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Passing Fancies Regency Romance Elizabeth Mansfield is one of my favorite Regency romance authors and if I had to pick a favorite of hers this one would be it She really misdirects you into thinking one man will be the hero and love interest and the true love interest sneaks up at you This author's forte is non stereotypical characters or at least her heroes and heroines usually have a little uirk or two that makes you very fond of and invested in them She is amazing at creating a sweet sexual tension between the love interests without anything than a kiss To add to the appeal of her books many are lightly interconnected by family similar to my other favorite the great Patricia Veryan also Julia uinn I read this book because my friend brought it on vacation last year She spent two days reading it and by 'reading' I mean 'giggling uncontrollably' I demanded that she hand it over as soon as she was done and then of course I let it sit in a pile for the next year unreadI started the book and within pages wanted to shake them all Except maybe the eldest brother because he was the only character who wasn't infuriating Instead he became insufferable I still pitied him The flightiness displayed by almost all involved or the willful refusal TO JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER LIKE GROWN ASS ADULTS has to be read to be believed Somehow this did not keep me from groaning when things invariably went wrong or snorting at a witty response It didn't stop me from finishing the book in about two days and being delighted at how well the ending came together It's possible that ending salvaged my initial frustration with the characters but in the end I want to acuire a copyI may just pace myself on future offerings from this author I can only take so many ridiculous people Synopsis Lovely Lady Philippa Wyckfield gets drawn into any number of unfortunate situations due to her generous nature Staying with friends she'd known since childhood she manages to catch the eye of two of the brothers One wrestles with his disgust of her supposed madcap nature while the other wrestles with his invisibilityWhat I liked I loved the characters with their varied idiosyncrasies There is Lady Philippa Pippa whose generous nature lands her in trouble than any normal human can handle; William the stiffly proper head of the Sturtevant household and oldest child of Lady Georgina; Lady Georgina air headed well meaning mother and lady of the house; Simon a scientist whose head is often cloudy with his work than not; Sybil only daughter and incorrigible madcap; and Dolly the youngest son whose madness for horseflesh leads to at least one of the unfortunate situations I mentioned earlier These characters are fleshed out rather well despite the shortness of this book Even the Oxbroughs the lady and her son who are or less the antagonists of the tale have their uirks making them believableThere was something I noticed with this book that struck me as interesting It is written in third person omniscient Perhaps this POV was acceptable in 1983 when this book was written From the research I've done in regard to publishing houses this POV is not acceptable now However I feel Elizabeth Mansfield pulled it off rather well While reading I knew what was happening in each character's head the POV switches were graceful and hardly noticeable Considering this book is not a mystery in any way I see no reason why we should not know what everyone is thinkingThe story was entertaining light and fun Love scenes were limited to kissing and even those were few and far between I laughed than once and at one point I thought I might cry All that aside this book is a good choice if you want a delightful light read Such a bit of fun The scrapes these people get into are uncomfortable and hilarious and frustrating the Sturtevant household is utter chaos but the true gem is the studious reliable and uietly passionate Simon From the bookMisjudgedThough scandal followed her everywhere Lady Philippa Wyckfield was really a most sensible young lady After all she hadn't really stolen Lady Oxbrough's sapphire and the affair of the horse called Salvaje was easily explained if anyone cared to listenwhich it appeared they did notNo one was surprised than Pippa at the rumors and gossip which seemed to accompany her every act no matter how well intentioned But Fate held the greatest surprise of all Love and from a most unexpected uarter the ramshackle Sturtevant family seems to use and abuse poor Pippa esp her money not so much maliciously as just carelessly sadly she never really stands up for herself future doesn't bode well view spoiler wish she ended up with William he at least understands the firm hand his family needs hopefully simon will keep them both too busy with experiments to fall prey to any of his family's madcap schemes hide spoiler Regency Another charming story by Elizabeth Mansfield The only improvement I might have suggested only the very slightest is the ending It could have been just a little better Very cute I love Elizabeth Mansfield

About the Author: Elizabeth Mansfield

Elizabeth Mansfield is the author of numerous regency romances She is an intelligent and thoughtful writer a hidden gem whose novels deserve to be widely read and enjoyedElizabeth Mansfield is the pen name of the talented Paula Reibel Schwartz Ms Schwartz also wrote different genres under the pen names Paula Reibel Paula Reid and Paula Jonas

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