter's version of events which inspired the book is much real and in my opinion wildly entertaining And yes there are some MAJOR differences in the stories In real life one of the funniest variations of the facts was Derek Foreal I know the real guy must be extremely irate about how he was depicted in the movie and I still can't really figure out how he came out this way in the script In reality he was a hard core marine with an extensive knowledge of combat and military tactics but was depicted as a flamboyant homosexual drug lord While he did inherit a chain of male hair salons he was anything but feminine in nature Few things like this were changed around throughout the silverscreen telling of the story but that was the biggest slip I can remember In general the book is entertaining albeit much longer but you learn that George Jung while a clever businessman and most times a decent friend and family man most times wasn't all that good of a person But the reader can't help but fly through the so called sleigh ride to hell glued to the book Loved it

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    Went into detail than the movie rhe stories and adventures they get up to are extreme Good read

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    This is a really fascinating story and proves the old cliche that the truth is often stranger and I would add interesting than fiction I picked this up on a whim having had it on my shelf for years I got it for free after a reissue I guess I'd already seen the movie but it's definitely involved and better than the movie Still makes me want to see the movie again just for comparisonIt's flabbergasting what drug smugglers were able to get away with in the '60s and '70s before the real crackdown began And even though I know George Jung affected countless lives many probably in negative ways his character is still sympathetic and likeable Most amazing was his inability to get out of the business no matter how it endangered him That lure of money and drugs was too much and in Porter's account Jung keeps going as the reader increasingly urges him to get out before it's too late

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    Some books give you a glimpse of a world that is happening right around you but you’re not really aware of This book as the name suggests is a factual account of George a dope smuggler George started with weed flying it up from Mexico in the 60’s and eventually became an integral part of the Columbian Medein cartels’ transit infrastructure Illuminating in its’ detail and fascinating in it’s larger than life main character I enjoyed the read I especially liked the way the author set the world and national stage whenever circumstances changed for George George made over 100million dollars starting with zero and ending with the samegardening in prison at the end He was colorful dynamic full of flair and unable to know when to stop We meet all the characters in his life including Pablo Escobar himself This was an interesting book if you desire to step for a minute or two into another world existing simultaneously around us

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    The movie was TERRIFICIt had everything Drugs Parties Famous Dealers Smuggling scams The list goes on and onIt was a nonstop action packed movie I hoped the book would elaborate on the movie parts Sadly it was a Lil slow don't get me wrong the mans life is UNBELIEVABLEBut I kinda expected spoiled from the movie I guess It was a good read none the less The way the man lived his life PURE INSANITY From the people he met and dealt with to the woman he married to the shenanigans that took place in between GOLD

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    straight forward book about a man too lucky for his own goodIgnore the overrated filmThe book is a superior experiance

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    very aptly named because this book blows

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    34 It is not the most amazing storytelling but the tory is uite interesting I saw the movie so many years ago I actually don't remember it so much I do remember having the impression that he seemed like a pretty ok kind of guy maybe not in the most moral of professions who seemed like he got screwed over a lot And when I voiced my opinion I was uickly shut down by my sister who pointed out that the story was made to make you feel sympathetic I was a bit disappointed to find the same trend here Though I will say he didn't leave out parts that were less flattering he did seem to always present them in a way that made it sound like the author was a bit in awe with George He was always looking great or talking suave or being daring and exciting From the way he acted though he seems like a straight up psychopath He was impulsive reckless an addict callous and thought he was a lot smarter than he was And no doubt those characteristics propelled him far but are those really characteristics deserving hero worship? Anyway the story is true for the most part which gives it an interesting angle It doesn't lack for excitement but it does have a tendency to go off on some tangents that do no seem necessary or enriching to the story If you like biographies then this may be of interest but this is not the kind of story that will lift you up or inspire you Also if you have an intense moral issue or some other aversion to drugs andor smuggling the hero worship writing style here is probably going to be particularly hard to swallow

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    This was an interesting read if just taking far too long to ramp up The minutia of George's involvement on his high school football team for example were of little use as the story progressed Perhaps others find that interesting but other than the brief setup of showing George being from a 'small town' as per the title I felt far too much time was invested on his early lifeI also uestion the reliability of the narrative It's great that George was able to speak to his own experiences and provide color to the story but simultaneously his years of extensive cocaine abuse likely dimmed if not altered entirely his memories of events Certainly other people were interviewed and news was sourced but as a whole I uestioned how truthful the stories wereEven as a half fiction book it does become much intriguing as the story moves to the cocaine trade the challenges and oddities of logistics and the personalities and danger of the trade It's an easy read if a bit challenging at times to know if the narrator is speaking in 1st or 3rd person There's some great crossover for anyone who has read or absorbed other media on the Medellin cartelBeing predisposed to like crime related books it's unsurprising that I liked this book as a whole

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    Four stars and not five because this book gives way too much space to detailing the uirks of Jung's personal life Who cares? But the book earned every one of those four stars for the in depth analysis of how a mid level pot bust led to a prison sentence that aligned two men who were to become the leading forces of smuggling cocaine into the US throughout the 1980s And the final chapters present compelling interviews with the undercover agents who took down Jung in a series of stings took awhile to get him locked away for life If you've seen the movie it's that but way detailed and way less glamorization of the life

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