Frasers Bride PDF/EPUB µ Mass Market Paperback

Frasers Bride Great to read this one uickly in french A few new words to learn I guess it must have been about this time that harleuin romances started getting a little edgy While most folks would consider this a clean read I still prefer kisses only romances Available on Open LibraryWhat a mess The heroine was an indecisive ninny and the Hero was mocking and contemptuous towards herShe makes bad decisions gets engaged to the wrong man The Hero pays too much attention the the other woman They were all playing games and pretending with each other instead of communicating The whole book is one big misunderstanding they never even had a relationship and I don’t know how they even fell in loveAnd what’s up with the family they can’t even tell her that her fiancé is a douche who was responsible for the break up of his brother’s engagement She had loved Jerry Now she wasn't sureYou have a lot to learn about men Ice Maiden Matt said Maybe I can teach you a few things I might be doing Jerry a favorHis words echoed in Lara's mind as she fled She had told him she was Jerry's fiancee in a momentary impulse intended to get under his leathery skinBut why not marry Jerry The life he offered was one she knew Who needed Matt Fraser and the prairie dust that covered him most of the time

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