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All That You Are Single mom Danalee Jackson owns the Blue Note—an Alaskan bar offering nightly jazz and a cocktail of regulars who have an opinion about everything Between dealing with her son's dad a failing float plane business and her bar's code violations Dana has no time for romanceMark Moretti is burned out after finishing his father's legacy project the multimillion dollar Grove Marketplace in downtown Boise He's ready for a break from the family construction business—maybe for good And a summerlong fishing trip looks like just the ticketWhen a canceled flight leaves Mark stranded in Ketchikan he finds himself at the Blue Note One look at the exotically beautiful Dana and he decides to stay in town But her fierce independence not only could jeopardize Mark's help with renovations—it could also bring their mutual attraction to a screeching halt

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    From the very beginning I thoroughly enjoyed this bookAll That You Are is a really beautiful love story not just a romantic love but a familial love I enjoy a good romance so I'm not complaining about the books that are the typical Man sees woman falls in love at first sight Man sweeps woman off her feet and they live happily ever after But this book is much than that The love that develops between Alaska native and bar owner Dana and visiting construction worker Mark takes some effort There is chemistry from the beginning but it's not always something they want to admit to Mark is willing than Dana she definitely puts up walls and is skeptical Throughout the book you get to know Dana's young son and her widowed mother helping you get a better understanding of Dana's past and why she wants to run from the chemistry brewing with Mark Mark shows his persistence and takes on the task of doing some major renovations to Dana's bar free of charge so that Dana will not have to suit the bar down due to code violations Initially Dana believes Mark has ulterior motives because who really does something that major just out of the goodness of their heart? Throughout the renovations and Mark's time in Alaska he meets and gets to know Dana's mother and son allowing Dana an honest glimpse at the man Mark really isIn the end Dana's renovations are completed the bar is in running order and doing great And things end as the should with all characters involved Great story

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    2 12 starsI generally like this author but I found this story to be rather slow moving and the characters were a little hard to connect to The storyline tends to be repetitive I really didn't feel like there was very much chemistry between the hero the heroine either An ok read but not great

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    Found this book very hard to get into This book didn't make me want to keep picking it up Felt it was slow paced and there wasn't much chemistry between the two main characters

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    I loved this book by Stef Ann Holm All of the details put into the book about Ketchikan Alaska bring the book to life as well as the wonderful charactersDana and Marks love story was wonderful and was written so well it just seemed so natural and beautiful Terran Cooper Suni Mariangela Cardell Leo Sam Bear Presley Waltall of these people formed a family that made you feel warm in an Alaskian landscapeI just listened to Benny Goodmans Goodbye that Dana played in theBlue Note I could imagine Dana playing it and imagine how she was feeling about Marks leaving

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    I really felt this book was of a 35 star read but I bumped it up because this lady has written many books that I just loved reading This one however I was lukewarm about the female lead was not likable the leading man was too arrogant and some of the peripheral characters were predictable and cliche I won't stop reading this author's stories because she definitely has talent but this will not be a book I put on my favorites list

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    Mark Moretti goes to Alaska for rest and relaxation and finds Danalee Jackson in need of a carpenter if she is going to keep her bar open Naturally Mark falls for Danalee and renovates the bar to pass inspection He has to make a decision on if he wants to live in Alaska or stay in Boise because Danalee is not going anywhere due to her 5 year old son

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    Did not finish Well skimmed the last half I wanted to like this but there were too many clunkers in the prose and the male lead was a jerk who was sexually harassing the female lead as far as I was concerned

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    A great romance story involving a single mom and bar owner in Alaska and a vacationing contractor from Idaho The story provides lots of looks at secondary characters to help flesh out the main characters and their motivations

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    A cut above the usual romance paperback the setting was fascinatingAlaska and the heroine multi cultural Good story

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    25 stars I thought it was ok

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