The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations

The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations Penguin Historical Atlas This new historical atlas richly illustrated with photographs artwork recreations and full colour maps explores the world's earliest civilisations from the first farming settlements of Mesopotamia via Egypt Greece and Rome to the civilisations of the Far East Europe and America Informatively written and ideal for both students and the general reader it plots the rise and fall of empires the nature of different societies and the evolution of technology

  • Hardcover
  • 144 pages
  • The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations Penguin Historical Atlas
  • John Haywood
  • English
  • 21 February 2016
  • 9781417824939

10 thoughts on “The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations Penguin Historical Atlas

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    Highly recommended as a companion book a bit dry for a standalone readWhat can I say I LOVE ancient civilizations and for every other book I read on the subject I try to make some graphs and timelines in my notebooks Not for this book timelines are conveniently provided you can see what happened at the same time in different parts of the relevant region and there's a ton of beautiful mapsIt's not as much as a standalone book but it's a great companion to reading and what I enthusiastically discovered to bring to museums This book transformed my visit to the MET from enjoyable to mindblowing

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    Very clear OK it's high level and very short but it does deliver what it says and it's not euro centric And the print uality for the maps and illustrations is excellent which is an essential attribute for a book like this

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    What I like about books is that some of them have maps in them

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    The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations was an easy primer to learn about ancient civilizations featuring brief summaries about civilizations from all the inhabited continents and maps of the territory each civilization impacted The book made me think about the bias of recording only official civilizations throughout history the primary characteristics of civilizations are monumental structures and social hierarchy The book covered the influential civilizations like the Chinese Greek Celtic Egyptian and Aztec The focus of the book made me consider what tribal values might be And I think tribal values limit hierarchy This book about civilizations made me curious about the developments within tribal societies that promoted horizontal relationships I wonder how horizontal relationships can be effectively maintained at the scale of a civilization? The maps throughout the book were simple and helpful to start to imagine a very different world than our current nation state world I would like to read about Ashoka the Indian ruler from the 3rd century who converted to Buddhism and influenced his subjects to become vegetarian I find it very intriguing to discover how what some might say is a progressive value like vegetarianism could be implemented on a grand scale thousands of years ago Proof that societies don't necessarily become advance or ethically better as time goes on There are impressive examples of what we consider progressive ideas deep in the past that got buried I also would love to read Mesopotamian stories to see their similarities with Torah stories

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    Includes coverage of The Ancient Near EastThe African Civilizations only northern Africa is includedThe First Civilizations of Asia Only China Indus Valley and India are included Nothing for the rest of AsiaFirst European CivilizationsThe Ancient Americans Mexico Andes Easter Island Eastern USA are includedFor the areas covered the maps are fantastic They are standard political map that list things like cities regionsprovinces and rivers Very useful as a reference or to compliment a history book about a certain regionExcellent introduction to the topic It covers all the 'popular' mainstream areas Egyptians Greek Roman Aztec Mayan Easter Island Terra Cotta Warriors I'd recommend it for people new to this field of study and are curious Atlas or map collectors mythology fans history and political buffs Elementary and High School Projects if they are interested and need maps of these 'old' places

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    I enjoyed this reference very much I picked it up thinking it would focus only on Egypt and the Near East and was pleasantly surprised to find it also covered the Americas Asia and Northern Europe I did find one printing error but otherwise the articles were informative without being overwhelming They made good use of maps and pictures of artifacts to give an introductory taste of the civilizations being surveyed A good starting point for further reading

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    Clearly presented I bought it mainly for the maps which are very useful John Haywood has a simple and friendly style

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    I loved it If you teach World History and need a uick reference guide or somewhere to pull new material from this is a great source

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