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A Fostered Love Foster brother to Jonah for a short time as teens Christian developed a massive crush on his tough older roommate That all ended when the cops came and arrested Jonah stealing him from Christian's uncertain world Jonah knew the kid with the crush on him would be better off forgetting that he ever existed Jonah stayed in contact with their foster mother Marisol but refused to hear news about Christian and made the woman promise never to tell Christian anything about him Upon her death fifteen years later Marisol leaves a reuest that Jonah come home and help Christian renovate her house Jonah can't refuse even though he knows he will have to face Christian once again Although they haven't seen each other in years neither man has forgotten the other Neither man will deny Marisol her final reuesteven if it means facing their past working together sharing the room they had as teens getting to know one another now as men and discovering that the brief friendship they shared has altered into a consuming abiding love Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse malemale sexual practices violence

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    Cameron DaneShe's fabulous I'm sure she hears this all the time If not Ms Dane kudos to you on this storySeriouslyHow you can give such depth to these guys Christian and Jonah?Aw buddy Both men they were how I like my main characters to be They were onionsOnions?nods Onions Do you see the wonderful layers? The unassuming textures? Onions might smell might make you cry but damn it they are pretty awesome in my book I loved these two so much It's uite a feat to write such damaged heroes without making them too depressing or annoying Jonah is a good example of the uiet strong yet socially awkward possessive alpha character He's had a tough life but he got a gift in Christian Both men deserved each otherPlus they were not pink hearts and Lisa Frank unicorns kind of characters you know These were two men who loved like men oh boy did they love acted like men and had a believable HEAEh I could have done without the epilogue as I found the story ended pretty great anyway but I was happy with it And the ending for the creepy stalker ex boyfriend was not as satisfying felt a little random but who cares?I had my onions they love each other and no one is pulling them part damn itThis is Cameron Dane at her finest man her fans will adore this oneFOUR A HALF STARSIt was

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    385 starsI picked this up after reading the short seuel Snowfall Christian and Jonah were sexy hungry beasts and incredibly hot So of course A Fostered Love became a must read I couldn't help myself I needed to know about them its not all about the raunchy sex reallyWhat worked so well was Christian and Jonah's fierce and unshakable love for each other They haven't been in contact for years only meeting up again to renovate and sell their foster mothers home Old hurts and resentments are laid bare Jonah's feelings of not being good enough for Christian get in the way Christian works on that and its good too see a growing confidence building in Jonah Not as much plot as I would have liked about the steam factor which is alive and well flying off the page Sweet outcome with the house I was so happy it ended that way A tiny niggle Christian's obsessive ex boyfriend was not my favourite part of the story I liked it another good story from the author

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    Jon grew on me at first I didn’t like him but then I did like him then at the end I started to not like him before liking him again I give Jon a 35 starChristian I liked at first but by the end he was a whinny bitch Kinda dumb too so when he turned into Christina A typo I think but it fit he started just being plain boring Christy to me 3 stars for Christy Annie was always likeable and sweet and she thinks two guys kissing is hot so 5 stars for little orphan tranny AnnieRoberto was big and take charge I would give him only 4 stars because as bossy as he was you’d think he would have done something about Annie by now Come on Roberto sex her up already The cop Bernard wasn’t in the story much but I did like him but cannot rate him since he was only there a couple scenes Overall I liked the book and the story even if it was frustrating at times and stuff but stuff happened blah blah sex fixes it blah blah sex

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    Spoilers aheadIt didn’t work for meFirstly there is TOO much sex It’s pointless only to sell pages They have sex anytime even in serious moments I was tired of reading aboutAndI don’t care about sex scenes just the opposite I love them when they’re worth it but here they felt empty pointless useless I didn’t feel the chemistry between the MC I was even bored reading those scenesToo much sex too little feelings I found everything empty I didn’t like the way of describing Jonah He’s suposed to be antisocial and weird but lovable but I found him very strained forced Christian is natural but he didn’t save the bookThe language didn’t hook me In fact I wandered a lot There were some flashbacks but they are confusing and I had to read those paragraphs several times because I couldn' tell they were parts from the past I think that should have been a little obvious there was no “transition”I would say this is a meh book But there was a scene in which I felt REALLY stupid That scene ruined the book even It’s practically in the beginning when they are laying on the floor after making the walls repairs and they fall asleep holding hands Christian dreams about Jonah and the day he kissed him when the cops arrested him sixteen years before Christian has a hard on so while dreaming he opens his zip and masturbates himself with Jonah’s handThat is your way of breaking the ice? I think it’s stupid childish and clumsy for a romance author That excuse for making them closer and talk about the elephant in the room is just that an excuseAlso there is cheap drama Jonah was a kid living in a drug hell His mother died so his father took him to social services He committed a crime so he went into JD A great soul taught them to repair cars and bikes and after he went out that one soul employed him and when he retired gave him the business Jonah has only one wing tattooed because of that one selfless soul because he's not completely free Of course we can guess he's going to have the other wing tattooed at the end of the bookChristian's life is not that sad lucky for meFurther there plot is too predictable There is an exboyfriend who is not happy to have the relationship ended so he pursues Christian With a pseudo kidnapping and all of that included That was the last strawI was very close to DNF the book but I guess I’m too stubborn

