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Under the Bosss Mistletoe SweetRomanceBad boy makes good but is a bit uptight Clutzy but adorable gal shows him how to let go again Past meets present in a winning way Cute classical romance Needed a uick little escape book and this filled the need It's been a long time since I've read a Harleuin Romance and it was delightful I loved this Hart romance as I've loved in various gradations of love everything I've read of her Don't let the oh so sweet cover fool you this novel is bittersweet thanks to its re united almost friends somewhat antagonists heroine and hero who meet under what appear pretty silly circumstances ten years after a few fraught kisses at the local suire's hall Former bad boy Jake is all things proper and controlled now; Cassie is as beautiful and clumsy great comic effect and chaotic as she ever was when they re unite strictly for business purposes old hurts and renewed attraction make them re assess the past and redefine selves Jake in particular as he lets go of emotional control and revisits his rejected past is re made by his growing love for the adorable Cassie If you'd like to read a extensive review please follow the link Short and sweet Though the title is misleading because he really wasn't her 'boss' And the sex scenes were skipped which is fine but all the other descriptions were vivid so it felt like an odd thing to skip over because it cemented the couple's relationship A lovely escapist fake engagement story by one of my favourite writers evlilik rüyası 25 stars In high school Jake Trevelyan was Cassie Grey's dream rebel He surfed rode a motorbike—now he's her new bossIt's events planner Cassie's job to transform Jake's mansion into a snow kissed wedding venue Not to relive her old fantasy they're the ones getting marriedPosing as the happy couple for a publicity photo shoot Cassie pinches herself as Jake leans in for a showstopping kissbut it's just for the cameras isn't it

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