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Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command Silver Tower Iran has been invaded And America responds in a grueling counterattack by air, by sea and by a brave new technology that will redefine war The most sophisticated laser defense system ever It is called Silver Tower And it will change the balance of world power foreverStrike Force When a disgraced former Iranian military chief of staff engineers an insurgency that threatens to destroy the theocratic regime in Iran, a new era appears to be dawning in the Middle East But one must be wary of old enemies Iranian rebel leader General Hesarak al Kan Buzhazi desperately turns to his old nemesis, US Air Force Lieutenant General Patrick McLanahan, for help The US president authorizes McLanahan to utilize a new, top secret fleet of globe crossing spaceplanes, the XR A Black Stallions, led by test pilot and astronaut Captain Hunter NobleShadow Command General Patrick McLanahan s new Aerospace Battle Force has grown into a full fledged task force based on the Armstrong Space Station But the program has its critics and doomsayers Wealthy, Western educated, and sophisticated Russian president Leonid Zevitin uses a combination of top secret anti spacecraft weaponry, fearmongering, and new US president Joseph Gardner s own egotism in an effective plan to eliminate all support for the space program Yet McLanahan and his forces refuse to allow the Russian aggression to stand McLanahan ignores directives from the White House and Pentagon to stand down and orders the ABF to attack secret Russian bases in Iran

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