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    First of all loved the cover I really like it when attention to that particular detail is taken I will buy a book on the strength of a good coverI also liked the premise of the book when I first read it it attracted me to take a read I haven't read any of Ms Dane's books until now and I'm glad I did because it was a sweet sexy readIt's been said already Jonah and Christian are back to what was once their home after the death of their devoted foster mother Marisol They aren't the only ones two other characters Abby and Rodrigo have also been through Marisol's foster home and are helping as well They are terrific characters one and all you easily become invested emotionally in them I can fully understand why they turned up to help with the renovations to show respect for Marisol's life They have their own little uirks and do things that can get on one anothers nerves just like real life and it makes them all the likeable for mineI loved the chemistry that was somewhat pre existing and most certainly building between Christian and Jonah as they got to know one another as men They were all kinds of hot whilst building their respective interest in one another and that all kinds of hot ramped up exponentially when they got together Christian was a nice guy who had made a poor choice with his last partner David that story built nicely alongside Christian and Jonah's burgeoning relationship Jonah had been through the juvenile detention system and really didn't like himself felt unworthy even though he had become uite an astute businessman This built on the back of his family life prior to Marisol's and JD I liked the slight angst that came with it it never became too much and never ended up being this tortured eye rolling inner monologue that can bog stories down While the characters had moments of what if they were both still willing to see where the relationship would take them and enjoyed their time together While the MC's were sweet they were believable and that's why I felt connected to them and the story Sometimes sweet can mean boring not the case here at all I enjoyed the journey and felt the ending was good leaving me completely satisfied and happy for Christian and JonahThis is my first Cameron Dane read and I have now bought several of her books based on the strength of A Fostered Love If you like sweet with sexy this book should satisfyETA 21072020 I just finished rereading this book for what feels like the 100th time I'm going through Cameron Dane's back catalogue yet again and feeling at home with them This was my first gay romance MM book and I'm so glad I came into the genre through Cameron Dane

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    This book was hot Lots of steamy sex in this oneI have to start off by saying I have read Cameron Dane books before This would be in my favourites from him A Fostered Love is full of hot sex sweet enough characters and a great plot Jonah and Christan's story will not be for everyone some might find the sex too much others wont like the story But I found this to be a brilliant bookJonah and Christian met as teenagers They were foster brothers Jonah was the troubled teen and Christian the good little boy No relationship stated then but they had a friendship One that ended when Jonah was arrested I liked the way their past was described It gave me something to base their foundation onI found myself liking Jonah than Christian in this He had been through in a lot of ways and because he was conflicted a lot I found myself with a lot of sympathy for him Christian had his struggles too The present day one kind of made me want to slap something or someone But how everything was dealt with was greatOverall I would say this was a very good entertaining book I wont be reading the next one because mmf is not my thing But for all Cameron Dane fans or fans of mm romance try this

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    Jonah Christian I loved this book For some reason I thought this book would be a lot darker but it reads very easy There is still some drama but ohhhhthe Hot Hot smexing Whoop Whoop

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    Oh god where to start I loved this book I loved where it went and how it got there 5 wonderful stars It made me even get teary and that doesn't happen often for me

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    A book about two men with troubled pasts finding a home in each other It manages to balance the sweet the angsty and the thrilling effortlessly

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    This is my first book by this author and I think it will be my last because her style didn’t work so good for me This book had a great premise but sadly for me it didn't deliver The characters were nothing special and they didn’t do anything for me I found both main characters underdeveloped I didn’t like how their relationship progressed and I didn’t feel any chemistry or something between them In the end I didn’t care about them at allLike everybody I like sex scenes in my books but this story has way too many and this is not a good think every time because in my opinion in some way affects the story The sex scenes between MC were justmehhhI found the storyline a little boring and the twist with this guy David was soooo predictableOverall this book was just ok for me and barely hold my interest

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