Lady Lyte's Little Secret Kindle À Lady Lyte's

Lady Lyte's Little Secret Felicity Lyte was in a uandry How could she tell her cherished paramour of his impending fatherhood Hawthorn Greenwood despite his straitened circumstances would surely make a responsible honorable offer of marriage which Felicity could never accept For she would only wed him in truebound love or not at allThorn Greenwood had thought to share an idyllic Season with Lady Lyte and instead found his soul's partner But Felicity had abruptly ended their liaison Did she think him a fortune hunter A rank falsehood that for the only wealth he sought was the bounty of her love Deborah Hale's steamiest Regency a must for every true Harleuin fan Why could he never allow himself to live in the moment instead of brooding over the past or worrying about the future?SAME Seriously Hawthorn was the SWEETEST Finally a good man Good romance novel I loved the hero the heroine killed this one for me I felt she was selfish and rather cruel to the hero

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