The Irritable Male Syndrome Managing the Four Key Causes

The Irritable Male Syndrome Managing the Four Key Causes of Depression and Aggression At first this was not a pleasant read It seemed like every man in the world suffers from Irritable Male Syndrome because I saw it in myself and my father so much I thought the last the I or the world needs is another diagnosis or label As I read on hearing stories from so many men and their loved ones I saw that IMS recognition is a good thing There are different causes and results and not having them labeled as something else is beneficialBy the time the book gets to solutions I was relieved There I read so many of the techniues and practices I've done for myself and healing that I lead clients through There is a light at the end of the irritable tunnel Men suffer most from a spiritual disorder a shutting from deeper connections with themselves and others that we all long for but too many men have been told isn't manly While almost all self help books have something of value in them as does this this is not terribly well written its conclusions are patently obvious and it reeks throughout of someone desperate for some kind of validation of his work in the real scientific world That seems unlikelyThere's a paragraph written by the author a man probably in his 50s or 60s towards the end that reads something like I was feeling depressed and lonely and I was upset with my wife A friend of mine called and asked me to talk a walk down on a San Francisco beach near the Golden Gate BridgeWell uh no He didn't You never got a call like that It's completely made upI'd advise skipping this one I was looking for help no solutions just labels and if you are in relationship with someone with ims never never never use labels or you will discover the 4 traits very uickly FANTASTIC explanation of Mid life or Male DepressionAnxiety it's very different from Womens and this book explains why BEST BOOK i read through my rough marriagedivorce I don't mind telling you that this book was very very topical for meIt explains a whole lot about men and the phases we go through in regards to physical chemical emotional and horomonal changes in our bodies and the states of our being because of themIt is interesting that this book and its topic and the way it is presented as an adjunct to depression and aggression and andropause male menopause would be so controversial It makes perfect sense to meAll men and their partners should read this book no matter your age A very interesting concept Irritable Male Syndrome likened to female menopause but affecting males The author referenced a lot of other books authors psychologists etc many of which intrigued me The exploration of the infamous hormone 'testosterone' was especially interesting and the discussion on its effects the oversupply or lack thereof was fascinating The author referenced a lot drawing a lot from his own experiences; therefore I felt he married the worlds of fact based objectivity with experiential subjectivity I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to following up on many of his references This book talks about male depression and it is a very depressing book to read Unfortunately the author does not have a solution; generally the book is about multiple case histories When males are unsatisfied with their life they make hell for everyone around them The book suggests that women in similar situation are willing to look for help and share their emotions Males are doomed to suffer because they are not in touch with their feelings There were a lot of stereotypical statements; generally the author did not say anything new or revolutionary I'm interested in this subject because of issues that may be affecting relationships This book is very comprehensive in some ways I prefer 'Mr Mean' though both are a good adjunct to 'Male Menopause'It's insightful to learn how hormones and stress could be contributing to difficulties From the best selling author of Male Menopause comes another life transforming book for men and the women who love them on overcoming the mood and behavior changes caused by fluctuating male hormonesIt turns out that it's not only women who suffer from hormone related irritability Depression anger fatigue moodiness anxiety lethargy low libido and confusion are just some of the symptoms of a recently identified condition that affects menIMS Irritable Male Syndrome is in some ways similar to male menopause but it can affect men of all ages What often triggers IMS is acute or chronic stress Focusing on two crucial times of life when male hormones are shifting rapidly adolescenceyoung adulthood and midlife Jed Diamond reports on the latest research from international experts on men's health and hormones; describes in detail the symptoms of IMS; explains how the volatile mood swings of the syndrome can wreak havoc with a man's closest relationships and provides advice on preventing diagnosing and treating IMSJust as when he began researching his landmark book on male menopause Jed Diamond is at the forefront of this controversial subject He offers readers the most comprehensive insightful coverage of IMS and the practical wisdom he imparts will help millions It all makes sense now

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