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    This series a uick read reminded me a little of both the Stephanie Plum and the Bobbie Faye series Stephanie Plum because of the somewhat unusual jobs involved bounty hunter and body mover and while Carlotta gets into some unusual situations they aren't as wacky as in the Plum books Carlotta's brother like Bobbie Faye's brother has 'issues' with gambling and loan sharks and both women are willing to do whatever they can to help out their siblings It also made me think of the brief tv show 'The Black Donnelly’s' in that bad decisionsby Carlotta's brother Wesley while made with good intent end up leading to one bad decisions after anotherThe three guys that are Carlotta's potential love interests inspire eual amounts of indifference from me so her 'dilemma' between them doesn't really hold my interest And while I know this is a mysteryromance I and the story plot don't need the adult content y stuff to have the story progress in an understandable manner particularly in the third book We know people have sex we don't need to be privy to it People also have to use the bathroom but I don't see authors writing details about characters using the bathroom multiple times a day P Okay to be fair Carlotta soaks in a bathtub whilst having deep thoughts and the brother has to pee in a cup for a drug test so she did write a smidge about the characters in the bathroom PMystery wise everything came together in a reasonable and believable manner Carlotta is given plausible reasons to be looking into the murder mysteries even her past as a party crashernecessitating her sneaking into place changing clothes to blend in and even donning wigs is revealed to us with enough back story to it that it's not unreasonable for her to be able to do some of the things she does She also hands evidenceinformation off to other people who are in a betterreasonable position to look into things than if the book would have made her to do it herselfIn the third book the brother gets possession of a video at a key moment in the story but there was enough build up sprinkled earlier through out the book that it didn't come off as being too deus ex machina by it's late revealAfter only a day on the waiting list the next book is already available for me to check out while their are four people waiting for the books I have and seven people waiting for the book after that Popular series

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    These are exactly what they claim to be attractive bumbling female with daddy issues and 3 gorgeous men trying to help her out of jams and win her heart Take all that and throw in a lot of references to designer clothing a few sex scenes a close call barely resolved and a surprising villain revealed at the very end So why did I keep reading all three of these? These books are like potato chips you know they don't really add anything of value and yet you can't stop with just one

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    Yawn next

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    It's an ok series but after having read JD Robb's In Death series where the main character Dallas is a kick ass woman this just doesn't do it for me i want to like Carlotta I do but she just makes me wanna slap her sometimes I get it life's hard and she's not rich any there are all these men around who wanna fuck her her dad's a fugitive and her brother's a screw up but just get it together woman pining after a guy for 10 years and then when he comes back around she's all over that just weeks after his wife dies? and then she's considering marrying him I could just argIn between being annoyed with Carlotta there are moments where i couldn't help but laugh hence the 3 stars

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    I loved this book It takes place in the early 1800's in a town with a factory for turning cotton into cloth and then weaving it and finally making it into clothing I haven't read much about this period of time in our US history The main character is a young girl who has been sent to work in the mill to help pay off her family's debts The mill is nothing like she envisioned and she learns hard lessons while she is there Girls have committed suicide but the latest one looks like murder She comes to know the family that owns the mill and realizes how different life is for themThis book opens your eyes to the horrible working conditions and a few young ladies who are ready to help change come to the industrial revolutionI highly recommend it

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    Great SeriesThis is the second time I have read and enjoys these books The first was about four years ago Although some parts were familiar many parts needs a memory jolt I encourage readers to enjoy the characters along with their emotions that come across so clearly given the author's skill

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    This was the second in the Body Movers series but she did a great job of catching us up on her fugitive parents and the police's trials of trying to catch them Clever story line a good measure of dysfunctional characters and raw emotions made this a fun read

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    This is one of those series that keeps pulling me along Yes I want to smack both of the main characters but I understand why they are they way the are Fun reads and fingers crossed that Wesley and Carlotta eventually get their heads straight

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    Fun Not as fun as Stephanie Plum Still entertaining though

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    This rating is actually for the novella included at the end of this bundle of three books in one Dirty Secrets of Daylily Drive

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Body Movers books 1 3 Carlotta Wren once had a privileged life in Atlantauntil her family life fell apart and she ended up working as a body mover moving bodies from crimes scenes to the morgue And that's just the beginning of her adventuresGet the first three books in Stephanie Bond's series of sexy mysteries Body Movers Body Movers 2 Bodies for the Price of 1 and Body Movers 3 Men and a Bodyplus a bonus story Dirty Secrets of Daylily Drive and a Body Movers Reading Guide