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He Calls Her Jasmine Mostly explicit sex scenes I prefer a different type of erotic romanceThis book consists of two stories set in 12th century England The characters have body piercings and use sex toys that one finds in current day stores But one should not read these for plot characters and historical accuracy These two stories are meant for readers who desire a lot of explicit detailed sex scenes with no care for plot Personally I prefer erotic stories that have a little character development and anticipation While reading them I found myself wishing they would be over In the first story there is a ménage a trois two guys and a girl In the second story there are group sex scenes two guys and two girls Both stories include rear door activityHE CALLS HER JASMINEJoan’s wealthy father sends her to a convent She escapes and is attacked by a group of rapist robbers Rolfe a knight happens to be riding by and kills her attackers saving her She has amnesia and doesn’t know who she is She and Rolfe have sex and fall in love Her memories later return and they discover she is the only heir to her father’s lands since her brother died after she was sent to the convent They want to marry but worry that King Henry might prefer giving her lands and her to another knightStory length 87 pages Sexual language strongerotic Number of sex scenes ten Setting 1155 England Copyright 2003 Genre erotic historical romanceA GIFT OF GOLDGavin and William deVere are the twin sons of Rolfe previous story They like to share women in their bed Lady Evelyn is to marry Gavin and fears he may not like her large size She pretends to be a servant girl Evie and goes to him with another servant girl to have sex with him She is happy to learn that he finds her desireable Of course later he is mad at her for deceiving him and pretending to be a whore his words Meanwhile Margaret the daughter of a Scottish enemy is kidnapped by the deVeres She is wearing a locked chastity beltshield William falls in love with her and has a metal worker remove it More group sex occursStory length 77 pages Sexual language strongerotic Number of sex scenes eight Setting 1177 England Copyright 2006 Genre erotic historical romanceFor a list of my reviews of other Ann Jacobs books see my 2 star review of Full Circle posted 82608 Lords Of Pleasure He Calls Her Jasmine By Ann Jacobs This long awaited seuel to The Barbarian brings Lord Giles' brother Rolfe an enthusiastic damsel to rescue and ravage but she knows not her name or from whence she came or whether she is lady or serf The lover Rolfe calls Jasmine enchants and seduces him into abandoning his search for an heiress who will bring him wealth and title but will his having taken her cost him his life when she turns out to be a marriage prize beyond his wildest dreams Publisher's note The Barbarian is not published by Ellora's Cave For information on how to obtain this sensual preuel visit the author's website

About the Author: Ann Jacobs

See this thread for information First published in 1996 Jacobs has sold close to fifty books and novellas SANDSTORMS was a 2007 nominee for the prestigious ROMANTIC TIMES Reviewers' Choice award for best erotic romance Her books have earned awards including the Passionate Plume best novella 2006 second place contemporary 2008 the Desert Rose best hot and spicy romance 2004 and More Than Magic best erotic romance 2004 She has been a double finalist in separate categories of the EPPIES and From the Heart RWA Chapter’s contest Three of her books have been translated and sold in several European countriesA CPA and former hospital financial manager Jacobs now writes full time with the help of Mr Blue the family cat who sometimes likes to perch on the back of her desk chair and lend his sage advice He sometimes even contributes a few random letters when he decides he wants to try out the keyboard Most of the time Blue just curls up hides his eyes with his pawsand sleeps

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