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A Game of Dress Up Young pretty and sexually inexperienced Vanessa Wallace is haunted by erotic fantasies she wouldn't dream of sharing with anyone Alone in her bedroom she plays a sensual game with her collection of sexy lingerie tight skirts and bondage toys The game is never meant to be shared — until the day Rob Taylor pays an unexpected visit walks in on her private fantasy and takes the game in a dangerous new directionCaught in the act Vanessa has been caught playing out a private fantasy and now she has to pay the price She began the game — but from now on her sexy employer will be setting the rulesUntil now their relationship has been innocent Taylor is a friend of her mother's as well as Vanessa's boss But the shameless tease in the shiny black corset isn't the girl Rob Taylor thought he knew She's ripe and ready for a wilder game with a lover who won't take no for an answer And he's just the man for the job I liked it It wasn't super deep in plot but it was short and it was porn you can't go in expecting another Old Man and the Sea other than that it suited the purpose I liked the relationship between the two of them Vanessa's lack of confidence and Rob's controlling threatening attitude are in line with common bdsm fantasies and the age dynamic is actually fairly common in bdsm as well It isn't a bad book if you don't treat as anything than it is Vanessa is caught in the act of dressing up dirty and naughty by her employer who is also one of her mother’s friend and has twice her age I mostly skimmed though the book since I didn’t feel that Vanessa has a consensual relationship with Mr Taylor The book has its moments but it wasn’t really for me This was soooo hot I really like the premise of dressing up to be someone else someone you're not someone you in the real world don't have the guts to be Vanessa had double feelings about it and I think much of that was due to her young age and maybe she wasn't all that ready to get to know this other part of her and not feel ashamed about it For some of us who are taught that certain things are wrong for us is hardest to accept that maybe wrong is good for youRob Oh YUM Man I loved Rob He was every fetish come true wrapped in a real nice package Also I don't think I've ever seen a very male character with the kind of job he had In one word delicious I loved the book and how Dr Mabeuse suck me into it I just wanted a bit of emotional interaction between them so in the end the love woudn't feel so out of place I guess I am partial I just love everything this author writes It ticks all my boxes and appeals to me in all levels Thank you Mr Mabeuse

  • ebook
  • 111 pages
  • A Game of Dress Up
  • Elliot Mabeuse
  • English
  • 09 September 2015
  • 9781419908385

About the Author: Elliot Mabeuse

Dr Mabeuse is an award winning author with four books published by Ellora’s Cave including Overcoming Abigail nominated for a 2005 Cupid and Psyche Award for BDSM from the Romance Studio and A Game of Dress Up winner of a 2006 EcataRomance Critic’s Choice Award He’s also published with Renaissance eXtasy and makes his debut with Harleuin in May of this yearOf his biography Dr Mabeuse sa

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