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Forever I read Forever because I remembered Gould's Sins being really good However I was about 13 at the time I read it and perhaps I was just drawn in by its slightly raunchy storyline Well Forever started off fairly promising but then devolved into a complicated mess It was the kind of story in which one has to try to ignore the exorbitant amount of loose ends but the characters were not likable enough nor was the plot fun enough for one to put these logical cares aside I also found some of the plot devices painfully cliche Making everyone in the story wealthy and the antagonists the richest people in the world is really lazy How the hell did they pull any of this off one asks oneselfoh yeah they're filthy rich that explains it irritating Throwing in the Nazi connection was also weak sauce I also just couldn't get behind Stephanie I didn't like her Eduardo was dumb and annoying Why would he offer to put her up in Brazil and give a high paying job after knowing her for a day? Clearly he's an idiot Ernesto and Lili were too one dimensionalnever clearly understood the reason they wanted to live forever The reasons given by Gould are just not satisfying The only part I liked was the reveal of who the Ghost was Overall this book was readable but not overly satisfying Finishing it I find my main reaction to be meh This story was interesting but overly complicated It felt like the author was trying to cram as many genres as possible into one book The ending also left me feeling unsatisfied Good murder mystery book really liked it 740 pages book but just couldn't stop reading it Very engrossing Interesting moving story but disappointed in ending Everything about this book was ridiculous and over the top but it was still a good fun read Set in 1993 it's surprising how dated it seems today I liked this book had a lot of great ideas for babysitting problems and a twinge of that Indiana Jones with the Nazi thing This was a good read The Novel has a strong historical structure and plus a good romance adventure can be very joyful for readers Ok I guesssaddisappointing endingReally why did Eduardo have to die ? oO A passionate and suspenseful novel in the tradition of Sidney Sheldon written by the bestselling author of Dazzle Sins and Never Too Rich When a brutal murder catapults investigative journalist Stephanie Merlin into a deadly hunt for the killer she finds herself entangled with a powerful and corrupt family Read 999

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