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The Cowboy from Christmas Past Dillinger Kent is getting ready for a lonely Christmas on his Texas ranch All that changes the night the widowed gunslinger hears an infant's wailsand is swept into a time and town definitely not his ownAfter ditching her fianc at the altar Auburn McGinnis is on the run trying to figure out how to hold on to her family's perfume company The rough and tumble stranger who just showed up with a baby girl in tow could be the hired gun and protector she needsAt first all Dillinger wanted was to get back to his ranch But with the resourceful enchanting Auburn in his life the twenty first century is looking better and betterHave they both found what they're looking for A love that transcends time loved it Fun book The subject is interesting with the story taking place in two different time periods Dillinger is alone on his ranch after the death of his wife when he hears a baby crying When he opens the door and picks her up from his porch he is sucked into the 21st century Auburn takes pity on him and the baby and takes them home with her He is very confused at first but takes it in stride pretty uickly Auburn thinks he's nuts at the beginning but is also convinced before long They try to find the area where his ranch would be but are unsuccessful Then they and the baby are transferred back to his ranch where they deal with his wife's brother trying to kill him and the appearance of her ex fiance I liked the time they spent there and the way that Auburn adapted to the time She was a lot better at things than she ever thought she would be Dillinger was stunned and heartbroken when Auburn and the baby got pulled back to the future without him I really liked the way that he worked with Pierre and Bradley to teach them about ranching and how happy Bradley was there in the past I loved the way that they conversation around the table went with the three men The ending was very satisfying I'd love to know how Bradley and Pierre did with the ranch Wow I hate to say how much I really didn't enjoy this book I understand it's a short book and yes it was a monthly but sometimes I luck in with something amazing This however wasn't it The characters were unreal Auburn was the most annoying female lead with the fact that her personality shifted so freuently Dillinger I sort of liked but I have a soft spot for cowboys Truthfully he adapted far to easily and seemed to get over his dead wife and fall in love all during a romp in the sheets with Auburn who I doubt has a personality of sex goddess anywhere in her repetoire The baby showed up from nowhere and is never truly explained The time travel thing was poorly explained and most often just a plot device to shift them awkwardly from one place to another It was hint that magic and Polly Dillinger's dead wife were the cause but that was never clarified As for the antagonists Bradley Auburn's family business stealing fiancee and Pierre Polly's brother who assumed Dillinger killed Polly both fizzled out before they even got the plot going And the end was terrible Sadly I had no luck with this one and it's definitely going back to the second hand shop

  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • The Cowboy from Christmas Past
  • Tina Leonard
  • English
  • 10 June 2014
  • 9780373752867

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