The Dead End Poison Apple #1 eBook ½ Dead End Poison

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Dead End Poison Apple #1
  • Mimi McCoy
  • English
  • 25 July 2016
  • 9780545203180

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The Dead End Poison Apple #1Another one of those urban centers good small towns bad books and definitely not original by a long shot Haunted house in a dreary town? Eh wasn't that done twenty some years ago in Welcome to Dead House and The Tale of the Restless House? This book isn't horrible mind you I think many middle grade readers can identify with the angst and hopelessness of having to spend summer away from their social lives and being spirited away by their parents to dull places I did like the author's use of vocabulary too Poison Apple Books Thrilling Bone chilling These books have bite Casey Slater can't believe her bad luck It's the summer before seventh grade and instead of the perfect vacation she'd planned with her best friend Casey is in a remote country town where her parents are restoring an old creaky creepy house Worst of all everyone else in town thinks the old house is haunted And soon Casey thinks so too a vase explodes a heavy china cabinet falls over on its own and it seems like the ghost doesn't want them there Casey thought she'd be dying of boredom but now she's scared to death Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters devoured this in a day A day I couldn't put it down and I'm so happy I enjoyed it so much because I've been wanting to read this for yeeeaaars I finally said enough it's time I start this series All the books in this series are standalone but I just had to start with the first oneThe Dead End is about a girl that moves into a summer home in the country with her family Throughout the summer her parents are busy making the place look nice while Casey has to find ways to entertain herself As the days go by unexplainable things happen around Casey and of course her parents don't believe her when she tells them Which is why she finds comfort in a diary she found that belonged to a young girl who lived there in the 30's who also went through what Casey is going through That is until the diary entries just end and Casey has a bad feeling something happened to the girl and it's going to happen to her too Honestly as the pages started to get smaller I didn't know where this story was going to go But once all the pieces fell together I was in awe in how beautifully written this was It was brilliantly woven in my eyes because I honestly didn't see that ending coming and how it all tied in with the girl from the past Well done Mrs McCoy I loved it and I can't wait to continue the Poison Apple series For this being aimed for Middle Schoolers I didn't at all feel too old reading it felt Casey was pretty mature once things started to happened and she had to deal with it all on her own Poison Apple is a spookier and paranormal version of the Candy Apple series I never read any Poison Apple book except this one And I was scared I know i know its a book how can you? This book i finished within a day or two I could NOT put it down Casey Slater is just an average seventh grader wanting to have a great summer vacation with her best friend But her parents take her to an unforgetable vacation Her and her parents drive down to a house that they will be staying in for the summer Of course Casey did not want to go When they arrived weird things began to happen There was a ghost in the house Casey recieved a message on the mirror saying Get Out she told her parents thinking they will understand but they did not Casey found a Diary that belonged to a girl that stayed there around the 1930's Casey read it and realized the same things were happening to her as it did the other girl And it wasnt just Casey that thought this house was haunted It was the whole neighboorhood I don't want to say any but you have to read thisWe teenagers can light weight relate to this because our parents never listen or understand us We are UNFATHOMABLE ; It is a pretty average sized book and I am sure you will love it I was under the blanket the whole time thinking a ghost will write something on my mirror Casey gets ready to have a fun summer with Jillian but her plans are cancelled by her parents because they bought a haunted house in New HampshireCasey then goes through a lot of things that she couldn't really explain until she finds a diary written by Millie who died in a steamer trunkBoth Millie and Casey have dreams that connect to the other's situationMillie dreams about a fire happening in Casey's time and Casey dreams of playing hide and seek in Millie's timeIt ends up that the things that happened was done by Millie's 'spirit' to protect Casey and get her away from the house that was to be on fire An awesome book about a girl that discovers a ghost that lives in her summer house I love love loved it To all of my friends and classmates out there you have to read this book It chills your bones This is like my trip to Bangladesh I thought it would be boring but I had an awesome time I rode a horse fell off and brige played with a chicken and meet a bull AWESOME I found myself enjoying this book far then I imagined I would A creepy children's ghost story that actually kept me on my toe's It has a great message at the end about over coming obstacles and facing your fears which is wonderful and true for either sex or age Aimed at middle grade children but any age can enjoy it This book was alright for 2 3 graders Anyone above that should be reading higher level books Bomb stupid pre teen idiocy read the beginning skimmed the middle and read the end this is a thriller horror story made for 12 16 yr olds the first 3 pages in did frighten me the writer does a very good job wording and showing scary stuff the next 3 pages in; i had to sit through a 12 yr old thinking her parents where the stupidest people on the planet and believing her friend had all the answers i know teenagers feel this way anyway but do authors have to promote it? skimming through the middle i picked up enough to understand the ending scary dreadful things happen and i would not let my pre teen or teen read this Millie Hugh wrote how she is just thrilled for her birthday party in her old diary that she had in the 1930’s Casey Slater finds the diary from 80 years ago in her new house She has one uestion why did Millie just stop writing in her diary on her birthday that she was so excited about? Casey recalls names of people Millie wrote about that went to her birthday party and she immediately goes seeking those people But will Casey find them and answer her uestion if Millie is dead or still alive? In my opinion this is a wonderful book My eyes were glued to the book the whole time and I didn’t want to put it down

About the Author: Mimi McCoy

Mimi McCoy was a cheerleader the same year that Halley's Comet was last seen an accomplishment she attributes to cosmic fortune since she never made the team again Ms McCoy has since traded in her pompoms for a pen and now lives in New York City