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The Williams Sonoma Collection Vegetable A medley of spring mushrooms roasted with garlic and pine nuts Grilled summer corn on the cob with chile lime butter Sauteed shallots in a velvety red wine sauce What compares to the flavor of seasonal vegetables picked and cooked at their peak of ripeness Williams Sonoma Collection Vegetable offers than 40 recipes organized by season to assist you in selecting the perfect vegetable dishes to serve year roundWhether you are in search of a delicious way to make fava beans in the springtime or need a savory preparation for carrots when cold weather arrives in these pages you'll find a recipe that brings out the best in vegetables for any occasion A chapter of hearty main dishes will inspire you to make vegetables the star of your dinner table while a selection of classics including a delightfully rich potato gratin completes the collection Full color photographs of each recipe make it easy to choose which to prepare and each dish is accompanied by a photographic side note that highlights a cooking techniue or ingredient making Vegetable than a simple collection of recipes A comprehensive basics section and glossary fill in all you need to know to create an enticing combination of flavors textures and colors the next time you prepare vegetables Fresh crisp and bursting with color and flavor vegetables embody the changing of the seasons than any other food From tender spring peas to rich creamy textured winter suash we look forward to their arrival in the market year after year Williams Sonoma Collection Vegetable offers than 40 delicious recipes including both the classics and fresh new ideas In these pages you'll find versatile vegetable dishes for every season and every occasion from a late summer lunch to a midwinter dinner party This vibrantly photographed full color recipe collection promises to become an essential addition to your kitchen bookshelf

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    A lot of the recipes are overly simple Really just telling you how to cook that particular vegetable with minimal flavoring An odd mix of being geared towards a beginning cook such as a glossary and a much experienced one expecting access to uncommon tools and ingredients

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    I got so tired of the same peas and carrots all the time this books has a very nice selection of the different and enticing and none of the recipes are overly complicated we use it almost daily One of my favorites involves eggplant and chickpeas with stewed tomatos We have the Spanish version

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    This series is an excellent introduction to cooking because the recipes are easy easy to follow directions excellent pictures and a little bit daring without being out on a limb should be given to new cooks young cooks or those who have failed at other cookbooks

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    Exactly two awesome looking recipes; otherwise extremely un special

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    the recipe for roasted asparagus is too yummy

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    A very short but beautiful photographed vegetables with tasty recipes to boot

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