A Pirates Dream Chronicles of the Grey Lady #2 PDF/EPUB

A Pirates Dream Chronicles of the Grey Lady #2 That was one fine fantasy story I really enjoyed reading it All the characters were great as in previous book and in this second book we got new lovers to fallow I truly liked both Kieru and Nicholas as a couple Even if Kieru is a silver shark and communicates with Nicholas in their joined dreams I enjoyed it Highly recommend this story to others Nicholas is a deckhand aboard the Grey Lady He loves his life aboard the legendary ship but evil trails in its wake In his dreams he's visited by a silver shark in the form of the beautiful otherworldly KieruKieru is a silver shark who can take human form only in dreams He's new to sex and love but the dreams he shares with Nicholas are filled with passion and he's eager to experience human life to the fullestBut a kraken stalks the Grey Lady and wants to kill everyone aboard it including the man Kieru has come to enjoy And even as lust deepens to love the kraken unleashes its attack The dire the situation becomes the harder the two will fight to have a future together

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