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Mixing With Your Mind Can I get this for less than £60? Some interesting parts but reads better as a personal meditation on the art of mixing than as a how to guide The authors mind works in an unusual way he may even have a touch of synesthaesia the ability to 'see' sound as colours or smells but the book doesnt manage to communicate this very well I still dont know what 'hardness' means in sound and uite a bit of the book rests on that concept I personally would prefer to read a book full of technical info tips and tricks and then make my own poetic analogies for what i hear Secrets of sound balance engineering revealedAlways in stock at the Authors website url below It's Introduction explains your journey through the bookhttpwwwmixingwithyourmindcompre It's somewhat surprising that I purchased the book since it has all the makings of an internet scam lots of testimonials on audio sites overpriced and manufactured and shipped from Australia But for some reason I believed all the hype sent my money and low and behold received a book that blew my mind and stepped up my audio mixing game by several large increments Worth every penny and travels with me while I mix Further the author is highly available via email and has given me further pointers elaboration that has added depth and dimension to what the book provides This is my mixing bible Great insider info and concepts by a great engineer I read this book for the first time while on Catalina Island years ago and although its fairly hard to find or was I still recommend it to anyone who loves to be behind the board This is a delightful book about resisting convention and using your own intuition when listening to music while recording itMichael Stavrou did a great job on this book This book can help you get outside the box when thinking about how to visualize invisible sound waves It has a philosophical aspect that is really easy for me to wrap my mind around CHEck IT OUT Uniue book in every way It gives you an amazing insight in the mind and techniues of Paul Stavrou who is an audio engineer It will give you experience than any other book but most important it will make you think Excellent recording tips await you but it is way over priced Much of the content applies to professional recording set ups as opposed to the one guy working with his DAW recording tracks one at a time but what you learn is invaluable Is it worth the price tag? Hmmmm The greatest book on mixing ever writtenI'm blown away nobody has ever written in this style beforeJust the section on how to set a compressor like cracking a safe it tells you how to turn the dials until you hear what you're afterThere's never been anything like it before or sinceI have a copy of it and it now costs nearly £150 I'll never let it goI constantly refer to it despite getting through the whole thing in a day It's a perfect reference book with well labelled sections on all aspects of audio work Fantastic info for any audio engineer Worth the price of the book